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* The GNU C Library version 2.32 is now available
@ 2020-08-06  4:24 Carlos O'Donell
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The GNU C Library

The GNU C Library version 2.32 is now available.

The GNU C Library is used as *the* C library in the GNU system and
in GNU/Linux systems, as well as many other systems that use Linux
as the kernel.

The GNU C Library is primarily designed to be a portable 
and high performance C library.  It follows all relevant 
standards including ISO C11 and POSIX.1-2017.  It is also 
internationalized and has one of the most complete 
internationalization interfaces known. 

The GNU C Library webpage is at

Packages for the 2.32 release may be downloaded from:

The mirror list is at

NEWS for version 2.32

Major new features:

* Unicode 13.0.0 Support: Character encoding, character type info, and
  transliteration tables are all updated to Unicode 13.0.0, using
  generator scripts contributed by Mike FABIAN (Red Hat).

* New locale added: ckb_IQ (Kurdish/Sorani spoken in Iraq)

* Support for Synopsys ARC HS cores (ARCv2 ISA) running Linux has been
  added. This port requires at least binutils-2.32, gcc-8.3 and Linux-5.1.
  Three ABIs are supported:

     - arc-linux-gnu
     - arc-linux-gnuhf
     - arceb-linux-gnu

  The arc* ABI is little-endian while arceb is big-endian. All ABIs use
  64-bit time (y2038 safe) and 64-bit file offsets (LFS default).

* The GNU C Library now loads audit modules listed in the DT_AUDIT and
  DT_DEPAUDIT dynamic section entries of the main executable.

* powerpc64le supports IEEE128 long double libm/libc redirects when
  using the -mabi=ieeelongdouble to compile C code on supported GCC
  toolchains.  It is recommended to use GCC 8 or newer when testing
  this option.

* To help detect buffer overflows and other out-of-bounds accesses
  several APIs have been annotated with GCC 'access' attribute.  This
  should help GCC 10 issue better warnings.

* On Linux, functions the pthread_attr_setsigmask_np and
  pthread_attr_getsigmask_np have been added.  They allow applications
  to specify the signal mask of a thread created with pthread_create.

* The GNU C Library now provides the header file <sys/single_threaded.h>
  which declares the variable __libc_single_threaded.  Applications are
  encouraged to use this variable for single-thread optimizations,
  instead of weak references to symbols historically defined in

* The functions sigabbrev_np and sigdescr_np have been added.  The
  sigabbrev_np returns the abbreviated signal name (e.g. "HUP" for SIGHUP)
  while sigdescr_np returns a string describing the signal number (e.g
  "Hangup" for SIGHUP).  Different than strsignal, sigdescr_np does not
  attempt to translate the return description, both functions return
  NULL for an invalid signal number.

  They should be used instead of sys_siglist or sys_sigabbrev and they
  are both thread and async-signal safe.  These functions are GNU extensions.

* The functions strerrorname_np and strerrordesc_np have been added.  The
  strerroname_np returns error number name (e.g. "EINVAL" for EINVAL) while
  strerrordesc_np returns string describing error number
  (e.g "Invalid argument" for EINVAL).  Different than strerror,
  strerrordesc_np does not attempt to translate the return description, both
  functions return NULL for an invalid error number.

  They should be used instead of sys_errlist and sys_nerr, both are
  thread and async-signal safe.  These functions are GNU extensions.

* AArch64 now supports standard branch protection security hardening
  in glibc when it is built with a GCC that is configured with
  --enable-standard-branch-protection (or if -mbranch-protection=standard
  flag is passed when building both GCC target libraries and glibc,
  in either case a custom GCC is needed).  This includes branch target
  identification (BTI) and pointer authentication for return addresses
  (PAC-RET).  They require armv8.5-a and armv8.3-a architecture
  extensions respectively for the protection to be effective,
  otherwise the used instructions are nops.  User code can use PAC-RET
  without libc support, but BTI requires a libc that is built with BTI
  support, otherwise runtime objects linked into user code will not be
  BTI compatible.

