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* [newlib-cygwin] newlib: drop unused saber file
@ 2022-01-28  0:14 Michael Frysinger
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From: Michael Frysinger @ 2022-01-28  0:14 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: newlib-cvs;h=996a85ba4c26789284339a4eaaa73dd532e613f2

commit 996a85ba4c26789284339a4eaaa73dd532e613f2
Author: Mike Frysinger <>
Date:   Thu Jan 27 04:30:17 2022 -0500

    newlib: drop unused saber file
    I can't find any references to this, and it looks like a generated
    build log from a specific old sparc system.

 newlib/libc/saber | 184 ------------------------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 184 deletions(-)

diff --git a/newlib/libc/saber b/newlib/libc/saber
deleted file mode 100644
index 154eddf41..000000000
--- a/newlib/libc/saber
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,184 +0,0 @@
-setopt sys_load_flags -L/lib -L/usr/lib -I/limbo/unsupported/packages/CenterLine/general/unsupported/sparc
-setopt load_flags -I./include -I./machine/sparc -I./sys/sun4 
-load signal/raise.c
-load signal/signal.c
-load stdio/clearerr.c
-load stdio/cvt.c
-load stdio/dcvt.c
-load stdio/fclose.c
-load stdio/feof.c
-load stdio/ferror.c
-load stdio/fflush.c
-load stdio/fgetc.c
-load stdio/fgetpos.c
-load stdio/fgets.c
-load stdio/findfp.c
-load stdio/flags.c
-load stdio/fopen.c
-load stdio/fputc.c
-load stdio/fputs.c
-load stdio/fread.c
-load stdio/freopen.c
-load stdio/fscanf.c
-load stdio/fseek.c
-load stdio/fsetpos.c
-load stdio/ftell.c
-load stdio/fvwrite.c
-load stdio/fwalk.c
-load stdio/fwrite.c
-load stdio/getc.c
-load stdio/getchar.c
-load stdio/gets.c
-load stdio/iprintf.c
-load stdio/makebuf.c
-load stdio/perror.c
-load stdio/printf.c
-load stdio/putc.c
-load stdio/putchar.c
-load stdio/puts.c
-load stdio/refill.c
-load stdio/remove.c
-load stdio/rename.c
-load stdio/rewind.c
-load stdio/rget.c
-load stdio/scanf.c
-load stdio/setbuf.c
-load stdio/setvbuf.c
-load stdio/sprintf.c
-load stdio/sscanf.c
-load stdio/stdio.c
-load stdio/tmpfile.c
-load stdio/tmpnam.c
-load stdio/ungetc.c
-load stdio/vfiprintf.c
-load stdio/vfprintf.c
-load stdio/vfscanf.c
-load stdio/vprintf.c
-load stdio/vsprintf.c
-load stdio/wbuf.c
-load stdio/wsetup.c
-load stdlib/__adjust.c
-load stdlib/__exp10.c
-load stdlib/__ten_mu.c
-load stdlib/abort.c
-load stdlib/abs.c
-load stdlib/assert.c
-load stdlib/atexit.c
-load stdlib/atof.c
-load stdlib/atoi.c
-load stdlib/atol.c
-load stdlib/bsearch.c
-load stdlib/calloc.c
-load stdlib/div.c
-load stdlib/efgcvt.c
-load stdlib/exit.c
-load stdlib/getenv.c
-load stdlib/labs.c
-load stdlib/ldiv.c
-load stdlib/malloc.c
-load stdlib/mbtowc.c
-load stdlib/qsort.c
-load stdlib/rand.c
-load stdlib/strtod.c
-load stdlib/strtol.c
-load stdlib/strtoul.c
-load stdlib/system.c
-load stdlib/wctomb.c
-load string/bcmp.c
-load string/bcopy.c
-load string/bzero.c
-load string/index.c
-load string/memchr.c
-load string/memcmp.c
-load string/memcpy.c
-load string/memmove.c
-load string/memset.c
-load string/rindex.c
-load string/strcat.c
-load string/strchr.c
-load string/strcmp.c
-load string/strcoll.c
-load string/strcpy.c
-load string/strcspn.c
-load string/strerror.c
-load string/strlen.c
-load string/strncat.c
-load string/strncmp.c
-load string/strncpy.c
-load string/strpbrk.c
-load string/strrchr.c
-load string/strspn.c
-load string/strstr.c
-load string/strtok.c
-load string/strxfrm.c
-load stdio/fiprintf.c
-load stdio/fprintf.c
-load ctype/ctype_.c
-load ctype/isalnum.c
-load ctype/isalpha.c
-load ctype/isascii.c
-load ctype/iscntrl.c
-load ctype/isdigit.c
-load ctype/islower.c
-load ctype/isprint.c
-load ctype/ispunct.c
-load ctype/isspace.c
-load ctype/isupper.c
-load ctype/isxdigit.c
-load ctype/toascii.c
-load ctype/tolower.c
-load ctype/toupper.c
-load errno/errno.c
-/*load ieeefp/fpmask.c
-load ieeefp/fpround.c
-load ieeefp/fpsticky.c
-load ieeefp/infinity.c
-load ieeefp/isnan.c
-load locale/locale.c
-load math/acos.c
-load math/acosh.c
-load math/asin.c
-load math/asinh.c
-load math/atan.c
-load math/atan2.c
-load math/atanh.c
-load math/bessel.c
-load math/copysign.c
-load math/cosh.c
-load math/erf.c
-load math/error.c
-load math/exp.c
-load math/fabs.c
-load math/floor.c
-load math/fmod.c
-load math/frexp.c
-load math/gamma.c
-load math/hypot.c
-load math/ldexp.c
-load math/log.c
-load math/log10.c
-load math/log1p.c
-load math/log2.c
-load math/log__L.c
-load math/modf.c
-load math/pow.c
-load math/scalb.c
-load math/sincos.c
-load math/sinh.c
-load math/sqrt.c
-load math/tan.c
-load math/tanh.c

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2022-01-28  0:14 [newlib-cygwin] newlib: drop unused saber file Michael Frysinger

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