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From: Dodji Seketeli <>
Subject: libabigail 2.1 is out!
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2022 09:08:33 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)


So, Libabigail 2.1 has been released.

You can download it at

Libabigail is a library which aims at constructing, manipulating,
serializing and de-serializing ABI-relevant artifacts.

It also comes with a set of associated command line tools to compare
the interfaces of ELF binaries resulting from the compilation of C or
C++ programs.

Typical use cases of libabigail tools include detecting ABI
incompatible changes across several releases of shared libraries or
incompatible changes in the interface between a Linux kernel and its
modules, for instance.

Users can of course write their own tools using the library.

The library comes with extensive API documentation available online at  The tools are documented
online as well at

With this release, Libabigail now supports the Compact C Type format,
(a.k.a CTF[1]) alongside the DWARF debug info format.

Another highlight of the release is the support the for Linux kernel
symbol namespaces.

Of course, this release also contains a lot of bug fixes, as usual.

Below is a summary of the significant changes brought to you in this
new release:

Ben Woodard (7):
      Fix typo in abipkgdiff manpage
      Add an option ignore SONAME differences in libraries
      Add github actions to support workflows
      abicompat: Add missing space
      abidiff: Remove redundant code
      abicompat: Support reading CTF and abixml
      Bug 28669 - Increment Library version

David Cantrell (1):
      Include <libgen.h> in tools/ for basename(3)

