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* [Patch] Fixup install/build notes and VC++ build instructions.
@ 2002-02-20 18:00 Mo DeJong
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From: Mo DeJong @ 2002-02-20 18:00 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: sourcenav

Here is a small patch that fixes up the README.TXT and INSTALL.TXT files
so that they actually tell the user how to build with VC++ (imagine that).
This patch also changes the suggested default install location to /opt/sourcenav.

Since this is a small change I assume it will be covered by the
"Small changes can be accepted without a copyright
assignment form on file" text from the contrib webpage.


2002-02-20  Mo DeJong  <>

	* INSTALL.TXT: Indicate that users should install
	into /opt/sourcenav by default so as to avoid
	version conflicts in supporting packages.
	Add note about -MD in the CFLAGS and --host=windows32
	on the configure line when compiling with VC++.

RCS file: /cvs/sourcenav/src/snavigator/INSTALL.TXT,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -u -r1.1 INSTALL.TXT
--- INSTALL.TXT	2002/02/04 19:05:25	1.1
+++ INSTALL.TXT	2002/02/21 01:42:57
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 Binary Install:
 To install a binary release of Source-Navigator, extract the
-files from the archive and add the sourcenav-5.0.1/bin
+files from the archive and add the sourcenav-5.X.X/bin
 directory to your PATH. There is no need to run an installer.
 You can run Source-Navigator from the command line using the
 snavigator script. Windows users can also double-click on
@@ -12,11 +12,6 @@
 These build/install instructions assume that you have already
 downloaded and extracted the files from the zip or tar file.
-We suggest building outside of the source directory. This way, all
-build related files for a specific architecture are stored outside
-of the source directory. This makes it easy to build multiple
-executables from a single source tree.
 We suggest building outside of the src directory, this might
 be a new concept for most users, but it is really quite simple
 once you get the hang of it. With a build dir, all build
@@ -24,16 +19,25 @@
 of the src directory, so you can build multiple executables
 from the same source tree.
+We also suggest installing into a directory other than /usr
+or /usr/local. Some users have reported version conflicts
+between already installed packages like Tcl, Tk, Itcl, and
+Tix and the versions of these packages that sourcenav depends
+on. By installing into an application specific directory
+like /opt/sourcenav, these problems can be avoided.
 UNIX Build:
 To build under a UNIX system, simply create a build directory
 and run the configure script. The following commands assume
 the release is 5.0.1 and that the user wants to install
-into a non-default location (/usr/sourcenav).
+into a non-default location (/opt/sourcenav) that is owned
+by root.
 % mkdir snbuild ; cd snbuild
-% ../sourcenav-5.0.1/configure --prefix=/usr/sourcenav
+% ../sourcenav-5.0.1/configure --prefix=/opt/sourcenav
 % make
+(become root)
 % make install
 Windows Build (VC++):
@@ -53,18 +57,18 @@
 shell, run the following commands.
 % export CC=cl
-% export CFLAGS="-Z7 -Od"
+% export CFLAGS="-Z7 -Od -MD"
 You can now run the configure script in the normal way. Of course,
 there are a couple of things to take note of. First, the configure
 script must be run with a relative path (../sourcenav-5.0.1/configure).
 Second, the --prefix path must be passed as a fully qualified Windows
-style path containing forward slashes (like D:/Cygwin/usr/sourcenav).
-The following example shows how /usr/sourcenav mounted at
-D:/Cygwin/usr/sourcenav would be passed.
+style path containing forward slashes (like D:/Cygwin/opt/sourcenav).
+The following example shows how a patch like /opt/sourcenav mounted
+at D:/Cygwin/opt/sourcenav would be passed.
 % mkdir snbuild ; cd snbuild
-% ../sourcenav-5.0.1/configure --prefix=D:/Cygwin/usr/sourcenav
+% ../sourcenav-5.0.1/configure --host=windows32 --prefix=D:/Cygwin/opt/sourcenav
 % make
 % make install
RCS file: /cvs/sourcenav/src/snavigator/README.TXT,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -u -r1.1 README.TXT
--- README.TXT	2002/02/04 19:05:25	1.1
+++ README.TXT	2002/02/21 01:42:57
@@ -16,5 +16,5 @@
 One can find Source-Navigator documentation in the snavigator/doc/html
 directory. Documentation is available in HTML format only.
-Consult the INSTALL file to learn how to build and install
+Consult the INSTALL.TXT file to learn how to build and install
 binaries of Source-Navigator.

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2002-02-20 18:00 [Patch] Fixup install/build notes and VC++ build instructions Mo DeJong

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