Deprecated and removed features, and other changes affecting compatibility:

* Remove configure option --enable-obsolete-rpc.  Sun RPC is removed
  from glibc.  This includes the rpcgen program, librpcsvc, and the Sun
  RPC header files.  Backward compatibility for old programs is kept
  only for architectures and ABIs that have been added in or before
  glibc 2.31.  New programs need to use TI-RPC
  <;a=summary> and
  rpcsvc-proto <>.

* Remove configure option --enable-obsolete-nsl.  libnsl is only built
  as shared library for backward compatibility and the NSS modules "nis"
  and "nisplus" are not built at all and libnsl's headers aren't
  installed.  This compatibility is kept only for architectures and ABIs
  that have been added in or before version 2.28.  Replacement
  implementations based on TI-RPC, which additionally support IPv6, are
  available from <>.  This change does not
  affect the "compat" NSS module, which does not depended on libnsl
  since 2.27 and thus can be used without NIS.

* The deprecated <sys/sysctl.h> header and the sysctl function have been
  removed.  To support old binaries, the sysctl function continues to
  exist as a compatibility symbol (on those architectures which had it),
  but always fails with ENOSYS.  This reflects the removal of the system
  call from all architectures, starting with Linux 5.5.

* The sstk function is no longer available to newly linked binaries.
  Its implementation always returned with a failure, and the function
  was not declared in any header file.

* The legacy signal handling functions siginterrupt, sigpause, sighold,
  sigrelse, sigignore and sigset, and the sigmask macro have been
  deprecated.  Applications should use the sigsuspend, sigprocmask and
  sigaction functions instead.

* ldconfig now defaults to the new format for glibc has
  already supported this format for almost 20 years.

* The deprecated arrays sys_siglist, _sys_siglist, and sys_sigabbrev
  are no longer available to newly linked binaries, and their declarations
  have been removed from <string.h>.  They are exported solely as
  compatibility symbols to support old binaries.  All programs should use
  strsignal instead.

* The deprecated symbols sys_errlist, _sys_errlist, sys_nerr, and _sys_nerr
  are no longer available to newly linked binaries, and their declarations
  have been removed from from <stdio.h>.  They are exported solely as
  compatibility symbols to support old binaries.  All programs should use
  strerror or strerror_r instead.

* Both strerror and strerror_l now share the same internal buffer in the
  calling thread, meaning that the returned string pointer may be invalided
  or contents might be overwritten on subsequent calls in the same thread or
  if the thread is terminated.  It makes strerror MT-safe.

* Using weak references to libpthread functions such as pthread_create
  or pthread_key_create to detect the singled-threaded nature of a
  program is an obsolescent feature.  Future versions of glibc will
  define pthread_create within itself, so such checks will
  always flag the program as multi-threaded.  Applications should check
  the __libc_single_threaded variable declared in
  <sys/single_threaded.h> instead.

* The "files" NSS module no longer supports the "key" database (used for
  secure RPC).  The contents of the /etc/publickey file will be ignored,
  regardless of the settings in /etc/nsswitch.conf.  (This method of
  storing RPC keys only supported the obsolete and insecure AUTH_DES
  flavor of secure RPC.)

* The __morecore and __after_morecore_hook malloc hooks and the default
  implementation __default_morecore have been deprecated.  Applications
  should use malloc interposition to change malloc behavior, and mmap to
  allocate anonymous memory.  A future version of glibc may require that
  applications which use the malloc hooks must preload a special shared
  object, to enable the hooks.

* The hesiod NSS module has been deprecated and will be removed in a
  future version of glibc.  System administrators are encouraged to
  switch to other approaches for networked account databases, such as

Changes to build and runtime requirements:

* powerpc64le requires GCC 7.4 or newer.  This is required for supporting
  long double redirects.

Security related changes:

  CVE-2016-10228: An infinite loop has been fixed in the iconv program when
  invoked with the -c option and when processing invalid multi-byte input
  sequences.  Reported by Jan Engelhardt.

