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From: Wookey <>
To: Peter Toft <>
Subject: Re: Indexes in PDF docs
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 09:08:00 -0000	[thread overview]
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On Thu 22 Feb, Peter Toft wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Paul Webb wrote:

for clarity - I'm working with Paul Webb on the same docs

> > I have marked up my document by using the
> > <indexterm><primary>...</primary></indexterm> method as described in
> > 'DocBook: The Definitive Guide' I've also managed to produce an index in the
> > HTML version of the doc by using

> > But how do I produce an index in the PDF? Can I use in
> > conjunction with some other commands or is there an alternative method?

> Sure you can;

> For HTML as well as PS/PDF I use

> perl ./  -s Symbols -t Index \
>   -g -i index -N -o index.sgml
> cp *.sgml tempdir
> (cd tempdir; jade -t sgml -ihtml -d $(cygnus)\#print \
>    -V html-index -V nochunks MAIL_FILE.sgml > foo.html)
> perl ./ -s Symbols -t Index  -g -i index \
>  -o index.sgml tempdir/HTML.index

> If it bites back mail me again.

I don't quite get how this is supposed to work. The above is essentially what
we are doing for our HTML output (apart from the -V nochunks) and I get an
sgml index file which refers to <A NAME=AENxxx> tags in the HTML output. But
I don't understand how to get from here to a PDF file.

The nub seems to be
jade -t sgml -ihtml -Vhtml-index <blah> generates an index file
collateindex put this back into sgml form, then
jade -t sgml -ihtml <blah>
reprocesses the original including the index on the end into indexed html.

So is the equivalent for pdf as follows:?
jade -t sgml -ihtml -Vhtml-index <blah> generates an index file
collateindex put this back into sgml form, then
jade -t tex -ihtml <blah>

ie I just change the backend type? And what does that -i option do?
/usr/doc/jade doesn't seem to mention it, but it appears to be important.

If not do I need different index-generating options -i and -V <something>

If I just try the above then I get a 5M tex file (instead of the 1Mb I was
previously getting) and attempting to process it to PDF with jadetex make Tex
barf with 'out of memory' almost immediately. Maybe this is working but I'm
up against the 'TeX memory problem' again?

Trying a slightly different tack (as I'm not sure about that -i option):
jade -t sgml -ihtml -V html-index <blah> generates an index file
collateindex put this back into sgml form, then
jade -t tex -V html-index <blah>

This produces a sensible size tex file and it processes OK. It even has an
index, but most of the page numbers are '?' and the rest are '-999', so
that's not quite right. It feels like I'm getting warm....

Trying the above without even -V html-index on the second jade run works a
bit better still - now I have about a third of the index page numbers filled
in, but only around page 12, pages 70-76 and page 124. Nor do they point to
the correct pages :-(

Can someone tell me if I'm on the right track so I can try the right
things/ask the right questions? Or even better just tell me which rune I need

Is it just a matter of changing the second jade run or do I need to generate
the index with different options in the first place?

thanx muchly.

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