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* [SCM] systemtap: system-wide probe/trace tool annotated tag, release-1.8, created. release-1.8
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This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "systemtap: system-wide probe/trace tool".

The annotated tag, release-1.8 has been created
        at  149831035178f146f693bc99a8fc7c739dd2239e (tag)
   tagging  48fa6b5e1d3e636c34cbd5650370e6f634efc294 (commit)
  replaces  release-1.7
 tagged by  Frank Ch. Eigler
        on  Sun Jun 17 12:39:29 2012 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
release 1.8
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Andreas Müller (1):
      runtime/staprun/ support --without-nss for staprun

Bryn M. Reeves (2):
      new tapset: guru delays
      Added new NFS server example script.

Chris Meek (32):
      PR13609: Parallel Server Connections
      PR13609 Cont'd: Added NEWS and man page entries
      PR1609: Fixed NSPR dependency
      PR13609: Fixed compile issue using --without-nss
      PR13609: Fixed interrupts and race conditions
      PR13609: Added a concurrency test case
      PR13661: Relax Server Rlimits (move to stap)
      PR13661: Added NEWS and man page entries
      PR13661: Added test cases
      PR13661: Set both max and current rlimits
      PR13661: Rewrote test cases to be more stable
      PR13661 - Added test cases
      PR13667 (In Progress) - Expose Netfilter Hooks
      PR13667 cont'd: Added parameters
      PR13667 cont'd: Added compile code
      PR13667 cont'd: Fixed test case
      PR13667 (in progress): Added initial context varaible code
      PR13667: Range checking for hooks and priorities
      PR13667: Added guru mode requirement for $verdict
      PR13667: Tweak verdict-needs-guru error message
      PR13667: Fixed guru mode hook-not-defined bug
      PR13667: Fixed probe point ordering
      PR13667: Added netfilter guru packet drop example
      PR13667: Hardcoded netfilter constants, cleaned up
      PR13516 pre: Re-worked tmpdir creation/removal
      PR13516: Shifted main (style cleanup)
      PR13516: More robust handling of crtl-c
      PR13516: Wrapped exception throwing in function
      testsuite: Fix library.exp to work with relative paths
      testsuite: Fix check.exp to work with relative paths
      PR14016: Fixed uncaught exceptions in stap-serverd
      PR14240: Fixed netfilter hookfunction for RHEL5

Dave Brolley (11):
      Initial changes for supporting IPv6 in the compile server and client.
      Long options rework.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      More updates to client_args.exp test suite.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      PR 13370: Complete IPv6 support in the compile-server and client.
      Don't compile csclient.cxx and cscommon.cxx when HAVE_NSS is false.
      Clarify that resource limits are imposed on stap-server requests and not on stap-server itself.
      BZ 813323: stapusr-only users no longer able to run unsigned modules in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/systemtap
      Set the proper ip address family in resolved addresses rahter than asserting it.
      RHBZ 820487 - Disable client.exp tests when avahi-daemon is not working.

