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From: "Paul Leung" <>
Subject: Re: RHDB 2.1 ISO not working
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 05:48:00 -0000	[thread overview]
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I downloaded the iso straight into my linux machine and mounted it as you 
suggested.  Everything works great now.  I've been playing around with the 
rhdb-admin program and find it to be a most helpful tool but I do have a 
couple questions.

I created a database cluster in one account with the admin program.  When I 
went into another account and opened up the admin program, the database 
cluster wasnt there.  The admin program had no clusters shown initially.  I 
manually added the cluster that I made with my other account but I wasnt 
sure if it was the same cluster that I made initially or a brand new cluster 
that has the same name as the first one.  So what's happening here?

I also noticed that there was a trigger tab that I could go to to add 
triggers.  I saw tabs for views, functions, and etc. but nothing for 
triggers.  Where do I go to add triggers?
Thank you.

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>Subject: Re: RHDB 2.1 ISO not working
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>Paul Leung once said:
> > I downloaded the iso from a mirror in hawaii into my windows machine.  I
> > burned it at 6x speed with my HP burner and EasyCD Creator software.  I
> > then tried to use it on my Redhat 8.0 machine.
>I'm willing to bet that it was the fault of EasyCD Creator.
> > The weird stuff that I found on the cd are these:
> > The "Install" scripts were named "install" with a lowercase i.
> > The "RHL-7.3" and "RHL-8.0" directories were in lowercase and they had a
> > underline instead of a hyphen.
> > I also think I saw that the execute permission was missing from all 
> > and directories.
>Yes, I think this was caused by your burning software.  Can you get burning
>working under Red Hat Linux?  Alternatively, is your ISO accessible on a
>hard disk to your RH installation?  If so, you could just mount it on
>(do everything beginning with a `#' as root)
># mkdir /mnt/rhdb
># mount -o ro,loop <isofilename> /mnt/rhdb
>Where <isofilename> should be replaced with the full path to the RHDB 2.1
>ISO file.
>The first option (burning under Red Hat) can be accomplished with:
># cdrecord -scanbus
>this will display the current recording devices available.
>Pick the SCSI ID of the CD writer ... it will be something like:
>         0,0,0     0) '        ' 'CD-R/RW RW7080A ' '1.10' Removable CD-ROM
>         0,1,0     1) 'ASUS    ' 'DVD-ROM E608    ' '1.40' Removable CD-ROM
>where 0,0,0 is the one I want.  Put a blank CD in your burner and:
># cdrecord dev=0,0,0 rhdb21-i386.iso
>This should burn the ISO properly.  Let us know what happens.
> > Thanks for helping me.  I've been a windows slave for a long time and 
> > I started using linux, the first thing that hit me was how great linux
> > people are with help and support.  When I get good enough at linux, I'll
> > pay it forward.
>Glad to hear it!

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