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From: Cyril Hrubis <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] The Linux Test Project has been released for JANUARY 2024
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2024 12:13:11 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <ZbjZxy4vbxoXUJ-i@yuki> (raw)

Good news everyone,

the Linux Test Project test suite stable release for *January 2024* has been

Since the last release 315 patches by 34 authors were merged.

Patch review is what most of the projects struggle with and LTP is no
different. If you can spare some effort helping with the patch review is more
than welcomed.


* New tests
  - splice07, accept03, readahead01:

    Tests that feeds the syscall all kinds of invalid file descriptors and
    checks that the syscall fails properly.

   - proc_sched_rt01 a regression test for:

     c1fc6484e1fb ("sched/rt: sysctl_sched_rr_timeslice show default timeslice after reset")
     079be8fc6309 ("sched/rt: Disallow writing invalid values to sched_rt_period_us")

  - ksm07 a test for KSM smart-scan.

  - pathconf02 negative testcases for pathconf()

  - pipe15 A regresson test for:

    46c4c9d1beb7 ("pipe: increase minimum default pipe size to 2 pages")

  - nft02 A regression test for:

     515ad530795c ("netfilter: nf_tables: do not ignore genmask when looking up chain by id") aka CVE-2023-31248

  - sched_setscheduler04 a test for SCHED_RESET_ON_FORK

  - setsockopt10 2c02d41d71f9 ("net/ulp: prevent ULP without clone op from entering the LISTEN status") aka CVE-2023-0461

  - gettid02 A basic gettid02 test.

  - splice06 A test that splicing from a /proc files works.

* Increased coverage

   - ioctl02 cover more modern termios ioctls() as well.

   - fanotify13 More test coverage for overlayfs.

   - input* test now check UI_GET_NAME ioctl() too.

* Removed tests

   - fork12 Which was a naive fork bomb test, we do have other tests
            (setrlimit01.c, ...) that better cover this scenario.

   - mongo test framework

     Which was test reiser, ext2 and jfs unmaintained for a decade.

   - simple_tracer.c Tracing test from 2009 that does not compile anymore.

   - runtest/fsx-linux This is consolidation of runtest files, since these test
                       duplicated in ltp-aiodio.part3.

   - testscripts/autofs{1,4}.sh, testscripts/,
     testscripts/, testscripts/

     These were unmaintained and unused scripts.

   - scsi/* A testsuite with a custom kernel module for kernel 2.5 that didn't
            compile cleanly for decades.

   - Broken for quite some time.

* The LTP library now has a functions to iterate over different
  file descriptors. That allows us to easily implement more comprehensive tests
  that feed various syscalls all possible file descriptors and check that the
  syscall fails properly with invalid combinations. Most notable use of this
  library is the newly introduced splice07.c test.

* The minimal size of the device for a few filesystem tests was increased to
  1GB because modern filesystems, most notably Btrfs does not work properly on
  smaller devices.

* LTP now tests bcachefs if kernel support and bcache.mkfs is present

* 30 testcases were converted to the new test library

+ The usual amount of fixes and cleanups

brought to you by Petr Vorel

The performance tests in net.features can be now skipped by setting
LTP_NET_FEATURES_IGNORE_PERFORMANCE_FAILURE=1 which is useful when testing is
executed on VMs on a overloaded host or if we are running tests with a
background load.

KIRK (previously RUNLTP-NG)

Kirk was updated to v1.2

This version brings the following updates:

 - show both stdout and stderr when executing tests on host
 - support for external commands on different SUTs
 - warning message when SUT doesn't support parallel execution
 - more stable epoll() communication with LTX
 - minor fixes
 - updated documentation


The latest version of the test-suite contains 3000+ tests for the Linux
and can be downloaded at:

The project pages as well as GIT repository are hosted on GitHub:

If you ever wondered how to write a LTP testcase, don't miss our developer
documentation at:

Patches, new tests, bugs, comments or questions should go to to our mailing
list at


Many thanks to the people contributing to this release:

git shortlog -s -e -n 20230929..

   147  Petr Vorel <>
    25  Yang Xu <>
    21  Andrea Cervesato <>
    18  Martin Doucha <>
    12  Cyril Hrubis <>
    11  Marius Kittler <>
     8  Wei Gao <>
     7  Amir Goldstein <>
     7  Richard Palethorpe <>
     6  Avinesh Kumar <>
     6  Edward Liaw <>
     6  Jan Kara <>
     5  Jan Stancek <>
     4  Hongchen Zhang <>
     4  Kevin Brodsky <>
     4  Xiao Yang <>
     3  Shiyang Ruan <>
     2  Li Wang <>
     2  Li Zhijian <>
     2  Pengfei Xu <>
     2  Stefan Roesch <>
     1  Alexander Kanavin <>
     1  Brennan Ashton <>
     1  Korobeynikov Gleb <>
     1  Marcos Paulo de Souza <>
     1  Mengchi Cheng <>
     1  Murphy Zhou <>
     1  Shizhao Chen <>
     1  Shoukui Zhang <>
     1  Subramanya Swamy <>
     1  haopengxiang <>
     1  nietingting <>
     1  wangxuewen <>
     1  ybonatakis <>

And also thanks to patch reviewers:

git log 20230929.. | grep -Ei '(reviewed|acked)-by:' | sed 's/.*by: //' | sort | uniq -c | sort -n -r

    111 Petr Vorel <>
     70 Cyril Hrubis <>
     47 Li Wang <>
     35 Richard Palethorpe <>
     14 Martin Doucha <>
      8 Amir Goldstein <>
      7 Xiao Yang <>
      7 Marius Kittler <>
      6 Jan Kara <>
      4 Avinesh Kumar <>
      3 Andrea Cervesato <>
      3 Jan Stancek <>
      2 Yang Xu <>
      1 Petr Vorel <>
      1 Christian Brauner <>
Cyril Hrubis

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