David Smith (74):
      Fix PR13641 by not calling a sleeping function from an invalid context.
      Add a comment clarifying GFP_ATOMIC need for PR13641
      Fix PR13646 (partial) by improving use of 'AF_NET'.
      Fixed PR13670 by getting task_dentry_path() working on 3.3 kernels.
      Fixed PR13672 by updating method used to get elevator names.
      Handle missing inlined parameters for 'netdev.change_rx_flag'.
      (Fixed PR13681) Bulk mode scripts no longer leave the module behind on rhel4.
      Mark semok uprobes tests as untested on platforms with no uprobes.
      Update 3 semok tests for RHEL4.
      Fixed PR13694 by returning proper value for tcp.sendmsg 'sock' variable.
      Fix PR13646 (partial) by properly converting IPv6 addresses to strings.
      Fix PR13646 (partial) by handling IPv6 support in a module (for RHEL[56]).
      Fix PR13646 (partial) by adding a testcase and some fixes.
      Fix PR13646 (partial) by updating spec file to require 'nc' for testsuite.
      Fix PR13646 (partial) by improving inline embedded-C expressions using AF_INET.
      Fix PR13646 (partial) by adding IPv6 support to 'tcp.receive'.
      Fix PR13646 (partial) by adding IPv6 support to _struct_sockaddr_u().
      Fix PR13646 (partial) by updating ipaddr testcase.
      Marked twentyeightprime.stp as KFAIL if no uprobes in buildok.exp.
      Don't do exelib prelink tests if the system doesn't have prelink.
      Update uprobes_p() to fail if we're on ia64.
      Fixed buildok.exp by moving comments out of switch statement.
      Fix PR13646 (partial) by adding IPv6 support to tcp.setsockopt.
      Fix PR13646 (partial) by adding IPv6 support to tcp.sendmsg/tcp.disconnect.
      Mark inline embedded-C expressions returning AF_INET/AF_INET6 as unprivileged.
      Remove CONFIG_UTRACE use in testsuite and just depend on utrace_p/uprobes_p.
      Fix PR13815 by fixing task_dentry_path() tapset function for RHEL5.
      Make uprobes_p() testsuite function find new inode-uprobes.
      Improve build-id checking when the task we're interested in isn't 'current'.
      Fix stapiu cleanup to not hold rcu lock while decrementing semaphores.
      Fix module build problem on RHEL5 ia64.
      Fix module build problem on ARM.
      Added meta file for nfsdtop.stp and regenerated example index files.
      Improved nfsdtop.stp by using aggregates.
      Fix compile problem by changing 'stp_for_each_cpu' to 'for_each_possible_cpu'.
      Fixed PR13745 by updating memory tracepoint examples.
      Fixed PR11763 by supporting getting arg 6 for nd_syscall probes.
      Added ia64/registers.stp.
      Updated and added syscall testsuite debug scripts.
      Small comment clarification in tapset/ia64/registers.stp.
      Use new task_work kernel feature to truly stop tasks.
      Removed EXPERIMENTAL_KPROBE_SDT support.
      Removed unused kprobe1 sdt support.
      Remove more unused semaphore code from dwarf_derived_probe class.
      Improved task_finder2 mmap tracking and better task_work cleanup.
      Minor bz5274.exp fixes.
      Improve the case-scope testcase output handling.
      Improve gtod.exp testcase.
      Improve the labels.exp testcase output handling.
      Give good error messages for inodes uprobes registration errors.
      Update bz6503.exp testcase.
      (BZ820457 partial fix) Update systemtap.printf/sharedbuf.exp for ppc64.
      (BZ820457 partial fix) Update the list of systemtap-testsuite requires.
      Help onoffprobe.exp pass more consistently.
      Ignore ESRCH errors returned from task_work_add().
      Improved uprobes_pass() error message.
      Fix uprobes_pass() logic (that the last commit broke).
      Give better errors when the kernel won't support the task_finder.
      Better handle task_work_add() return values.
      Handle the possibility of including runtime/uprobes-inc.h twice.
      Update tapset/syscalls.stp for kernel-3.5.0-0.rc0.git9.2.fc18.
      Update 2 buildok tests for kernel-3.5.0-0.rc0.git9.2.fc18.
      Fix systemtap.base/plt.exp cleanup.
      Fix rawhide crashes by using kernel's own strncpy_from_user().
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Add notes to NEWS about needed kernel patches to get inode-uprobes support.
      Fix PR14221 by correcting timer.profile probe unregistration.
      Typo fixes in utrace_p().
      Improve conversions.exp test by also testing tracepoint/timer.profile probes.
      Improve conversions.exp testcase logic for detecting tracepoint support.
      Fix perf probe registration (PR14224) so that multiple probes work.
      Add perf probe memory access tests.
      Fix uprobes detection when there's a loaded systemtap module.

