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From: Thomas Schwinge <>
To: "François Dumont" <>
Cc: <>, <>,
	Jonathan Wakely <>
Subject: Re: Attempt to fix g++.dg tests failures in gnu-versioned-namespace mode
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2023 09:22:11 +0200	[thread overview]
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On 2023-09-20T07:08:25+0200, François Dumont via Gcc <> wrote:
> I've configured libstdc++ with --enable-symvers=gnu-versioned-namespace

I can't comment on that option...

> and run make check-c++.
> A number of failures are like this one:
> /home/fdumont/dev/gcc/git/gcc/testsuite/g++.dg/coroutines/coro-bad-alloc-00-bad-op-new.C:
> In function 'coro1 f()':
> /home/fdumont/dev/gcc/git/gcc/testsuite/g++.dg/coroutines/coro-bad-alloc-00-bad-op-new.C:9:1:
> error: 'operator new' is provided by
> 'std::__8::__n4861::__coroutine_traits_impl<coro1, void>::promise_type'
> {aka 'co
> ro1::promise_type'} but is not usable with the function signature 'coro1
> f()'
> compiler exited with status 1
> FAIL: g++.dg/coroutines/coro-bad-alloc-00-bad-op-new.C  (test for
> errors, line 9)
> FAIL: g++.dg/coroutines/coro-bad-alloc-00-bad-op-new.C (test for excess
> errors)
> Excess errors:
> /home/fdumont/dev/gcc/git/gcc/testsuite/g++.dg/coroutines/coro-bad-alloc-00-bad-op-new.C:9:1:
> error: 'operator new' is provided by
> 'std::__n4861::__coroutine_traits_impl<coro1, void>::promise_type' {aka
> 'coro1::promise_type'} but is not usable with the function signature
> 'coro1 f()'
> The '__8' is messing with expected output.
> So I've added:
>      # Ignore optional version namespace from libstdc++.
>      regsub -all "std::__8::" $text "std::" text

..., and whether that's conceptually the correct solution...

> in testsuite/lib/prune.exp prune_gcc_output.
> But it had no impact, same failures.
> What am I missing ?

..., but I can answer that one: pruning happens after scanning for
'dg-error' etc. (..., which are captured in 'dg-messages').  See DejaGnu

        set results [${tool}-dg-test $prog [lindex ${dg-do-what} 0] "$tool_flags ${dg-extra-tool-flags}"]

        set comp_output [lindex $results 0]
        set output_file [lindex $results 1]

        foreach i ${dg-messages} {
            verbose "Scanning for message: $i" 4

            # Remove all error messages for the line [lindex $i 0]
            # in the source file.  If we find any, success!

        # Remove messages from the tool that we can ignore.
        set comp_output [prune_warnings $comp_output]
            if {$comp_output ne ""} {
                fail "$name (test for excess errors)"
                send_log "Excess errors:\n$comp_output\n"
            } else {
                pass "$name (test for excess errors)"

So you'll have to have your 's%std::__8::%std::' work on 'dg-messages', I

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