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I have gone through your ads and you might be interested in this.

Did You Know That You Can Make $40,000.00 In 2 Months?

Secret to making money on the internet, five dollar at a time.

This is a little known secret.
Making money on the internet...five dollar at a time.
If you are new to the internet, you will not make money despite all the hype you come across.
If you are an old hand, you are struggling just to make a decent buck.
Is it true then, all these talks of riches aplenty on the internet?
The answer is yes but for many it will not be.

What is the difference between those making money on the internet and those struggling and failing and falling by the wayside.
It is a simple secret but it could make the crucial difference between success and failure.
The secret is this:

1. Don't be a millionaire in 3 weeks.
2. Don't sack your boss.
3. Don't quit your job in 2 days and work in your underwear.

Just do one simple thing, make your FIRST dollar from the internet !!
That is all.
Work yourself to the bone if you will, but MAKE your first dollar.
If you can make a dollar from the net, it proves one thing to you beyond the shadow of a doubt and that one thing it proves to you is that you CAN make five dollar from the net.
If you can make five dollar from the net, you can do it the same way and make another dollar...simple math, if you do it 10 times what do you get?
Do it a thousand times in one month what do you get?

Success does not have to come in one BIG leap. It can come in a series of small steps. A big leap may be difficult for some, small steps never presents a problem.
You can begin the journey of a thousand miles with your first small step, don't rush, don't leap.
Here is your first small steps program for Forty thousand dollars.


Please don't delete this until you have read it completely as IT REALLY WORKS!! 



This program is to make money via the power of the Internet  - quickly 
and honestly! It is quite new, yet already proven to be most effective. 
It is truly exciting, with many people now using it, and 
with so many more still see it as a way to generate needed cash! It is 
not the same as other programs that (only at first) may seem to be 
This program has been designed to avoid all of the traps and all of the 
cheats. It is also a lot of fun, with nothing to lose! And you can 
quickly prove that it is both real and safe, before you decide to 

NOTE: Please read this complete document to be sure that you fully 
understand it. 
Take the time to read it again and again if you have to. E-mail me with 
any questions if you remain unsure of anything. Should you decide to 
run it, by following the instructions carefully, you will be delighted 
with the results!

PHASE 1 BEGINS - Prepare to be impressed!

This program is very powerful - a real money generator on the World 
Wide Web! 
No other program comes close when you need money quickly and honestly. 
You are guaranteed financial success with this opportunity because of 
the method used to CONFIRM the HONESTY of each participant. However, 
when most of us first look at this program, we may think it's just 
another "get rich quick" scheme. But it isn't - by reading the details 
you will see that it is quite different. And only about a week after 
starting, your inbox will be overwhelmed with responses. A few weeks 
later, money will start rolling in quickly - from all over the world!
This is a FAIL-SAFE money making program where all cash receipts are 
verifiable in advance, because every participant is held ACCOUNTABLE, 
every participant gets paid well and every participant is sure that 
nobody can cheat. That is why I chose to participate. I invite you to 
do likewise. Being fail-safe and cheat-proof, what have we got to lose?

The power of the Internet is here to be used. More and more people are 
using this program to produce a substantial income quickly. Expect to 
earn up to US $40,000 in the next six weeks (MAXIMUM TIME). We all know 
that Internet money programs can really work, but most of us have major 
concerns about them:

1. They are too complex, often requiring large investments. 
2. They require real Internet marketing experience.
3. There is usually no way of monitoring returns.
4. There is no way of eliminating cheaters. 

This program solves all of those concerns! It is 100% certain that 
everyone will get paid for participating. This is because we require 
accountable e-mail addresses for all participants. The total cost to 
you is two US $5 Bills, plus postage for just two letters. (Not a lot, 
no matter what your present circumstances may be.) But you spend 
nothing at all, until you gain e-mail confirmation that the sender of 
this letter has paid!

Please read this carefully. If you have any questions, feel free 
to contact me by replying to my e-mail address, as the sender of this 
letter. The fail-safe mechanism controls the program, so it's 
impossible for anyone to cheat. This way nobody gets hurt and everyone 
gets paid. All participants make the money they deserve for their 
efforts. Read on and you will see why. The method of accountability 
used keeps everyone honest. We all get our money by building an easy 
and valuable MAILING LIST. Too many programs before this one have had 
no fail-safe method for protecting the honest participants from those 
who put their names on a list without sending any money. 
That is what causes such programs to ultimately fail, even though, some 
people may have done quite well from them. With this program, it is 

If you decide to participate, you will be required to send  $5 (US 
currency) to just two of the people on the list shown below, with a 
note asking them to add your name on to their mailing list. More about 
that shortly -- First take the time to SAVE this letter to a file so 
that you can edit the prescribed areas later if you do decide to join 
in. Check the honesty first. The very first step is to e-mail the two 
people in the Position #1 and Position #2 from the current 
Accountability List below, and ask them if they received their 
$5 from me. Put " Did you get $5" in the subject line. Make sure you 
put my name in the e-mail. This is what MAKES CERTAIN the success of 
this program. You will not send money to me until you KNOW that I have 
paid the people in Positions 1 and 2.Just click once on their e-mail 
address and a letter to them should come up. If that doesn't work, copy 
their name into a new letter. If you type it in check to make sure 
there are no mistakes.

