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* [calm - Cygwin server-side packaging maintenance script] annotated tag 20171008, created. 20171008
@ 2017-10-08 14:53 jturney
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From: jturney @ 2017-10-08 14:53 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: cygwin-apps-cvs

        at  e5fdd72704e5ef342f58331340982897c0ad5535 (tag)
   tagging  73c6fd45158edd412f25b30435cfcea3ab17dc67 (commit)
  replaces  20160705
 tagged by  Jon Turney
        on  Sun Oct 8 15:52:14 2017 +0100



Achim Gratz (1):
      Write human-readable time in addition to machine-readable timestamp

Jon Turney (95):
      Requiring a source-only package is an error
      Fix arch given when reporting a problem merging uploads
      Fix check for attempt to remove setup.hint
      Generalize setup.hint reading to .hint file reading
      Read either setup.hint or pvr.hint
      Update processing for per-version hints
      Tests for packages with per-version hints
      Test for upload with per-version hints
      Handle the case where there is no current version
      Update version to 20160903
      Add module for sending mesages to IRC via irked
      Fix a bit of logging
      Move best_version identifcation after check that there are some versions
      Check the setup.ini produced by the 'process' test
      Correctly handle upload which doesn't alter an existing override.hint
      Move stale package versions to the vault
      Add staleversion test package
      Report conflicting movelists as an error
      Update TODO
      Tweak reporting of vaulting packages
      Ignore comment lines when checking if setup.ini has changed
      Actually permit the keep-count and keep-days keys in override.hint
      Update version to 20160927
      Update for CSS change of 'background' from id to class
      Fix keep-count: implementation
      Fix reporting of changed legacy hints
      Fix merging of stability level hints
      Only report changed legacy hints when they exist for both packages
      Handle uploads with absent and removed override.hint differently
      Improve some logging of the reason why calm failed
      Give counts of vaulted by request and added packages
      Suppress package counts when they are zero
      setup.hint always sets stability level hints, even if they are absent
      Update version to 20161122
      Add support for explicit 'test:' in pvr.hint
      Fix exception getting best_version when a package has no versions
      Handle uploads of replacement pvr.hint correctly
      Add a test for uploading just a replacement pvr.hint file
      Ensure that '&','<','>' in sdesc are escaped in HTML
      Drop 'installed binaries and support files' from package listing title
      Write valid HTML for package listing files
      Fix keep: implementation
      Unbreak checking that all package which share a source package have same version
      Set default kept versions count to 3
      Follow symlinks when reading packages
      Update version to 20170215
      Add fftw3 to hyphen-in-version list
      Update version to 20170327
      Remove old expected hints unused by test_hint_parser
      Clean setup.hint files which aren't used by any version
      Warn about setup.hint in uploads
      Downgrade 'validating package' log message which occurs a lot
      Ensure calm's email have Message-Id: and Date: headers
      Mark empty packages which have no dependencies and aren't obsolete as source-only
      Remove directories which are empty after updating package listing
      Update TODO
      Improve 'should be categorized obsolete' test to apply to each version
      Also check for skip: but install files
      Tweak email recipents
      Add daemon mode for calm
      Log exceptions in daemon mode
      Append a summary of severities to log email
      Try to use fewer long paths in file move logging
      Downgrade signal logging to debug
      Warn if curr: isn't the most recent non-test: version
      Check for and fix pep8 E241 multiple spaces after ','
      Add a grace period before warning about !ready-less files
      Honour attempts to delete hint files from packages
      Increase interval between scheduled runs from 30 mins to 4 hours
      Don't bind version_hints to same dict when making from legacy hints
      Don't crash when package changes from source-only to installable
      Forgive timestamp anomaly with opencv
      Remove lingering reference to setup.hint in 'unknown construct' error message
      Check for and fix pep8 E226 missing whitespace around arithmetic operator
      Add experimental tool to help write gitolite configuration
      libatomic_ops-devel has a non-unique source version when separated out from libgc
      Record first named maintainer as owner in gitolite conf
      Stop pretending we handle UTF-8 maintainer names
      Update version to 20170525
      Put message: with other package section keys, not after the last package version description
      Revert "Also check for skip: but install files"
      Tolerate trying to delete non-existent files
      Email exception stopping calm daemon, as well as writing it to log
      Make source packages a thing
      Generate package listing page for source-only packages
      Add a tool for de-duplicating a source package
      Remove unused SetupVersion._warn_ambiguous_compare
      Fix a problem with version sorting
      Fix validate_package_maintainers to handle absent category hints.
      Add more version comparision tests
      Also use irker to notify of important events
      Add strict handling for some more warnings in read_package
      Update past_mistakes
      Upgrade some checks from a warning to an error
      Update version to 20171008

Ken Brown (3):
      Don't fail if a package has no curr version
      Add option 'okmissing=curr' to mksetupini
      Allow an obsolete package with source to have empty install tarfiles

Yaakov Selkowitz (3):
      Update nonunique_versions
      Update past_mistakes
      Update past_mistakes

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2017-10-08 14:53 [calm - Cygwin server-side packaging maintenance script] annotated tag 20171008, created. 20171008 jturney

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