Eugene Teo (1):
      samples: new psig script

Felix Lin (1):
      syscalltimes sample: tolerate partially specified filters without type problems

Frank Ch. Eigler (79):
      post-release version bump to 1.8
      RHBZ717123: mention /etc/login.defs when mentioning uid>500 tests
      remove grapher
      PR13609: tweak documentation wording
      mention CVE in NEWS
      Revert "work in progress" that zapped AUTHORS
      testsuite python: be sensitive to TESTAPPS=python rather than TESTAPPS=tcl
      testsuite.apps: similar changes for other TESTAPPS=<onetest> case
      PR13609: Kill sub-processes with SIGTERM, regardless of last incoming signal.
      PR13661: Suppress core dumps for RLIMIT_AS and RLIMIT_STACK
      guru-delay: add tapset documentation
      PR13819: avoid warning on CONFIG_DEBUG_PER_CPU_MAPS=y
      PR13847: don't build debuginfo for stap modules
      PR13847: document CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO= default
      PR13847: simplify compiled-printf functions
      testsuite: disable rlimits test for !installtest_p
      PR11441 stop testing deprecated kernel.function(number).inline
      testuite: fix server_args.exp in filtering stap -v output
      testsuite: don't run client.exp tests without installcheck
      testsuite: current.exp should tolerate run-time WARNINGs
      PR13876: avoid miscompilation of duplicated tapset function
      PR13876: another test case
      PR13876: same another test case
      verbosify NEWS blurbage regarding -fdebug-types-section
      runtime i18n: disable nonfunctional _F / _NF macros
      PR13644: staprun -V (version) option
      Move pf2.* sample script from process/ to profiling/ subdirectory
      examples: add pf3.stp
      pf3.stp sample: fix index title
      pf3.stp sample: and regenerate the examples index
      PR13667: rework/simplify rough draft for netfilter.hook probes
      dwflpp --ldd: add another alias for arm
      new sample: auditbt (audit backtracing)
      regen sample indexes
      auditbt example: use sudo as sample
      samples regen index
      PR13992: let stap tolerate -d /foo/bad/path --ldd argument
      BZ814248: staplog crash/defs.h support for arm
      context tapsets: remove EXPERIMENTAL word from the various functions
      PR14005: tolerate rudely long kernel module/section names
      staprun: fix missing \n on reloc-related dbug messages
      staprun: conditionalize use of pthread_mutex*
      translate symbol/unwind extraction: shrink eh_frame output
      bloat: lament about symbol-name literal strings in stap-symbols.h
      samples: eventcount: add a bunch of configuration options
      respond to pending_interrupts during sub-make sequence
      elaboration: don't elide assignments to skip_init vardecls
      PR13667: rework netfilter hook $context variable processing
      PR13667: beginning of a netfilter-hook tapset
      toolshed name change: vardecl::skip_init->synthetic
      PR13667: update privileged* tests for netfilter-hook probe point name tweaks
      PR14078: work around rpmio's bad glob
      parsing: when complaining about tok_junk, hex-dump the character in question
      stap-report: add avahi-browse & ifconfig outputs to help diagnose network issues
      stap-report: simplify avahi-browse invocation
      bump AUTHORS
      parser: add comment re. undesirability of changes to keywords set
      varwatch example: make var-changed report lines less verbose
      pass-N messages: print also data+stack consumption from /proc/self/statm
      AUTHORS bump
      README: note that kernel-debuginfo is not a real prerequisite
      NEWS: mention pretty-printing changes
      PR14137: tolerate duplicate netfilter hook probe handlers
      diagnostics: for stap -vv and above, print "focused on module <FOO>" messages
      samples: rename psig.stp & add psig.meta
      NEWS: mention staprun -T
      PR14168: sanitize $PATH for kbuild invocation
      testsuite check.exp: tolerate relative $srcdir
      documentation: generate tapset reference pdf with fop if available
      docs: tighten up generated tapset.pdf formatting
      docs: only use working xmlto --with-fop
      docs: let xmlto --with-fop checking be a little more chatty
      NEWS: move around & compact the inode-uprobes-related linux commit# list
      docs: tweak stappaths & stapprobes man pages
      docs: tweak wording on tapsets in pass 2
      PR13516: tweak interrupt catching
      configury: in bundled-elfutils mode, pass -fexceptions to elfutils CFLAGS
      PR14168: note an adverse effect in diagnostics: WARNING: env vs. make exited with status
      systemtap.spec: prep for release with %changelog

