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* Updated: unifont, unifont-fonts, unifont-viewer 14.0.02
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The following packages have been upgraded in the Cygwin distribution:

* unifont		14.0.02
* unifont-fonts		14.0.02
* unifont-viewer	14.0.02

GNU Unifont is a Unicode font with a glyph for every visible Unicode
Basic Multilingual Plane code point and more, with supporting utilities
to modify the font. The Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane covers the
first 65,536 (or 2^16) Unicode code points.

For more information see the project home page:

As there have been many upstream releases with many changes since the
previous Cygwin release, please see below for a summary; for more
details after installation please read: /usr/share/doc/unifont/NEWS; and
for complete details of changes in earlier releases, after installation


Summary of Changes since the previous Cygwin release

2022-03-06: Release 14.0.02
* Minor glyph fixes.
* Added creation of unifont_jp-14.0.02.bmp, showing the Japanese
  version of Plane 0 glyphs.

2021-09-14: Release 14.0.01
* Update for Unicode 14.0.0 release.

2021-02-13: Release 13.0.06
* Minor glyph fixes.
* Added 210205_Unifoundry_Memorandum.pdf legal memorandum.

2020-12-24: Release 13.0.05
* U+EB60..U+EB9F (Braille Extended): added missing UCSUR glyphs.

2020-11-21: Release 13.0.04
* Font glyphs are now dual-licensed under the SIL Open Font
  License version 1.1, in addition to the GNU GPL version 2+
  with the GNU Font Embedding Exception.
* Many glyphs in these ranges were re-aligned so the dominant
  horizontal line would be positioned in row 7, counting from
  the bottom.  Some glyphs were redrawn.
  - U+2190..U+21FF Arrows
  - U+2200..U+23FF Mathematical Operators
  - U+2400..U+24FF Miscellaneous Technical
  - U+25A0..U+25FF Geometric Shapes
  - APL operators such as the tacks and jot were not modified,
    so as not to alter alignments of glyphs that APL superimposes
    on each other.
* U+2200..U+23FF Mathematical Operators: redrew slashes for
  negated operators from vertical lines to slanted lines.
* Added three new Under ConScript Unicode Registry (UCSUR) Scripts:
  - U+EB40..U+EB5F Standard Galactic
  - U+EB60..U+EB9F Braille Extended
  - U+EBA0..U+EBDF Cistercian Numerals

2020-07-03: Release 13.0.03
* Redrawn glyphs for all of Thaana, two updated Tamil glyphs,
  and some Canadian Aboriginal glyphs (David Corbett).
* Updated unifont.5 man page.
* Bug fix in font/Makefile for parallel building.

2020-04-25: Release 13.0.02
* Glyph blocks replaced:
  - U+3040..U+309F (Hiragana) and U+30A0..U+30FF (Katakana):
    glyphs in unifont_jp replaced with glyphs from the public
    domain izmb16.bdf font.
  - U+FF61..U+FF64 (Halfwidth CKJ Punctuation) and U+FF65..U+FF9F
    (Halfwidth Katakana Variations): glyphs in unifont and unifont_jp
    replaced with glyphs from the public domain single-byte FONTX2
    font DFLHN16.FNT.

2020-03-28: Release 13.0.01	Unicode 13.0.0
2019-03-05: Release 12.0.01	Unicode Standard version 12.0.0
2018-06-05: Release 11.0.01	Update for Unicode 11.0.0 release.
2017-06-20: Release 10.0.01	Updated for Unicode 10.0 release.
2016-07-02: Release 9.0.01	Updates to support Unicode 9.0.0.

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2022-03-13  9:24 Updated: unifont, unifont-fonts, unifont-viewer 14.0.02 Cygwin unifont Maintainer

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