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* Test: libreadline{7,-devel} 8.1 (TEST)
@ 2021-08-15  3:35 Cygwin readline Co-Maintainer
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From: Cygwin readline Co-Maintainer @ 2021-08-15  3:35 UTC (permalink / raw)
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The following test packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* libreadline7		8.1
* libreadline-devel	8.1

The readline library will read a line from the terminal and return it,
allowing the user to edit the line with the standard emacs editing keys.
It allows the programmer to give the user an easier-to-use and more
intuitive interface.

Please test this Base category library as extensively as possible
(especially if you are a Cygwin package maintainer) as this package is
used in all installations and has not been upgraded for a few years. 
I have it locally installed so it is getting used by commands, and has
and is getting frequent exercise with no apparent issues so far.
If no issues are reported within a couple of weeks the package will be
upgraded to current.

For more information see the project home pages:

For changes since the previous Cygwin release please see below or read
/usr/share/doc/readline/NEWS after installation:;f=NEWS;hb=readline-8.1

New features added to readline-8.1

a. If a second consecutive completion attempt produces matches where the first
   did not, treat it as a new completion attempt and insert a match as

b. Bracketed paste mode works in more places: incremental search strings, vi
   overstrike mode, character search, and reading numeric arguments.

c. Readline automatically switches to horizontal scrolling if the terminal has
   only one line.

d. Unbinding all key sequences bound to a particular readline function now
   descends into keymaps for multi-key sequences.

e. rl-clear-display: new bindable command that clears the screen and, if
   possible, the scrollback buffer (bound to emacs mode M-C-l by default).

f. New active mark and face feature: when enabled, it will highlight the text
   inserted by a bracketed paste (the `active region') and the text found by
   incremental and non-incremental history searches. This is tied to bracketed
   paste and can be disabled by turning off bracketed paste.

g. Readline sets the mark in several additional commands.

h. Bracketed paste mode is enabled by default. There is a configure-time
   option (--enable-bracketed-paste-default) to set the default to on or off.

i. Readline tries to take advantage of the more regular structure of UTF-8
   characters to identify the beginning and end of characters when moving
   through the line buffer.

j. The bindable operate-and-get-next command (and its default bindings) are
   now part of readline instead of a bash-specific addition.

k. The signal cleanup code now blocks SIGINT while processing after a SIGINT.  

New features added to readline-8.0

a. Non-incremental vi-mode search (`N', `n') can search for a shell pattern, as
   Posix specifies (uses fnmatch(3) if available).

b. There are new `next-screen-line' and `previous-screen-line' bindable
   commands, which move the cursor to the same column in the next, or previous,
   physical line, respectively.

c. There are default key bindings for control-arrow-key key combinations.

d. A negative argument (-N) to `quoted-insert' means to insert the next N
   characters using quoted-insert.

e. New public function: rl_check_signals(), which allows applications to
   respond to signals that readline catches while waiting for input using
   a custom read function.

f. There is new support for conditionally testing the readline version in an
   inputrc file, with a full set of arithmetic comparison operators available.

g. There is a simple variable comparison facility available for use within an
   inputrc file. Allowable operators are equality and inequality; string
   variables may be compared to a value; boolean variables must be compared to
   either `on' or `off'; variable names are separated from the operator by

h. The history expansion library now understands command and process
   substitution and extended globbing and allows them to appear anywhere in a

i. The history library has a new variable that allows applications to set the
   initial quoting state, so quoting state can be inherited from a previous

j. Readline now allows application-defined keymap names; there is a new public
   function, rl_set_keymap_name(), to do that.

k. The "Insert" keypad key, if available, now puts readline into overwrite

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2021-08-15  3:35 Test: libreadline{7,-devel} 8.1 (TEST) Cygwin readline Co-Maintainer

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