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From: Jeff Sturm <>
To: Leslie Rohde <>
Subject: Re: where goith the static libs?
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 17:06:00 -0000	[thread overview]
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On Mon, 16 Feb 2004, Leslie Rohde wrote:
> the first thing to notice is that most java programs do
> enough late binding that you can not depend on linking
> to include everything, so doing -Wl,-whole-archive when
> building the final app is pretty much a given.  (and don't
> forget to turn it off before the std libs are tacked on, 'cause
> that _really_ doesn't work!)

Right.  I suspect many gcj users avoid static libs for this reason.

> what i am really trying to do is to build a _standalone_
> xml-savvy application (file size is a non-issue) that i can copy
> to an arbitrary linux box (rh7.3 or later) without vetting what
> versions of the gcc/gcj runtime exist.  the assumption is that i do
> _not_ have admin priv, so i can not do an 'install' per se.

Well... you don't need admin privs to install/use a DSO in a user
directory.  Perhaps a tarball of executable + DSOs doesn't meet your
standalone requirement though.

> as a minimum, i will link statics of xerces and xalan plus a
> couple non-rhug packages  (nekohtml being one).  fine,
> but i also need to separate myself from libgcj/libgcc and on
> that i have had no joy using -static and -static-libgcc in any
> combination.  i just started trying explicit includes of the
> static versions of the standard libs in conjunction with
> -nostdlib and friends, but have not quite found the right
> arrangement of runes.  am i on the right track?  what
> (known) land mines exist?

If you require no dependencies on or, it'll be far
simpler to configure/build gcj/libgcj with --disable-shared than
dealing with -nostdlib and all the required libraries (IMO, having done it
both ways myself) especially if you need a portable makefile.

I did just that with an uberbaum tree on RH 7.3, to create an executable
that runs on any Red Hat release >= 7.3.  (If you don't use an uberbaum or
otherwise unified GCC tree, make sure you get up-to-date binutils from
somewhere.  The gas distributed with RH 7.3 is no longer sufficient to
build the 3.4 branch, for instance.)

Good luck,


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