Frederic Turgis (1):
      Allow tuning of reader thread ppoll timeout value

Josh Stone (22):
      PR13721 (partial): Move cross-file WARNING before setting arity
      Merge branch 'sysroot'
      Preliminary SDT semaphores with inode-uprobes
      Adapt to the inode-uprobes name change in tip
      PR13878: Mention the module in @cast "not found" message
      test at_var_mark.exp requires uprobes
      csclient: check directly for negative IPv4 pieces
      dwflpp: Mark loc2c_error as noreturn
      stapsh: convert dbug macros to void statements
      sdt_query: initialize probe_type/loc as unknown.
      Synchronize class/struct declarations
      PR13998: pretty-print bit fields numerically
      PR13999: Let "%#c" add escapes for nonprintables
      PR13999: Use %#c to escape pretty-printed characters
      Update AUTHORS, with a few canonicalized in .mailmap
      Update generated files
      AUTHORS bump
      testsuite: Fix pretty-bits/char to work with relative paths
      staprun: Comment why access() is still needed after open()
      PR10299: Mangle kernel.mark arguments too
      PR14244: Assert that the real UID has access to debugfs
      PR14168: Let stap_system() callers describe the command

Lukas Czerner (1):
      BZ613992: new enospc.stp sample script

Mark J. Wielaard (2):
      Support fallback kernel dump_stack() with or without bp argument. cont.
      kernel/sched.c is no more, use kernel/time.c in examples and tests.

Mark Wielaard (41):
      Make stopwatches.stp example executable.
      PR13714 - Make sure REG_STATE.cfa_is_expr is always set correctly.
      Normalize my name in .mailmap.
      dwflpp::iterate_over_libraries arm uses /lib/ as interpreter.
      Regenerate systemtap.examples indexes.
      PR10622. Better workaround for GCC PR51410. Find external var DIE location.
      Fix kallsyms_expand_symbol.exp regression after commit 4d51e8.
      Introduce @var("varname") as alternative syntax for $varname.
      PR13784 Allow defining a diffent CU source in @var.
      Merge branch 'at_var'
      Select most specific CU srcfile that matches @var("var@src") specification.
      Make sure @var works for process.mark probes.
      Cannot use @var DWARF variables in tracepoints, warn, but don't crash.
      Update verbose log and semantic exception messages for local vs global vars.
      Global vars don't need (cannot use) frame base in location descriptor.
      global_var_kernel.exp: tz_minuteswest can be negative.
      tapset/dentry.stp (real_mount): Fix typo in @vfsmnt argument documentation.
      tapset/guru-delay.stp (mdelay): Fix @us argument documentation typo.
      Document new @var construct in NEWS, langref, beginners and stapprobes.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      langref.tex: ref statement foreach subsection from arrays iteration section.
      langref.tex: Document foreach (value = key in array) variant.
      Move PERF probe family description before EXAMPLES section.
      stap.1: Document - (read from stdin) and -e SCRIPT.
      Depend on elfutils 0.148+, document debug_types support requires 0.154+.
      debugtypes.exp: Remove verbose debug output.
      proc_mem.stp: Use PF_STARTING conditionally.
      Fix PR13992 cont. Do iterate_over_modules, just not over libraries.
      PR14057 - ERROR: Your privilege credentials (stapsys) are insufficient...
      auditbt example: sudo doesn't take -c.
      Cleanups and fixes for DWARF unwinder.
      Regenerate examples index.
      PR14079 - caller() pass-4 error if no uretprobes in script
      plt.exp: Don't count unreliable plt invocations.
      Add testcase for PR14107 Bad user unwinding from kernel fatal signal handler.
      tapset-netfilter.cxx compile fixes.
      More tapset-netfilter.cxx compile fixes.
      unprivileged_probes.exp test both netfilter pf(string)/hook(string) variants.
      unprivileged_probes.exp remove bare netfilter.hook(string) tests.
      Regenerate examples index.
      tapset/nfsd.stp ( Try both $access and $may_flags for access.

