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* [setup - the official Cygwin setup program] branch topic/libsolv, created. release_2.881-39-g4ec3f74
@ 2017-09-19 16:55 kbrown
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  To: cygwin-apps-cvs

        at  4ec3f744e680a07540d182a9dfdca68697403a1f (commit);h=4ec3f744e680a07540d182a9dfdca68697403a1f

commit 4ec3f744e680a07540d182a9dfdca68697403a1f
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Tue Sep 19 12:45:53 2017 -0400

    Partially revert "Let the user review packages added to resolve dependencies"
    This reverts most of commit 4bce51b49f9c773316615f5c31a32ebfca9984c1.
    It turned out to be too annoying to have setup stop to tell the user
    that dependencies were added, without giving any details.;h=8868797b1ccdbbfe47af4ce3af546ae19bec1b3f

commit 8868797b1ccdbbfe47af4ce3af546ae19bec1b3f
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Sat Sep 16 12:06:58 2017 -0400

    Tweak .gitignore;h=4ba7cbf9a034253811fd86d640994fe40f8429d5

commit 4ba7cbf9a034253811fd86d640994fe40f8429d5
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Sat Sep 16 12:03:12 2017 -0400

    Tweak comment;h=460d6f8917dff87479b080465f30b246702bab17

commit 460d6f8917dff87479b080465f30b246702bab17
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Sat Sep 16 11:51:11 2017 -0400

    Remove PrereqChecker::upgrade
    Also remove the 'update' parameter from SolverSolution::update.
    These were introduced so that the SOLVER_UPDATE | SOLVER_SOLVABLE_ALL
    command could be sent to the solver if and only if 'Keep' was not
    globally selected.  But that command doesn't seem to be needed, so we
    just remove it and simplify the code.;h=6917e146ba275916a15b7abe1c47891683964d66

commit 6917e146ba275916a15b7abe1c47891683964d66
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Sat Sep 16 11:39:40 2017 -0400

    Allow user to refuse the default problem solutions
    Add new method SolverSolution::db2trans to change the solver's
    transaction list to reflect the package database.  Use it if the user
    refuses the default problem solutions.  Reinstate warning that this
    could cause breakage.
    Remove PrereqPage::OnMessageCmd, which is no longer needed (and which
    disallows clicking Next if the "Accept default problem solutions" box
    is unchecked).;h=d7945658503dd65bf82c1d2d9da051bf52a16080

commit d7945658503dd65bf82c1d2d9da051bf52a16080
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Sat Sep 16 11:32:57 2017 -0400

    Try to improve the solver's default solution
    Set the solver flag SOLVER_FLAG_FOCUS_BEST.  This helps in the
    following situation: A required package has an update available.  The
    user chooses uninstall.  Without the flag the default solution is to
    keep the (outdated) package.  With the flag the default is to upgrade.
    It remains to be seen whether the flag has any undesired effects.;h=b6b50d69bffa3c8574878be57f0e50445b2849eb

commit b6b50d69bffa3c8574878be57f0e50445b2849eb
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Sat Sep 16 11:28:37 2017 -0400

    Add a ficitious "base" package that requires all Base packages
    Modify the solver's problem report so that it refers to "Base
    packages" rather than the "base" package.;h=4bce51b49f9c773316615f5c31a32ebfca9984c1

commit 4bce51b49f9c773316615f5c31a32ebfca9984c1
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Sat Sep 16 11:23:04 2017 -0400

    Let the user review packages added to resolve dependencies
    Add SolverTasks::install_count to help with this.;h=f1739c8e93b2463cdb9a2b79c421ff44a1032f7a

commit f1739c8e93b2463cdb9a2b79c421ff44a1032f7a
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Fri Sep 8 11:16:24 2017 -0400

    Add new member function SolverSolution::trans2db
    This resets the package database to reflect the solver's transaction
    list.  Call this if the user clicks Back on the Prerequisite page, to
    allow reviewing and making changes before accepting the solver's

commit e709523b6d5cbcb2089c7c7ea9e1dfd64a116bca
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Sat Sep 16 10:50:37 2017 -0400

