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* New: man-pages-linux 5.13 - Linux Manual Pages
@ 2021-09-30 14:50 Cygwin Linux Man Pages Package Maintainer
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From: Cygwin Linux Man Pages Package Maintainer @ 2021-09-30 14:50 UTC (permalink / raw)
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The following new package has been added to the Cygwin distribution:

* man-pages-linux	5.13

Documents the Linux kernel system calls and C library interfaces used
by programs, plus system and administrative utilities, devices, file
system, file, and data formats, and related information.

For more information, please see the project home page:

You may also search and read the pages online:

As Cygwin has its own man pages with some conflicts, these man pages are
installed under /usr/share/man/linux/, so by default searching or
viewing these pages requires the option:

	$ apropos -m|--systems linux ...
	$ man -m|--systems linux ...

Cygwin man pages are under the default system "man", so for convenience
both systems may be specified separated by comma e.g.

	$ man -m man,linux ...

The path or option may also be added explicitly to a users MANPATH or
alias e.g.

	$ export MANPATH=$MANPATH:/usr/share/man/linux

	$ alias apropos='apropos -m man,linux'
	$ alias man='man -m man,linux'

Add -a to show both Cygwin and Linux manual pages if present, or swap
the order to prioritize Linux.

For recent changes, please see below, or after installation read

Version 5.13 2021-08-27

New and rewritten pages

* mount_setattr.2	New manual page for the mount_setattr() system call

Newly documented interfaces in existing pages

* futex.2	Document FUTEX_LOCK_PI2

* ioctl_tty.2	Document ioctls: TCGETS2, TCSETS2, TCSETSW2, TCSETSF2

* pidfd_open.2	Document PIDFD_NONBLOCK

* seccomp_unotify.2	Document SECCOMP_ADDFD_FLAG_SEND

* sigaction.2	Document SA_EXPOSE_TAGBITS and the flag support detection protocol

* statx.2	Document STATX_MNT_ID
* capabilities.7
* user_namespaces.7	Describe CAP_SETFCAP for mapping UID 0

* mount_namespaces.7	More clearly explain the notion of locked mounts
  For a long time, this manual page has had a brief discussion of
  "locked" mounts, without clearly saying what this concept is, or
  why it exists. Expand the discussion with an explanation of what
  locked mounts are, why mounts are locked, and some examples of the
  effect of locking.
* user_namespaces.7	Document /proc/PID/projid_map

*	Document --list-tunables option added in glibc 2.33

Global changes

Few/Various pages:
* ERRORS: correct alphabetic order

* Place SEE ALSO entries in correct order

* Arrange .SH sections in correct order

* Consistently use '*argv[]'

* Fix EBADF error description
  Make the description of the EBADF error for invalid 'dirfd' more
  uniform. In particular, note that the error only occurs when the
  pathname is relative, and that it occurs when the 'dirfd' is
  neither valid *nor* has the value AT_FDCWD.

* ERRORS: combine errors into a single alphabetic list
  These pages split out extra errors for some APIs into a separate
  list.  Probably, the pages are easier to read if all errors are
  combined into a single list.

  Note that there still remain a few pages where the errors are
  listed separately for different APIs. For the moment, it seems
  best to leave those pages as is, since the error lists are
  largely distinct in those pages.

* Terminology clean-up: "mount point" ==> "mount"
  Many times, these pages use the terminology "mount point", where
  "mount" would be better. A "mount point" is the location at which a
  mount is attached. A "mount" is an association between a filesystem
  and a mount point.

* accept.2
* access.2
* getpriority.2
* mlock.2
  ERRORS: combine errors into a single list
  These pages split out errors into separate lists (perhaps per API,
  perhaps "may" vs "shall", perhaps "Linux-specific" vs standard(??)),
  but there's no good reason to do this.  It makes the error list harder
  to read, and is inconsistent with other pages. So, combine the errors
  into a single list.

* fanotify_mark.2
* futimesat.2
* mount_setattr.2
* statx.2
* symlink.2
* mkfifo.3
  Refer the reader to openat(2) for explanation of why 'dirfd' is useful

Changes to individual pages

* iconv.1
* iconvconfig.8
  FILES: note that files may be under /usr/lib64 rather than /lib/64

* ldd.1	Fix example command

* add_key.2
* keyctl.2
* request_key.2
  Note that the "libkeyutils" package provides <keyutils.h>

* close_range.2	Glibc 2.34 has added a close_range() wrapper

* execve.2	The pathname given to interpreter is not necessarily absolute
  SEE ALSO: getauxval(3)
  getauxval(3) is useful background regarding execve(2).

* fanotify_mark.2	ERRORS: add missing EBADF error for invalid 'dirfd'

* ioctl_tty.2	Update DTR example
  Do not include unused (and incompatible) header file termios.h and
  include required header files for puts() and close() functions.

* mount.2	ERRORS: add EPERM error for case where a mount is locked
  Refer the reader to mount_namespaces(7) for details.
  SEE  ALSO: add mount_setattr(2)

* open.2	Explicitly describe the EBADF error that can occur with openat()
  In particular, specifying an invalid file descriptor number
  in 'dirfd' can be used as a check that 'pathname' is absolute.
  Clarify that openat()'s dirfd must be opened with O_RDONLY or O_PATH
  Add mount_setattr(2) to list of 'dirfd' APIs

* open_by_handle_at.2	ERRORS: add missing EBADF error for invalid 'dirfd'

* readv2.2	Note preadv2(..., RWF_NOWAIT) bug in BUGS section

* readv.2
* pipe.7
  Make text on pipe writes more general to avoid a confusion in writev(2)

* seccomp.2	Clarify that bad system calls kill the thread (not the process)

* syscalls.2	Add quotactl_fd(); remove quotactl_path()
  quotactl_path() was never wired up in Linux 5.13.
  It was replaced instead by quotactl_fd()
  Add system calls that are new in 5.13

* umount.2	ERRORS: add EINVAL for case where mount is locked

* wait.2	Add ESRCH for when pid == INT_MIN
  ERRORS: document EAGAIN for waitid() on a PID file descriptor

* getaddrinfo.3	Note that 'errno' is set in parallel with EAI_SYSTEM

* getauxval.3	SEE ALSO: add execve(2)

* getopt.3	Further clarification of 'optstring'

* pthread_setname_np.3	EXAMPLES: remove a bug by simplifying the code

* strlen.3
* wcslen.3
  Recommend alternatives where input buffer might not be null-terminated

* strstr.3	Document special case for empty needle

* termios.3	SPARC architecture has 4 different Bnnn constants
  Add information how to set baud rate to any other value
  Use bold style for Bnn and EXTn macro constants
  Document missing baud-rate constants

* tsearch.3	NAME: add twalk_r

* wcstok.3	Fix type mismatch in the example

* proc.5	Add /proc/PID/projid_map, referring reader to user_namespaces(7)
  Remove duplicated /proc/[pid]/gid_map entry

* mount_namespaces.7	Terminology clean-up: "mount point" ==> "mount"
  Many times, this page uses the terminology "mount point", where
  "mount" would be better. A "mount point" is the location at which
  a mount is attached. A "mount" is an association between a
  filesystem and a mount point.
  SEE ALSO: add mount_setattr(2)

* namespaces.7	Fix confusion caused by text reorganization

* path_resolution.7	Improve description of trailing slashes

* posixoptions.7	Fix legacy functions list (s/getcwd/getwd/)

* user_namespaces.7	Fix a reference to a kernel document
  Add a definition of "global root"

  Add y2038 compliant gettime for ppc/32

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