  CVE-2020-10029: Trigonometric functions on x86 targets suffered from stack
  corruption when they were passed a pseudo-zero argument.  Reported by Guido
  Vranken / ForAllSecure Mayhem.

  CVE-2020-1752: A use-after-free vulnerability in the glob function when
  expanding ~user has been fixed.

  CVE-2020-6096: A signed comparison vulnerability in the ARMv7 memcpy and
  memmove functions has been fixed.  Discovered by Jason Royes and Samual
  Dytrych of the Cisco Security Assessment and Penetration Team (See

The following bugs are resolved with this release:

  [9809] localedata: ckb_IQ: new Kurdish Sorani locale
  [10441] manual: Backtraces code example lacks error checking
  [10815] librt: [timer_create / SIGEV_THREAD] signalmask of
    timer_sigev_thread dangerous
  [14231] stdio: stdio-common tests memory requirements
  [14578] libc: /proc-based emulation for lchmod, fchmodat
  [16272] dynamic-link: dlopen()ing a DT_FILTER library crashes if
    filtee has constructor
  [19519] locale: iconv(1) with -c option hangs on illegal multi-byte
    sequences (CVE-2016-10228)
  [19737] admin: Doc page “20.5.2 Infinity and NaN” has incorrect HTML
    character entities for infinity & pi
  [20338] libc: Parsing of /etc/gshadow can return bad pointers causing
    segfaults in applications
  [20543] libc: Please move from .gnu.linkonce to comdat
  [22489] network: gcc warns about implicit convertion in
    ICMP6_FILTER_SETPASS with -Wsign-conversion
  [22525] localedata: or_IN  LC_COLLATE does not use copy "iso14651_t1"
  [23294] math: Complex _FloatN functions are redirected to the wrong
    function with -mlong-double-64
  [23296] libc: Data race in setting function descriptor during lazy
  [23668] dynamic-link: ldconfig: Default to the new format for
  [23819] hurd: hurd: Add C11 thread support
  [23990] build: test-container error out on failure to exec child.
  [23991] build: shell-container typo in run_command_array
  [24638] manual: Error in example of parsing a template string
  [24654] manual: Wrong declaration of wcschr in libc manual
  [24943] dynamic-link: Support DT_AUDIT, DT_DEPAUDIT in the dynamic
  [25051] dynamic-link: aarch64, powerpc64 uses surplus static tls for
    dynamically loaded dsos
  [25098] nptl: nptl: ctype classification functions are not AS-Safe
  [25219] libc: improve out-of-bounds checking with GCC 10 attribute
  [25262] libc: getcontext/setcontext/swapcontext unnecessarily save and
    restore EAX, ECX and EDX
  [25397] dynamic-link: Legacy bitmap doesn't cover jitted code
  [25414] glob: 'glob' use-after-free bug (CVE-2020-1752)
  [25420] network: Race condition in resolv_conf.c can result in caching
    stale configuration forever
  [25487] math: sinl() stack corruption from crafted input
  [25506] build: configure: broken detection of STT_GNU_IFUNC when GCC
    defaults to PIE
  [25523] libc: MIPS/Linux inline syscall template is miscompiled
  [25620] libc: Signed comparison vulnerability in the ARMv7 memcpy()
  [25623] libc: test-sysvmsg, test-sysvsem, test-sysvshm fail with 2.31
    on 32 bit and old kernel
  [25635] libc: arm: Wrong sysdep order selection for soft-fp
  [25639] localedata: Some names of days and months wrongly spelt in
  [25657] libc: sigprocmask() and sigisemptyset() manipulate different
    amount of sigset_t bytes
  [25691] stdio: printf: memory leak when printing long multibyte
  [25715] libc: system() returns wrong errors when posix_spawn fails
  [25733] malloc: mallopt(M_MXFAST) can set global_max_fast to 0
  [25734] locale: mbrtowc with Big5-HKSCS fails to reset conversion
    state for conversions that produce two Unicode code points
  [25765] nptl: Incorrect futex syscall in __pthread_disable_asynccancel
    for linux x86_64 leads to livelock
  [25788] dynamic-link: [i386] -fno-omit-frame-pointer in CFLAGS causes
    test failures, invalid instruction in
  [25790] glob: Typo in tst-fnmatch.input
  [25810] libc: x32: Incorrect syscall entries with pointer, off_t and
  [25819] localedata: Update locale data to Unicode 13.0.0
  [25824] libc: Abnormal function of strnlen in aarch64
  [25887] dynamic-link: Wasted space in _dl_x86_feature_1[1]
  [25896] libc: Incorrect prctl
  [25902] libc: Bad LOADARGS_N
  [25905] dynamic-link: VSX registers are corrupted during PLT
    resolution when glibc is built with --disable-multi-arch and --with-
  [25933] string: Off by one error in __strncmp_avx2 when
    length=VEC_SIZE*4 and strings are at page boundaries can cause a
  [25942] nptl: Deadlock on stack_cache_lock between __nptl_setxid and
    exiting detached thread
  [25966] libc: Incorrect access of __x86_shared_non_temporal_threshold
    for x32
  [25976] nss: internal_end*ent in nss_compat may clobber errno, hiding
  [25999] nptl: Use-after-free issue in pthread_getaddr_default_np
  [26073] math: getpayload() has wrong return value
  [26076] dynamic-link: dlmopen crashes after failing to load
    dependencies in audit mode
  [26120] localedata: column width of  of some Korean
    JUNGSEONG/JONGSEONG characters wrong (should be 0)
  [26128] libc: Incorrect bit_cpu_CLFLUSHOPT
  [26133] libc: Incorrect need_arch_feature_F16C
  [26137] libc: strtod() triggers exception FE_INEXACT on reasonable
  [26149] libc: PKU is usable only if OSPKE is set
  [26173] libc: powerpc64*: Add @notoc to calls to functions that do not
    preserve r2
  [26208] libc: Incorrect bit_cpu_CLFSH
  [26210] network: Incorrect use of hidden symbols for global sunrpc
  [26211] stdio: printf integer overflow calculating allocation size
  [26214] stdio: printf_fp double free
  [26215] stdio: printf_fp memory leak
  [26232] time: FAIL: support/tst-timespec for 32-bit targets
  [26258] nss: nss_compat should not read input files with mmap
  [26332] string: Incorrect cache line size load causes memory
    corruption in memset