    Move the code from that makes a solver task list into a new
    function SolverTasks::setTasks.;h=97d08bb8d6b39e226cccf16f247d4c947966df49

commit 97d08bb8d6b39e226cccf16f247d4c947966df49
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Sat Sep 2 14:35:58 2017 -0400

    Simplify code in;h=9c4b4c1f13c10f9026dac41cf0070cd721702dce

commit 9c4b4c1f13c10f9026dac41cf0070cd721702dce
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Mon Sep 4 16:44:31 2017 -0400

    Fix 'SolverTasks::taskList' typedef
    Remove the '&'.  This was causing source installs to all refer to the
    same package, due to the call to q.add(pkg->desired.sourcePackage(),
    SolverTasks::taskInstall) in PrereqChecker::isMet.;h=198d5b3e63ccca5f46365107b1a79f03d2e5453d

commit 198d5b3e63ccca5f46365107b1a79f03d2e5453d
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Sat Sep 2 14:27:52 2017 -0400

    Download only the packages being installed;h=7c948a4b7a0a7d4a883e87fceaaa83130741c573

commit 7c948a4b7a0a7d4a883e87fceaaa83130741c573
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Wed Sep 6 10:44:27 2017 -0400

    Don't create an "_installed_test_" repo
    This prevents libsolv from knowing that an installed test release is
    installed, since pool->installed is "_installed".;h=44e0f027972f0730b93ccfea4b58e5293d43aac5

commit 44e0f027972f0730b93ccfea4b58e5293d43aac5
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Tue Sep 5 22:22:23 2017 -0400

    Allow the installation of test packages without setting "Test" globally
    Instead of disabling test repos when "Test" is not selected, just give
    them lower priority than ordinary repos.;h=d3994da9f6cd502885decdae1c81b1f763c1f12c

commit d3994da9f6cd502885decdae1c81b1f763c1f12c
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Sat Sep 16 10:06:26 2017 -0400

    Ask solver to check dependencies of installed packages;h=18ff48d7f013b3c91824b7573d9b5a35aed2ee90

commit 18ff48d7f013b3c91824b7573d9b5a35aed2ee90
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Sat Sep 2 12:37:29 2017 -0400

    Improve the reading of installed.db
    When creating a packageversion for a package listed in installed.db,
    use the information for the installed version rather than the
    "current" version.  Add a new function packagedb::findBinaryVersion to
    help with this.
    Get as much information about an installed information as possible
    from the prior reading of setup.ini.
    Improve detection of installed test releases.  An installed test
    release might not appear in setup.ini because it is no longer
    available (e.g., it might have been replaced by a newer test release).
    Detect this by comparing its version to the current version.;h=8b0eb113e7b5ca882caa45e2491ea6b256eab738

commit 8b0eb113e7b5ca882caa45e2491ea6b256eab738
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Sat Sep 16 07:19:55 2017 -0400

    Add an optional argument to SolvableVersion::depends
    This allows it to optionally return the obsoletes list instead of the
    dependency list.;h=72829e2d94683be9b03c6975ac62ce7451797908

commit 72829e2d94683be9b03c6975ac62ce7451797908
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Sat Sep 2 11:57:25 2017 -0400

    Fix setup.ini parsing
    The IniDBBuilderPackage::process function wasn't fully resetting the
    addPackageData for a new version of a package.  This caused SHA512
    failures among other things.;h=c21037d591028c2ae5159e027d318b9fedf2ca41

commit c21037d591028c2ae5159e027d318b9fedf2ca41
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Wed Aug 30 17:36:13 2017 -0400

    Don't override a Keep selection;h=428dd3e2ebafebcb6423f5f4a00c3de5b50bf220

commit 428dd3e2ebafebcb6423f5f4a00c3de5b50bf220
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Thu Sep 7 13:29:23 2017 -0400

    Fix typo in;h=1142f93eb760293ca9fcdbc710d3c935438b735f

commit 1142f93eb760293ca9fcdbc710d3c935438b735f
Author: Ken Brown <>
Date:   Mon Sep 11 15:15:28 2017 -0400

    Fix typo;h=7bc6f5f18b4fa67016b43ca460777c043360188a

commit 7bc6f5f18b4fa67016b43ca460777c043360188a
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Fri May 26 14:30:40 2017 +0100