Ronald Ferstl
P O Box 151
Beaver Dam, WI 53916

June Hartman
1146 Prospect Drive
Delta BC, Canada
V4E 2R5

The above are the two people I sent my US $5 to, with a note asking 
them to add me to their mailing lists. After you have verified that I 
am genuine and decide to participate, address an envelope to the person 
currently in Position #3 (me), wrap a $5.00 bill (US Currency) in 2 
pcs. Of paper with  a notethat reads: "Please add my name to your 
Mailing List and rush Phase 2 tome by e-mail", and include your name, 
address, and e-mail address. Send by Air Mail if in another country. 
Only the person in Position #3 supplies Phase 2; NEVER any other person.

Johnson Chua
55 Dasmarinas St.,
Rm. 106, Go Kaa Bldg.,
Binondo, Metro-Manila,
Philippines, 1006

Next, address an envelope to the person in Position #4; wrap a $5.00 
bill in 2 pcs. Of paper with a note that reads: "please add me to your 
mailing list" and include your name, address and e-mail address.        

Royal Gain H K
Jeremiah St., Block 6, Lot 8
Juana 6 Complex, San Francisco
Binan, Laguna, Philippines


FIRST: Move the person currently in POSITION #4 to POSITION #2. Be sure 
all information is copied correctly and completely. (The person 
originally in Position #2 is now dropped from the list.)
SECOND: Move the person in POSITION #1 to POSITION #4 with 
all the correct information.
THIRD: Move the person in POSITION #3 to POSITION #1 with all the 
correct information. 
FINALLY: Enter YOUR name, complete address, and e-mail address into 
POSITION #3. Please, also provide your name and e-mail address at the 
end of this letter. 
Remember: you only send the $5 to the names in POSITIONS #3 and #4 on 
NOTE: When typing ANY names or postal (or e-mail) addresses, 
please remember to be accurate. Double check! Once you start, there are 
two simple things you must do to make this work for the maximum return 
in 30-45 days:

1. In Phase 2, you will e-mail wherever you can and, if you really want 
to bring in the money, advertise. I have everything you need to 
advertise such as samples, tips, and lots of links to free 
classified advertising on the Internet. When you are added to my 
mailing list, I will send this to you if you need further help from 
there, just ask me.
2. BE PATIENT at the start! It takes easily a week or so to really get 
up and going, and to start receiving lots of replies in your e-mail. 
BUT THEY WILL COME! This is the Internet! The money will come also! YOU 
will also have a mailing list service to use yourself, or even 
to sell. That in itself can be valuable. THIS PROGRAM IS DESIGNED TO 
MAKE MONEY FAST! It is very INEXPENSIVE to participate in compare it to 
the value of lottery tickets - where making money is next to 
There are no postage expenses, other than the two stamps needed to mail 
your two $5.00 bills. If any of the addresses require overseas mailing, 
do it via airmail for speed - and think of the power of the program 
running internationally! There are no name lists, nor other unseen 
expenses. Other than the two initial letters, this program operates 
totally on-line. 

You may already feel that this program is not what you thought at first, 
but still remain doubtful or a little unclear about whether or not to have a go. 
Unlike so many other programs, you do not send money to four or five people 
for reports, recipes, disks, or any other product. Nor do you risk losing your time 
and money. 
This program is less demanding and does not take advantage of the naive. 

Effectively, we all become a team - we know that we must follow the 
rules, and that our team work ensures that we all "win". 

To compare this with the many uncontrolled programs:

First of all, this program has only four controlled, levels - not 
five,six, seven, or more uncontrolled levels like other programs. When 
you first send this program out, you will soon get 40-50 people who 
send you $5.00 to join the mailing list and to commence their Phase 2. 

They will do this only after they confirm that you have paid your two 
$5.00 bills. To account for "curiosity seekers" and people who don't 
recognize the opportunity (not you, of course!), let's say that only 20 
people then actually pursue the program provided. These 20 people then 
put your namein the Accountability List in POSITION #1, and their 
respondents will be asking YOU if they paid their $5 dollars.
Their active participants will then move your name to POSITION #4, 
WHERE YOU WILL BE RECEIVING $5.00 notes from 20 x 20 x 20 people. 
That's a total of 8,000 people. 8000 X $5 = US $40,000!!!!!! 
Because this is done only on the Internet it moves very quickly. 

