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* Updated: libev{4,-devel,-debuginfo} 4.33
@ 2021-06-02  0:18 Cygwin libev Maintainer
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From: Cygwin libev Maintainer @ 2021-06-02  0:18 UTC (permalink / raw)
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The following packages have been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* libev4		4.33
* libev-devel		4.33
* libev-debuginfo	4.33

libev is a high-performance event loop/event model with lots of
features.  Libev is loosely modelled after libevent and the Event perl module,
but is smaller, faster, scales better, is more correct, and more featureful.

For more information see the project home page:

As there have been many changes since the previous release please see
below or read /usr/share/doc/libev/CHANGES after installation for
complete details:

4.33 Wed Mar 18 13:22:29 CET 2020
- no changes w.r.t. 4.32.

4.32 (EV only)
- the 4.31 timerfd code wrongly changed the priority of the signal
  fd watcher, which is usually harmless unless signal fds are
  also used.
- the documentation wrongly claimed that user may modify fd and events
  members in io watchers when the watcher was stopped
- new ev_io_modify mutator which changes only the events member,
  which can be faster. also added ev::io::set (int events) method
  to ev++.h.
- officially allow a zero events mask for io watchers. this should
  work with older libev versions as well but was not officially
  allowed before.
- do not wake up every minute when timerfd is used to detect timejumps.
- do not wake up every minute when periodics are disabled and we have
  a monotonic clock.
- support a lot more "uncommon" compile time configurations,
  such as ev_embed enabled but ev_timer disabled.
- use a start/stop wrapper class to reduce code duplication in
  ev++.h and make it needlessly more c++-y.
- the linux aio backend is no longer compiled in by default.
- update to libecb version 0x00010008.

4.31 Fri Dec 20 21:58:29 CET 2019
- handle backends with minimum wait time a bit better by not
  waiting in the presence of already-expired timers
- new feature: use timerfd to detect timejumps quickly,
  can be disabled with the new EVFLAG_NOTIMERFD loop flag.
- document EV_USE_SIGNALFD feature macro.

4.30 (EV only)
- change non-autoconf test for __kernel_rwf_t by testing
  LINUX_VERSION_CODE, the most direct test I could find.
- fix a bug in the io_uring backend that polled the wrong
  backend fd, causing it to not work in many cases.

4.29 (EV only)
- add io uring autoconf and non-autoconf detection.
- disable io_uring when some header files are too old.

4.28 (EV only)
- linuxaio backend resulted in random memory corruption
  when loop is forked.
- linuxaio backend might have tried to cancel an iocb
  multiple times (was unable to trigger this).
- linuxaio backend now employs a generation counter to
  avoid handling spurious events from cancelled requests.
- io_cancel can return EINTR, deal with it. also, assume
  io_submit also returns EINTR.
- fix some other minor bugs in linuxaio backend.
- ev_tstamp type can now be overriden by defining EV_TSTAMP_T.
- cleanup: replace expect_true/false and noinline by their
  libecb counterparts.
- move syscall infrastructure from ev_linuxaio.c to ev.c.
- prepare io_uring integration.
- tweak ev_floor.
- epoll, poll, win32 Sleep and other places that use millisecond
  reslution now all try to round up times.
- solaris port backend didn't compile.
- abstract time constants into their macros, for more flexibility.

4.27 Thu Jun 27 22:43:44 CEST 2019
- linux aio backend almost completely rewritten to work around its
- linux aio backend now requires linux 4.19+.
- epoll backend now mandatory for linux aio backend.
- fail assertions more aggressively on invalid fd's detected
  in the event loop, do not just silently fd_kill in case of
  user error.
- ev_io_start/ev_io_stop now verify the watcher fd using
  a syscall when EV_VERIFY is 2 or higher.

4.26 (EV only)
- update to libecb 0x00010006.
- new experimental linux aio backend (linux 4.18+).
- removed redundant 0-ptr check in ev_once.
- updated/extended ev_set_allocator documentation.
- replaced EMPTY2 macro by array_needsize_noinit.
- minor code cleanups.
- epoll backend now uses epoll_create1 also after fork.

4.25 Fri Dec 21 07:49:20 CET 2018
  (EV_THROW still provided) and now uses noexcept on C++11 or newer.
- move the darwin select workaround higher in ev.c, as newer versions of
  darwin managed to break their broken select even more.
- disable epoll_create1 on android because it has broken header files
  and google is unwilling to fix them.
- avoid a minor compilation warning on win32.
- c++: remove deprecated dynamic throw() specifications.
- c++: improve the (unsupported) bad_loop exception class.
- backport perl ev_periodic example to C, untested.
- update libecb, biggets change is to include a memory fence
  in ECB_MEMORY_FENCE_RELEASE on x86/amd64.
- minor autoconf/automake modernisation.

4.24 Wed Dec 28 05:19:55 CET 2016
- bump version to 4.24, as the release tarball inexplicably
  didn't have the right version in ev.h, even though the cvs-tagged
  version did have the right one.

4.23 Wed Nov 16 18:23:41 CET 2016
- move some declarations at the beginning to help certain retarded
  microsoft compilers, even though their documentation claims

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2021-06-02  0:18 Updated: libev{4,-devel,-debuginfo} 4.33 Cygwin libev Maintainer

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