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* [base-files - A set of important system configuration and setup files] annotated tag 4.3-1, created. 4.3-1
@ 2016-09-03 12:06 gratz
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  To: cygwin-apps-cvs

        at  9c98ec0167357b9138c7983978a7335f08f789bf (tag)
   tagging  6ac3819b2fcbb23c7229fc0dddb32355315f878f (commit)
 tagged by  Achim Gratz
        on  Sat Sep 3 13:38:28 2016 +0200

release 4.3-1

Achim Gratz (21):
      Protect ORIGINAL_PATH and control behaviour by CYGWIN_NOWINPATH
      Do not set LC_ALL unconditionally
      Do not set PS1 for non-interactive shells
      Add /etc/shells
      Fix typo
      Use full path for tools and avoid DOS file warning when creating service files
      Protect settings if profile is sourced twice
      Bump version to 4.1-3, update ChangeLog
      Remove superfluous permission fixes
      Bump version to 4.2-1
      LC_ALL is set to "C" during execution of profile.d scripts
      Bump version to 4.2-2
      Bump version to 4.2-3, remove MANPATH from profile
      Prepare for AD integration
      Fix bug introduced in d0423ad476
      Bump version to 4.2-4, update ChangeLog
      Do not depend on /cygdrive prefix settings
      avoid second invocation of /usr/bin/hostname
      Allow the use of the unaltered existing system PATH
      add Cygwin.bat which automatically determines the installation path
      Bump version to 4.3-1

David Sastre Medina (92):
      Initial commit.
      Added .gitignore
      Added skeletal .bash_logout from Debian, clear command modified
      Added *~ and *.orig to .gitignore
      Modified Applied patch by Shaddy Baddah.
      Modified and pre/post-install scripts
      Added skel/.bash_logout to manifest.lst
      Modified skel/.bash_profile
      Modified skel/.bash_logout
      Modified postinstall/ exit status.
      Modified skel/.inputrc: header version number
      Undo subs echo->/usr/bin/printf. We better use builtins...
      Modified etc/bash.bashrc: header version number
      Modified etc/profile. Included D.Colascione PRINTER setting, shells case-switch c'ed-out
      Modified sjekl/.bash_profile. Added quotation to a path
      Modified skel/.bash_logout. Added header wording
      Modified skel/.bashrc. Added header wording
      Modified header commentary in postinstall/
      Modified header commentary in skel/.bash_{profile,logout}
      Modified header commentary in skel/.bash{_profile,_logout,rc}
      Get rid off case switch in profile. Redistribute stuff to bash.bashrc and .bashrc
      Added skel/.mkshrc taken from Debian
      Added skel/.mkshrc to manifest.lst
      Correct header info
      Added acd_func to skel/.bashrc. More umask examples
      Added HOSTNAME definition to etc/bash.bashrc
      Re-write HOSTNAME definition comment in etc/bash.bashrc
      Removed /etc/bash.bashrc sourcing from skel/.bashrc, interactive shells do /etc/bash.bashrc -> .bashrc
      Re-added /etc/bash.bashrc sourcing to skel/.bashrc, login shells need it.
      PS1 variable expansion written within curly braces ~/.bashrc and /etc/bash.bashrc
      Corrected type in PRINTER definition in /etc/profile
      Added hooks for aliases and functions to skel/.bashrc. Added skel/.profile to have PS1 & HOSTNAME in dash and posh
      Removed duplicated bash_completion code already provided in /etc/profile.d/ Re-added hook for progcomp in .bashrc
      Removed duplicated PS1 definition from skel/.profile, already defined in /etc/profile
      Replaced ~/ with /home/dawud in skel/.bashrc
      Updated manifes.lst
      Re-write wording for /etc/profile WARNING home-is-not-yours
      Updated ChangeLog
      Corrected formating of ChangeLog
      Corrected elif clause in /etc/profile
      Corrected formating: tabs are two spaces
      Changed s/./source/ and test for interactive shell is now done against himBH instead of \[\e]0;\w\a\]\n\[\e[32m\]\u@\h \[\e[33m\]\w\[\e[0m\]\n\$ .
      Stuff regarding PROFILE taken out of bash.bashrc, back to /etc/profile
      Changed path to executables /bin/ -> /usr/bin/ as per which output.
      Reordered list.
      Since bash-4.x will have SYS_BASH_LOGOUT enabled, rm user .bash_logout and add /etc/bash.bash_logout.
      Added case-switch to run shell dependent stuff and reordered vars exporting.
      Add SYS_BASH_LOGOUT to manifest.
      Added GUARDS to *rc and *profile to avoid sourcing repeatedly. TMP TEMP settings back in /etc/profile. Minor corrections to .bashrc and .profile
      Updated ChangeLog for 4.0-2, minor corrections to 4.0-1 entry. Added items to TODO list.
      Dropped .mkshrc. This has to be discussed with mksh mantainer.
      Deleted .mkshrc from maifest list.
      Bumped version in headers.
      Removed CYG_ guards where unneeded.
      Reordered /etc/profile following advice by Cyrille Lefevre. Minor changes to profile_d.
      Removed /bin from PATH, because it is included anyway.
      Forced precedence in CYG_GUARD test in /etc/bash.bashrc
      Corrected hostname invocation in /etc/profile to use full path
      Removed CVS stuff from /etc/profile
      Dropped CVS stuff from /etc/profile. TMP/TEMP set to /tmp in /etc/profile. Bumped revision number
      Added a test to PRINTER setting in /etc/profile
      PRINTER set only if test and read succeeded
      Corrected bashisms and PRINTER setting in /etc/profile, updated ChangeLog accordingly and bumped version number
      Re-corrected PRINTER setting, more portability issues in /etc/profile, updated ChangeLog
      Re-corrected PRINTER setting, more portability issues in /etc/profile, updated ChangeLog
      Modified common-licenses/ReadMe.txt indentation.
      Added CC0 license header to scripts, and the CC0 license
      Added two files under /etc/profile.d/ that use tzset, which
      Corrected error in var setting. See
      TMP and TEMP as defined in the Windows environment must be kept
      Forgot to export tmp and temp from last change.
      Ssh connection don't know about windows TMP or TEMP.
      Improved profile_d() function in /etc/profile. Cyrille Lefevre.
      Environment variable SHELL is now exported from /etc/profile.
      Bug fix release:
      Update ChangeLog with bugfix relaed info
      Bumped revision number
      Bug fix release.
      Setting a system locale and a per-user locale breaks some configs and
      Bumped verison number. Updated Changelog.
      Setting CYG_SYS_BASHRC in bash.bashrc has no effect because it is run
      Enforce a secure ACL in /home /tmp /usr/tmp /var/log /var/run
      Removed shebang, files are sourced from /etc/profile by the proper shell
      Bumped version number. Updated ChangeLog.
      Updated manifest list with new files.
      Corrected perms in preremove and postinstall scripts.
      Arithmetic expansion correction. Kenneth Nellis.
      EXECIGNORE is a cygwin customization to bash that can exclude patterns
      Eliminate Windows PATH from default PATH.
      Modified Changelog WRT last three changes

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2016-09-03 12:06 [base-files - A set of important system configuration and setup files] annotated tag 4.3-1, created. 4.3-1 gratz

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