    Handling 'Source:' lines
    XXX: need some approach when -src pkg isn't seen until after pkg
    (Note and cache?);h=5b79473e73117df95aef4d9a744f65489c2bb50f

commit 5b79473e73117df95aef4d9a744f65489c2bb50f
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Mon May 22 19:53:11 2017 +0100

    Handle epoch versions
    Fix base() to know that ':' in a filename doesn't necessarily indicate a
    path element.
    XXX: check that scan still works...;h=f548124b6e237798c6716b7984abe66eb7110ab5

commit f548124b6e237798c6716b7984abe66eb7110ab5
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Wed May 3 11:56:36 2017 +0100


commit fc43c5077ac797cf6f0ae514ec5936043c623399
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Mon May 22 18:04:02 2017 +0100

    Add obsoletes: support
    Note that we need separate depends and obsoletes nodelists;h=a198539d3b4b1163db83552f7dbfb0e3ace2658f

commit a198539d3b4b1163db83552f7dbfb0e3ace2658f
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Fri May 19 11:26:07 2017 +0100

    Download/checksum/install/uninstall what transaction wants
    Some of this goes rather around the houses to avoid lots of churm: In lots
    of cases, we're looking up packagemeta for a given packageversion just so we
    can use the pacakgemeta to access the name, which we could do via
    packageversion just as easily.
    We do actually need packagmeta for a couple of things: To note the package
    as installed/uninstalled, and to note postinstalls scripts.
    If IncludeSource is on source packages installs will have been added to the
    task list in post-processing, so we don't need to handle that specially
    Source packages to be installed are kept in a separate queue as they are
    installed differently to binary packages (root is /usr/src, install isn't
    recorded, etc.);h=8c9d6850cedf9deca6261f5504f3a3514d607519

commit 8c9d6850cedf9deca6261f5504f3a3514d607519
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Sat Apr 29 15:43:52 2017 +0100

    Use solver to check for problems and produce a list of package transactions
    Convert chooser UI selections into a SolverTaskList
    Apply SolverSolution to that task list (with choice of keep, upgrade,
    upgrade with test, IncludeSource) to produce a vector of SolverTransactions.
    Store a solution object in packagedb
    The transaction list returned by the solver is postprocessed to add
    reinstall and IncludeSource actions
    Very crudely present solver problems in the PrereqChecker page UI, as text.
    Change tickbox to say "accept default solutions" and don't allow to preceed
    unless those solutions are accepted (ideally we would have a UI to choose
    solutions).  Remove warning about missing dependencies.
    Also pass initial trust state to PrereqChecker;h=e6fb580fce72f68d2ce9b42187c1559203788c39

commit e6fb580fce72f68d2ce9b42187c1559203788c39
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Sat Apr 29 15:39:46 2017 +0100

    Drop in SolvableVersion as a replacement for packageversion;h=62ec3248c6f4414da7b851858bcc46315ea50b5f

commit 62ec3248c6f4414da7b851858bcc46315ea50b5f
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Fri Apr 28 17:39:26 2017 +0100

    Remove packageversion class
    Remove packageversion, _packageversion, defaultversion classes;h=83457799ef73ba684c51f3996a9524a14b2b2ae8

commit 83457799ef73ba684c51f3996a9524a14b2b2ae8
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Fri Apr 28 15:26:05 2017 +0100

    Remove cygpackage class;h=2cb562511249f95c7c10b5e5d7e586bfa1b46519

commit 2cb562511249f95c7c10b5e5d7e586bfa1b46519
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Fri Apr 7 21:52:17 2017 +0100

