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* Test: libreadline{7,-devel} 8.2-2 (TEST)
@ 2022-10-08  5:53 Cygwin readline Co-Maintainer
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The following test packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* libreadline7		8.2-2
* libreadline-devel	8.2-2

This patch release *2* avoids a crash that could happen with a bad locale.

The readline library will read a line from the terminal and return it,
allowing the user to edit the line with the standard emacs editing keys.
It allows the programmer to give the user an easier-to-use and more
intuitive interface.

Please test this Base category library as extensively as possible
(especially if you are a Cygwin package maintainer) as this package is
used in all installations. 
I have it locally installed so it is getting used by commands, and has
and is getting frequent exercise with no apparent issues so far.
If no issues are reported within a few weeks the package will be
upgraded to current stable.

For more information see the project home pages:

For changes since the previous Cygwin release please see below or read
/usr/share/doc/readline/NEWS after installation:;f=CHANGES;hb=readline-8.2

1. Changes to Readline

a. Fixed a problem with cleaning up active marks when using callback mode.
b. Fixed a problem with arithmetic comparison operators checking the version.
c. Fixed a problem that could cause readline not to build on systems without
   POSIX signal functions.
d. Fixed a bug that could cause readline to crash if the application removed
   the callback line handler before readline read all typeahead.
e. Added additional checks for read errors in the middle of readline commands.
f. Fixed a redisplay problem that occurred when switching from the digit-
   argument prompt `(arg: N)' back to the regular prompt and the regular
   prompt contained invisible characters.
g. Fixed a problem with restoring the prompt when aborting an incremental
h. Fix a problem with characters > 128 not being displayed correctly in certain
   single-byte encodings.
i. Fixed a problem with unix-filename-rubout that caused it to delete too much
   when applied to a pathname consisting only of one or more slashes.
j. Fixed a display problem that caused the prompt to be wrapped incorrectly if
   the screen changed dimensions during a call to readline() and the prompt
   became longer than the screen width.
k. Fixed a problem that caused the \r output by turning off bracketed paste
   to overwrite the line if terminal echo was disabled.
l. Fixed a bug that could cause colored-completion-prefix to not display if
   completion-prefix-display-length was set.
m. Fixed a problem with line wrapping prompts when a group of invisible
   characters runs to the right edge of the screen and the prompt extends
   longer then the screen width.
n. Fixed a couple problems that could cause rl_end to be set incorrectly by
o. Prevent some display problems when running a command as the result of a
   trap or one bound using `bind -x' and the command generates output.
p. Fixed an issue with multi-line prompt strings that have one or more
   invisible characters at the end of a physical line.
q. Fixed an issue that caused a history line's undo list to be cleared when
   it should not have been.
r. When replacing a history entry, make sure the existing entry has a non-NULL
   timestamp before copying it; it may have been added by the application, not
   the history library.

2. New Features in Readline

a. There is now an HS_HISTORY_VERSION containing the version number of the
   history library for applications to use.
b. History expansion better understands multiple history expansions that may
   contain strings that would ordinarily inhibit history expansion (e.g.,
c. There is a new framework for readline timeouts, including new public
   functions to set timeouts and query how much time is remaining before a
   timeout hits, and a hook function that can trigger when readline times
   out. There is a new state value to indicate a timeout.
d. Automatically bind termcap key sequences for page-up and page-down to
   history-search-backward and history-search-forward, respectively.
e. There is a new `fetch-history' bindable command that retrieves the history
   entry corresponding to its numeric argument. Negative arguments count back
   from the end of the history.
f. `vi-undo' is now a bindable command.
g. There is a new option: `enable-active-region'. This separates control of
   the active region and bracketed-paste. It has the same default value as
   bracketed-paste, and enabling bracketed paste enables the active region.
   Users can now turn off the active region while leaving bracketed paste
h. rl_completer_word_break_characters is now `const char *' like
i. Readline looks in $LS_COLORS for a custom filename extension
   (*.readline-colored-completion-prefix) and uses that as the default color
   for the common prefix displayed when `colored-completion-prefix' is set.
j. Two new bindable string variables: active-region-start-color and
   active-region-end-color. The first sets the color used to display the
   active region; the second turns it off. If set, these are used in place
   of terminal standout mode.
k. New readline state (RL_STATE_EOF) and application-visible variable
   (rl_eof_found) to allow applications to detect when readline reads EOF
   before calling the deprep-terminal hook.
l. There is a new configuration option: --with-shared-termcap-library, which
   forces linking the shared readline library with the shared termcap (or
   curses/ncurses/termlib) library so applications don't have to do it.
m. Readline now checks for changes to locale settings (LC_ALL/LC_CTYPE/LANG)
   each time it is called, and modifies the appropriate locale-specific display
   and key binding variables when the locale changes.

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2022-10-08  5:53 Test: libreadline{7,-devel} 8.2-2 (TEST) Cygwin readline Co-Maintainer

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