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From: Mike Clarkson <>
To: "Left Spin" <>
Subject: Re: Debugging SourceNavigator
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 09:25:00 -0000	[thread overview]
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At 01:18 AM 12/13/01 +0000, you wrote:
>I'd like to improve on Source Navigator. I've read up on tcl/tk and [incr 
>tcl/tk], but now I'm at a loss on how you debug the running application. I'm 
>having trouble following the state variables of the megawidgets, and I'd 
>really like to be able to set break points in the tcl/tk code and examine 

There's a very good debugger/inspector for Tcl/Tk/Tix called TixInspect,
which has a basic but fairly useful debugger built into it. The inspector
lets you see
everything, and modify things on the fly - it's very powerful. Look at

To use SN with TixInspect under Unix, you'll have to comply with Tk's
semi-rigorous demands for Xauth authentication and no xhosts, or recompile the
tk dynamic library with this turned off. In the Makefile for tk, look for

# To turn off the security checks that disallow incoming sends when
# the X server appears to be insecure, reverse the comments on the
# following lines:

Then in the SN code, if it's not already there, add the following line;

	tk appname "SN#[winfo id .]"

To use SN with TixInspect under Windows, you'll have make sure the 
Tcl tcldde83.dll is available either in the directory with with the tcl83.dll
or in lib/tcl8.3/dde1.0 (replace 83 with whatever verion of Tcl you're using).

Then in the SN code, if it's not already there, add the following lines;

	package require dde
	dde servername "SN#[winfo id .]"

>Any help would be appreciated. My goal is to provide fixes to the source, 
>and add an optional new editor keybindings configuration file (wordstar to 
>start with).

TixInspect is the revised updated version of the time-honoured Tkinspect,
and is built for Tix applications such as SN. OTOH, if I had of known you
were going to use it for adding Wordstar bindings, I would never have
released it:-)


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