    Change to using a libsolv pool for storing package information
    Add class SolverVersion, a wrapper around a Solvable Id. The interface is
    similar to class packageversion, the name change is just to make sure I've
    got everything.
    Place test packages into separate repos.
    Expressing that curr: packages are preferred to prev: ones when that is not
    the version number ordering should be done with epoch numbers.
    Wire up various bits of data in packageversion to Solvable attributes,
    including sourcepackage, stability, archive (packagesource) and depends.
    Store sourcePackage() by the id rather than name, for much faster lookup.
    SolverVersions for the same package can be ordered and compared by evr.
    Factor out packagedb:addBinary() and also use it in IniDBBuilder, rather
    that inlining the process of adding a package there. Add an analagous
    packagedb:addSource() to do the same thing for source packages.
    Change to reading installed.db after setup.ini's have been read, so we can
    supplement the installed.db packages with information from setup.ini.
    Make packagemeta::add_version() check for successful insertion of version.
    Record the version at a stability level. The last version wins in setting
    Use a Solver object inside packagedb
    XXX: All SolvableVersion methods need to check for null solvable?;h=1e51f069c55881fdae6eea68611a3c04b3d21a0f

commit 1e51f069c55881fdae6eea68611a3c04b3d21a0f
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Mon Apr 24 20:17:36 2017 +0100

    Store package stability in class packageversion;h=f467ff55aaef6af51aa262dae95693cc1040878f

commit f467ff55aaef6af51aa262dae95693cc1040878f
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Wed Apr 26 16:22:30 2017 +0100

    Hoist scan() up from packageversion to packagemeta;h=8ed40875e78ca194dad4b3764b8bae14c30e0c93

commit 8ed40875e78ca194dad4b3764b8bae14c30e0c93
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Tue Apr 25 23:44:08 2017 +0100

    Hoist uninstall up to Installer::uninstallOne()
    This calls packagemeta, which applies to packageversion (which delegates
    through packageversion_ to cygpackage) to return lines from the .lst.gz file
    (pretending that we know it contains a file list for that specific version)
    and to remove the .lst.gz file when done.
    Move this all up into Installer::uninstallOne(), where it's all in the same
    place as the operation it is reversing, Installer::installOne().;h=8c960848d0415c3030218f7252279cdec2869073

commit 8c960848d0415c3030218f7252279cdec2869073
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Wed Apr 26 15:20:14 2017 +0100

    Hoist pick() up to packagemeta
    We are always writing packagemeta.desired.pick(bool, packagemeta).  This
    kind of suggests something not quite right.
    The pick flag means install/reinstall, so despite being stored per
    packageversion, is only significant to download/install for the desired
    There's a slight wrinkle in that we want to also set/clear this flag for the
    source packageversion.  We can't change this to point to packagemeta rather
    than packageversion, as that may not be the same for all versions, so
    instead just track this flag separately as srcpicked.
    Note that there is still a complicated mapping between the state of desired
    and pick and the action represented in the UI:
    desired == empty, installed == desired : skip
    desired == empty, installed != desired : uninstall
    desired == installed, pick == true     : reinstall
    desired == installed, pick == false    : keep
    desired != installed, pick == true     : upgrade
    desired != installed, pick == false    : invalid;h=f3be2fa10ea2ad07e5cdb3caef79048d08aa8941

commit f3be2fa10ea2ad07e5cdb3caef79048d08aa8941
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Tue May 23 22:19:15 2017 +0100

    Hoist addScript() etc. up from packageversion to packagemeta
    We're only interesting in storing scripts and later running them from the
    desired version as we install it, so despite being stored per
    packageversion, this is only significant for the desired version.
    Hoist it up from packageversion to packagemeta.;h=f8a0d5d0ecb3b48acd95bf4245a38b082c35b671

commit f8a0d5d0ecb3b48acd95bf4245a38b082c35b671
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Sat May 20 16:17:44 2017 +0100

    Factor out reading installed.db
    Rather that doing implicitly the first time a packagedb is constructed, do
    it explicitly at a certain point in time that is early enough.;h=9f1aaf4f40be3eabeda36e623ae52e3cbac39da8

commit 9f1aaf4f40be3eabeda36e623ae52e3cbac39da8
Author: Jon Turney <>
Date:   Fri May 5 12:36:42 2017 +0100

    Opaque how PackageDepends is stored
    We want to be more opaque about how the PackageDepends for a packageversion
    is stored, so rather than exposing a pointer to a PackageDepends object
    inside class packageversion, access it by value.
    This also makes us be more explicit about set/get of package depends()
    Fix some iterations to deal with depends() returning a value rather than a
    Also adjust dumpPackageDepends() appropriately
    Also remove useless debug showing the dependency list before we build it.

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