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* Error building database
@ 2002-03-27 11:44 Puneet Sood
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From: Puneet Sood @ 2002-03-27 11:44 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: sourcenav


I just downloaded and installed the SourceNavigator 5.0 binaries for Solaris. I ran the snavigator on the list of files in my project as shown below and I get the following error:

	$ snavigator --import cfiles.txt
	Error: too many nested calls to Tcl_EvalObj (infinite loop?)

cfiles.txt has over 5000 C files listed in it. Anyone know how to fix this?

In case it is useful, the output of uname -a and sysinfo from my system:

$ uname -a
SunOS xxxxxx 5.7 Generic_106541-18 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-5_10

$ sysinfo
        General Information

Host Name is             xxxxxx
Host Address(es) is      xxxxxx
Host ID is               809a2559
Serial Number is         2157585753
Manufacturer is          Sun (Sun Microsystems)
/usr/global/share/sysinfo/bin/sysinfo_SunOS_5.7: /dev/ksyms is not a 32-bit kernel namelist
/usr/global/share/sysinfo/bin/sysinfo_SunOS_5.7: /dev/ksyms is not a 32-bit kernel namelist
System Model is          Ultra 5 Model 270
Main Memory is           128 MB
Virtual Memory is        592 MB
ROM Version is           OBP 3.11.9 1998/03/06 10:31
Number of CPUs is        1
CPU Type is              sparc
App Architecture is      sparc
Kernel Architecture is   sun4u
OS Name is               SunOS
OS Version is            5.7
Kernel Version is        SunOS Release 5.7 Version Generic_106541-18 [UNIX(R) System V Release 4.0]
Boot Time is             Thu Mar 21 17:53:55 2002

        Kernel Information

/usr/global/share/sysinfo/bin/sysinfo_SunOS_5.7: /dev/ksyms is not a 32-bit kernel namelist

        SysConf Information

Max combined size of argv[] and envp[] is                           1048320
Max processes allowed to any UID is                                 1893
Clock ticks per second is                                           100
Max simultaneous groups per user is                                 16
Max open files per process is                                       64
System memory page size is                                          8192
Job control supported is                                            TRUE
Savid ids (seteuid()) supported is                                  TRUE
Version of POSIX.1 standard supported is                            199506
Version of the X/Open standard supported is                         3
Max log name is                                                     8
Max password length is                                              8
Number of processors (CPUs) configured is                           1
Number of processors (CPUs) online is                               1
Total number of pages of physical memory is                         16384
Number of pages of physical memory not currently in use is          623
Max number of I/O operations in single list I/O call is             256
Max amount a process can decrease its async I/O priority level is   0
Max number of timer expiration overruns is                          2147483647
Max number of open message queue descriptors per process is         32
Max number of message priorities supported is                       32
Max number of realtime signals is                                   8
Max number of semaphores per process is                             2147483647
Max value a semaphore may have is                                   2147483647
Max number of queued signals per process is                         32
Max number of timers per process is                                 32
Supports asyncronous I/O is                                         TRUE
Supports File Synchronization is                                    TRUE
Supports memory mapped files is                                     TRUE
Supports process memory locking is                                  TRUE
Supports range memory locking is                                    TRUE
Supports memory protection is                                       TRUE
Supports message passing is                                         TRUE
Supports process scheduling is                                      TRUE
Supports realtime signals is                                        TRUE
Supports semaphores is                                              TRUE
Supports shared memory objects is                                   TRUE
Supports syncronized I/O is                                         TRUE
Supports timers is                                                  TRUE
/usr/global/share/sysinfo/bin/sysinfo_SunOS_5.7: /dev/ksyms is not a 32-bit kernel namelist

        Device Information

    cpu0 is a "269 MHz SUNW,UltraSPARC-IIi" CPU
    kbd is a "Sun Type-5 US Unix" Keyboard

Thanks in advance,
Puneet Sood

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2002-03-27 11:44 Error building database Puneet Sood

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