Negreanu Adrian (1):
      PR14000: remove sysroot prefix from a few more strings

Negreanu Marius (1):
      runtime/autoconf: compensate for missing <linux/wait.h> in some inode-uprobes versions

Negreanu Marius Adrian (2):
      fix the small compile issues in the Cleanups DWARF patch
      add dbug_task_vma debug macro

Nitin A Kamble (1):
      configury: automake 1.12 as deprecated automatic de-ANSI-fication support

Serguei Makarov (32):
      Fix loop direction in netfilter_derived_probe_group::emit_module_init.
      Basic test cases for primitive probe points defined in tapset-netfilter.cxx.
      Initial version of improved tapset for netfilters.
      Simple netfilters example and sanitycheck.
      Fix to allow netfilters scripts to distinguish between ipv4 and ipv6 packets.
      Added section describing netfilter probes to stapprobes.3stap.
      Initial (barely adequate) reference doc for netfilter.stp.
      Rudimentary support for ARP and Bridge in netfilter.stp.
      PR13667: changed verdict and protocol constants to lowercase to workaround PR10299.
      PR14146: adapted to produce passable tapset::* manpages.
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Enabled tapset::* generation using manpager in the --with-docs build sequence.
      PR14164, PR14165: IPv6, ARP functionality for netfilter.stp.
      Stress test embedded-C functions including __ip6_skb_proto from PR14165.
      Minor style fix in testsuite code for net-sanity.exp and conversions.exp.
      Removed stapfuncs.3stap and moved corresponding information to docstrings.
      Minor usage clarification for manpager.
      Crucial typo fix in registers.stp.
      Further fix to registers.stp to avoid testsuite complaints.
      PR14208: Removed redundant old tapset manpages.
      PR14208: Removed final few mentions of stapfuncs(3stap).
      Bump xmlto memory limits to handle extra documentation from PR14208.
      PR10299 groundwork: tests to check old and new behaviour.
      PR10299: enable support for arbitrary mangling (first without breaking existing behaviour).
      PR10299: minor fix to previous commit.
      PR10299: Basic documentation for the changes to embedded-C argument access.
      PR10299: migrated existing tapsets and tests to use new STAP_ARG_* macros.
      PR10299: enable locals mangling in translate.cxx.
      NEWS: describe the required changes to embedded-C functions.
      PR10299: minor style tweak to existing code.
      tapset/DEVGUIDE: blurb detailing current preferred embedded-C coding conventions.
      PR10299: commented-out example of possible alternate mangling scheme.

Stan Cox (9):
      Get all source line matches for statement probes.
      Add BuildRequires for gcc and gcc-c++
      Match Requires to existing package layout.
      work in progress
      Add new systemtap.apps for python
      Quietly wget upstream sources.
      Make the .library modifier aware of RPATH
      Test the .library modifier for RPATH awareness
      Point at current upstream version of mysql.

Timo Juhani Lindfors (4):
      Fix spelling errors
      Fix more spelling errors
      Properly quote minus sign in man pages
      Update stappaths paths to reflect reality a bit better

Tom Tromey (1):
      Partial fix for PR12997 - support dwarf4 .debug_types

Wade Farnsworth (5):
      PR12331: Introduce stap options --sysroot and --sysenv
      PR12331: Document --sysroot and --sysenv
      PR12331: Add testcase for --sysroot and --sysenv
      PR13475: Fix ARM SDT_V3 operand parsing
      Update sdt_misc.exp testcase for ARM

William Cohen (11):
      Update some versoin and year in the SystemTap Beginners Guide
      Update Copyright information in SystemTap Tapset Reference Manual
      Avoid changing the linebreak in tapset.xml
      Make sure that procfs.c runtime code include <linux/mount.h>
      Increase systemtap.base/warnings.exp timeout for slow processors
      Do not probe ARM assembly language __switch_to function in current.stp test
      Clean out tracking for blocks that are merged into other blocks
      Revert "Clean out tracking for blocks that are merged into other blocks"
      Clean out tracking for blocks that are merged into other blocks
      Allow sysroot_sysenv.exp to run correct on machines without uprobes
      Update the Beginners Guide version information

ch huang (1):
      Correct uninitialized-var compiler warnings in uprobes.c


systemtap: system-wide probe/trace tool

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