David Seifert (1):
      Find fts-standalone on musl

Dodji Seketeli (90):
      Fix tarball upload directory
      Update libabigail web page for 2.0 release
      Bump to 2.1 version
      Improve type (de)serialization instability debugging
      Add --enable-debug-type-canonicalization to configure
      tests/ Fix warning
      ir: Avoid canonicalizing types that are not meant to
      writer: Don't forget to emit types referenced by function types
      writer: Don't forget when emitting array subrange types
      writer: Don't forget that a naming typedef is referenced
      Bug 28364 - libwiretap fails self comparison
      Add debug info package for wireshark-cli-3.4.9-1.fc36.x86_64.rpm
      Update licensing information on the web page after 2.0
      PR28365 - Assert on empty typedef on webkit2gtk3-jsc-2.32.3-1.fc34.x86_64
      Bug 28450 - Fix cloned member function handling in DWARF
      abidw: Add --abixml-version
      abg-config.{cc,h}: Misc comment cleanups
      Bug 28584 - Don't drop global variables that lack DW_AT_external
      test-utils: Define colors for test status messages
      test-utils: Define test status reporting functions
      ctf-reader: Remove useless parameter from fill_ctf_section
      suppression: Fix has_data_member_inserted_between = {offset_of(), offset_of()}
      reader: Build array types with their element type "a priori"
      suppression: Fix compilation warning on el7
      Bug 28319 - re-fix of rhbz1951526 - SELF CHECK FAILED for 'gimp-2.10'
      writer: small compilation error fix
      symtab-reader: Fix typo in comment
      symtab-reader: Remove an over-agressive assertion
      Bug 26646 - unexpected declaration-only types
      configure: Remove use of obsolete AC_CONFIG_HEADER
      abilint: add the --show-type-use option
      abilint --show-type-use: Show results for global decls that have no symbols
      reader: Fix a compilation warning
      ir: Remove obsolete comment from enumerator equal operator
      Bug 26646 - unexpected declaration-only types (part 2)
      dwarf-reader: Don't propagate canonical type upon aggregate redundancy
      Bug 28013 - Acknowledge variadic parameter type is not canonicalized
      comparison: Describe the "generic view" of a diff node
      comparison: Factorize the code that inserts diff nodes to the graph
      comparison: Avoid sorting diff nodes with wrong criteria
      comparison: Fix leaf report summary
      Bug 29144 - abidiff doesn't report base class re-ordering
      abicompat: Properly guard inclusion of abg-ctf-reader.h
      ir, test-read-ctf: Remove uncertainty in sorting anonymous types
      Add better error messaging to several tests
      test-read-dwarf: Use abidw rather than using the library
      abidw, dwarf-reader: Add an option to debug DIE canonicalization
      dwarf-reader: compare_dies sometimes compares empty formal parms
      Canonicalize DIEs w/o assuming ODR & handle typedefs transparently
      dwarf-reader: Fix DWARF string comparison optimization
      reporter-priv: Passing a string parm by reference
      Update year in copyright notice
      ir: Make canonicalization stable wrt typedefs in fn return types
      test-alt-dwarf: Add missing dwz alt-debug file
      dwarf-reader: Avoid long comparisons when resolving C++ decl-only classes
      dwarf-reader: Don't consider top-level types as private
      Bug 29303 - Cache the result of structural aggregate comparison
      ir: Add some debugging facilities for the comparison machinery
      dwarf-reader,ir: Don't canonicalize enums too early & too naively
      Bug 29302 - Don't edit fn linkage name when not appropriate
      dwarf-reader: Fix a thinko when building vars
      Better Handle naming typedefs on anonymous enums
      dwarf-reader: Support DWARF incomplete class types
      tests-diff-{filter,pkg,pkg-ctf}: Fix tests broken by the previous commit
      ir: Make pointers name stable wrt decl-only-ness of pointed-to types
      ir: Disambiguate sorting of array element types
      dwarf-reader: Remove redundant qualifiers from qualified types
      ir: Consider integral types of same kind and size as equivalent
      writer: Make sorting referenced typedefs types stable in abixml
      ir: Don't consider different int types of same kind and size as equivalent
      Update test-read-ctf reference output
      dwarf-reader: Better handle the absence of a die->parent map
      Add test-abidiff-exit/ld-2.28-21{0,1}.so to source distribution
      ir: Don't overdo canonical type propagation control when comparing classes
      ir: translation_unit::is_empty should work without environment.
      dwarf-reader: Simplify the canonicalization decision of types added to IR
      Bug PR29443 - Global variables not emitted to abixml in some cases
      test-annotate: Don't emit architecture data
      Fix butchered tests/data/
      dwarf-reader: Revamp the canonical type DIE propagation algorithm
      Allow restricting analyzed decls to exported symbols
      Fix IR comparison result caching and canonical type propagation tracking
      ir, writer: Go back to canonicalizing typedefs in the IR
      test-read-ctf: Update test output files after typedef canonicalization
      comparison: Ensure that fn parms with basic types can't be redundant
      Better support for golang programs
      ir: Support cloning data members of unions
      dwarf-reader: Accept SHT_PROGBITS sections in .dynamic segment
      ir: Avoid cancelling a "confirmed" propagated canonical type
      Update ChangeLog for 2.1 release.

Frederic Cambus (1):
      Fix numbering error in the abidiff manual.

George Rawlinson (1):
      Bug 28663 - generate man page for kmidiff

Giuliano Procida (22):
      Tweak clang-format configuration
      Bug 28191 - Interpret DWARF 5 addrx locations
      symtab reader: fix up alternative addresses
      DWARF reader: use size_t for DWARF expression length
      abidiff: include ABI XML versions when reporting a mismatch
      abidiff: include ABI XML versions when reporting a mismatch cont.
      XML writer: remove type_hasher and remaining comment
      XML writer: drop write_elf_symbols_table variable emitted_syms
      XML writer: improve slightly emission of top-level declarations
      XML writer: do not create extra temporary referenced type shared_ptr
      symtab: refactor ELF symbol value tweaks
      symtab: fix up 64-bit ARM address which may contain tags ignore whitespace during diff
      XML writer: unify type emission tracking
      limit repeated DIE comparisons
      crc_changed: eliminate copying of shared_ptr values
      optional: minor improvements
      Linux symbol CRCs: support 0 and report presence changes
      add Linux kernel symbol namespace support
      abidw: fix --stats output for resolved classes and enums
      abidw: remove always true test in resolve_declaration_only_classes
      abidw: resolve declaration-only enums the same as classes