Therefore, you only need 20 ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS who actually promote 
this program to reach the target.
You should advertise/e-mail until twice that number of people 
(40-50) have sent you the $5.00 and received Phase 2 from you via e-mail. 

At this point, all you will have to do will be to answer the e-mails 
saying "Yes, I have been paid". NOTE: Be sure to keep a record of those 
who have paid and added to your mailing list, and respond very quickly 
to verification requests via e-mail. 
Remember that you may send this program to people who send you "similar" 
programs. Many such people are keen and active users of opportunities sent 
to them, and this one is safe, fast and simple. 

It will not appeal to cheats, yet be great for anyone looking for a 
VERY low cost fun investment. Just keep sending as much e-mail as 
you possibly can! You will be amazed with the responses you get from 
the Web. The Internet is a powerful tool. 
But remember: we are responsible to the team". That means to everyone 
who participates both before and after we become involved. 


FIRST: Save this file as your PHASE 1 file, where you can edit the 
changes(names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and position #'s).

SECOND: Get two US $5 bills and mail by post ($5.00 each) to the people 
listed above in Positions 3 and 4, with a request to join the 
mailinglist. Note: that cost is your ONLY financial risk!

THIRD: Update the names on the list carefully, as detailed above. YOUR 
name, address and e-mail address comes in at Position #3 (where mine 
isnow). You then wait for PHASE 2 to arrive in your e-mail box from me. 
This will be sent the same day that your $5 arrives at my home address. 


First: Your name starts at Position #3 in Phase 1 - to all 
of the people you e-mail. You would aim to get about 40 responses, but 
more would be even more profitable!

Second: You will e-mail PHASE 2 out to each person who has sent you 
$5.00. You will be instructing your respondents to place your name in 
POSITION #1. You will begin receiving inquiries from others asking if 
you have been paid your $5. You will be keeping track of all those who 
have paid you. You won't be receiving much money at this stage (just 
the $5.00 you received from each person in Phase 1, which will be from 
$200-$250 or so).

Third: Those people who have just inquired as to whether payment was 
made to you, will be getting another 20 or more people to participate, 
and your name will then be in POSITION #4. This is when you will 
receive the BIGMONEY. 

AND Last: Your name will be in Position #2, where you will again 
be receiving inquiries, and you will be likely to answer at this 
point  "YES,I AM $40,000 RICHER".  Many will then participate and make 
money also. Participation is all that we require for success. Isn't 
this a brilliant business? We really have the best, because we have 
created a foolproof and cheat-proof system, where everybody has 

Your small investment of two $5.00 bills will reward you with $40,000 
or more! Once you decide that you are going participate, have checked 
the accountability of me, and sent your $10, you will be ready to 
start preparing for Phase 2. Until you receive Phase 2, I want you to 
start collecting URL's of all the free classified web sites you can 
find. Why don't you start by checking out: for hundreds of 
free classified web sites to extract your E-mails from. (I suggest we 
don't all start at "A" and work through or we will all be sending to 
the same people! Maybe use the initial of your name as a starting point 
then we will all be using different sites.) 

If you need any tips for finding addresses please email me and I will 
send them to you. Get your URLS from Business Opportunity, Home 
Business and MLM sections of the classified sites. Make a list of all 
the FREE Classified Web site addresses, where the E-mail address of the 
person advertising is in front of you in the advertisement. 
If it does NOT show you the E-mail address and instead has a link to access their 
E-mail address, then do not record that Classified URL. You will use 
these URL's to feed your mail-finder program (supplied with Phase 2). 
which will then extract hundreds of E-mail's from these sites. The more 
classifieds the better. 

Once you find a free classified web site that has the E-mail address 
showing, click on it to Highlight it, then click your right mouse 
button,and click on copy. Then go to Notepad and left click in notepad 
then right click and click paste.   
Don't save it into Microsoft Word as the 3 programs (supplied with Phase 2) 
only read from a text document, Notepad. 
Save one URL per line, otherwise the mail finder will not read them all. 
Each notepad will have 1,500 lines. You should find Notepad by clicking on 
your start button, programs, and then accessories. 

Once again, please e-mail me if you have any questions.
 "None of us are able to go back for a new beginning. But we learn and grow, 
so all of us are able to make a new anything. Just do it!"

May God Bless you - and have fun!


NOTE: $10 is a very small investment for what you will get in return. 
So at this point you have nothing to loose. The only thing that you'll 
loose is the opportunity of not getting started "right away" and be ahead 
of the competition.

Other Business Opportunities:

Get your own free safe list submitter.

Computer/Internet Compilers Needed Now! Pay checks on a daily basis. 
Easy work compiling mailing lists. Great pay! For Details.

Get Your Classified Ad on 111,111 websites for FREE!
Your own FREE Link Submission Service!

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We thank you for posting with us.

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