Release Notes


This release was made possible by the contributions of many people.
The maintainers are grateful to everyone who has contributed
changes or bug reports.  These include:

Adhemerval Zanella
Alan Modra
Alex Butler
Alexander Anisimov
Alistair Francis
Andrea Corallo
Andreas K. Hüttel
Andreas Schwab
Anton Blanchard
Anton Blanchard via Libc-alpha
Arjun Shankar
Aurelien Jarno
Aurélien Aptel
Carlos O'Donell
Chung-Lin Tang
DJ Delorie
David Kilroy
Evgeny Eremin
Eyal Itkin
Fangrui Song
Florian Weimer
Gabriel F. T. Gomes
Girish Joshi
H.J. Lu
John David Anglin
John Marshall
Jonathan Wakely
Joseph Myers
Josh Triplett
Jwtiyar Nariman
Krzysztof Koch
Lexi Shao
Lucas A. M. Magalhaes
Lukasz Majewski
Maciej W. Rozycki
Martin Sebor
Matheus Castanho
Mathieu Desnoyers
Michael Hudson-Doyle
Patsy Franklin
Paul E. Murphy
Paul Eggert
Paul Zimmermann
Petr Vorel
Rafał Lużyński
Rajalakshmi Srinivasaraghavan
Raphael Moreira Zinsly
Rogerio Alves
Samuel Thibault
Shen-Ta Hsieh
Siddhesh Poyarekar
Simon Marchi
Stefan Liebler
Sudakshina Das
Sunil K Pandey
Szabolcs Nagy
Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho
Vineet Gupta
WANG Xuerui
Wilco Dijkstra

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