Guillermo E. Martinez (20):
      ctf-reader: Use argument by reference reading the context
      ctf-reader: Make create_read_context return a smart pointer.
      ctf-reader: Use ABG_ASSERT instead of assert
      ctf-reader: Fix memory leak reported by valgrind
      ctf-reader: Fix length in dynamic array definition
      Add regression tests for ctf reading
      ctf-reader: Assert on ir::hash_as_canonical_type_or_constant
      ctf-reader: Add support to undefined forward declaration types
      tools-utils: `entry_of_file_with_name' returns incorrect result
      ctf-reader: Fix multiple var-decl in anonymous struct/uninons
      ctf-reader: Add support to read CTF information from the Linux Kernel
      ctf-reader: shows incomplete summary changes
      ctf-reader: CTF debug info for some symbols is not found
      abipkgdiff: Add support to compare packages with CTF debug format
      ctf-reader: add support to looking debug information in external path
      kmidiff: Add CTF support to comparing Kernel trees
      Add regression tests for abipkgdiff using ctf info
      ctf-reader: add support to looks for debug information to extract kABI
      ctf-reader: looks for debug information in out-of-tree modules
      ctf-reader: Lookup debug info for symbols in a non default archive member

Jose E. Marchesi (7):
      Add support for the CTF debug format to libabigail.
      ctf: make libabigail::ctf_reader::read_corpus reentrant
      elf_helpers: new utility function find_strtab_for_symtab_section
      abg-ctf-reader: use the right string table for CTF data
      Move dwarf_reader::status facilities to an abigail::elf_reader namespace
      ctf: ctf_reader::read_corpus now sets a status
      abidw: add support for CTF

Mark Wielaard (4):
      dwarf-reader: Workaround libdw dwarf_location_expression bug
      DWARF reader: use size_t for DWARF expression length cont.
      symtab-reader: Setup aliases before checking ppc64 opd function entries
      Handle zero sh_entsize in get_soname_of_elf_file

Matthias Maennich (8):
      XML writer: adjust tracking of emitted declarations
      XML writer: use consistent type pointers for type ids and emission tracking
      XML writer: use exemplar types for tracking referenced types
      XML writer: track emitted types by bare pointer
      XML writer: map type ids by bare pointer
      XML writer: resolve declaration-only enum definitions
      abidiff: improve whitespace generation in symbol diff report
      tests: Update Catch2 library to v2.13.9

Randy MacLeod (1):
      Improve some grammar

Thomas Schwinge (13):
      Better highlight 'make distcheck-fast'
      CONTRIBUTING: Move "Coding language and style" section
      configure: Tune fedabipkgdiff dependencies detection
      Add '.mailmap'
      Further update 'make distcheck-fast'
      configure: Instead of for rpm 4.15+ version, test actual rpm/zstd support
      abipkgdiff: Respect 'create_abi_file_path' interface
      abipkgdiff: Use 'convert_path_to_relative' in 'create_abi_file_path'
      fedabipkgdiff: Enable testing without proper Koji installation
      Replace use of deprecated Python 'imp' module with 'importlib'
      fedabipkgdiff: Also accept MIME type 'application/x-redhat-package-manager' for RPM files
      Replace Python 'import importlib' with 'import importlib.machinery'
      Handle several variants of Python 'imp', 'importlib' modules

Vanessa Sochat (2):
      Fixing incorrect symbol
      Adding missing newline to build-container workflow

Xiaole He via Libabigail (1):
      abg-reader: fix comment of function

tangmeng (8):
      Fix trivial typo when printing help information
      abilint: fix trivial typo when using abilint
      abicompat: Add prompt message for abnormal operation
      Fix trivial typo when printing message
      abilint: Add prompt message for abnormal operation
      abicompat: Add prompt message for abnormal operation
      test-abicompat: Make the test output more pleasant
      Standardize and improve the output of several tests

Vannesa Sochat (1):
      Add Logic to detect file type by extension

Many thanks to those who contributed to this release with bug reports,
comments or code.

Happy Hacking and may all significant binary interface changes of your
libraries be noticed!

[1]: CTF introduction:


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