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* Minutes Frysk Meeting 20071010
@ 2007-10-10 15:03 Elena Zannoni
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From: Elena Zannoni @ 2007-10-10 15:03 UTC (permalink / raw)
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Frysk meeting 2007-10-10

Tim, Elena, Kris, Phil, Mark, Sami, Andrew (who else? Those are the
ones I heard).


test system will start testing with GIT. There is a "master" Git tree,
and that one will be used.

What to do with cvs? set it to read only.

Problem: Mark wants to do another libunwind import. Tim proposes to do the
import using git instead directly.

When is the switch going to happen? It has been determined by Andrew
that this weekend is good, nobody objected. But see below....

Tim demoed how to create your own branch

"git branch"

"git checkout -b master-scratch master"
creates a new branch master-scratch

then push it through the repo:
"git push origin master-scratch"

create your own repo:
clone command: creates your local version

in your own repository you then can do:

"git pull origin"

"git-branch -a" lists all branches

to be on master-scratch:

"git branch master-scratch origin/master-scratch"

use this in your own repo to create a branch with the same name of
the remote branch then you check it out with

"git checkout master-branch"

To look at a branch:
"git branch master-branch origin"
origin is the "parent" of the "master-branch"

How to look at an import branch?

git remote add ups-repo

git fetch ups-repo

<timoore> git-branch -a
<timoore>   bootstrap-fixup
<timoore>   cvs-sync
<timoore>   gtk-link
<timoore>   master
<timoore>   module-fixup
<timoore> * sourceware-master
<timoore>   ups-repo-master
<timoore>   ANTLR
<timoore>   CDTPARSER
<timoore>   ELFUTILS
<timoore>   INUA
<timoore>   IVANP
<timoore>   JARGS
<timoore>   JUNIT
<timoore>   LIBUNWIND
<timoore>   RedHat
<timoore>   cagney-20070413-pt-segv-branch
<timoore>   chlm
<timoore>   classpath-getopt
<timoore>   debuginfo
<timoore>   dogtail-20060905-branch
<timoore>   eventviewer20060829-branch
<timoore>   frysk-0_0_1_2006_02_19_rh1-branch
<timoore>   frysk-0_0_1_2006_08_24_rh1-branch
<timoore>   frysk-20060523-offspring-branch
<timoore>   frysk-junitcrash-20060209
<timoore>   frysk_200512141512_0EL41-branch
<timoore>   libunwind-import-20070312-branch
<timoore>   libunwind-import-20070313-branch
<timoore>   newIsa2006-11-23-branch
<timoore>   npremji-final-inner-class-broken-bug-20070326-branch
<timoore>   npremji-libunwind-20070212-branch
<timoore>   npremji-libunwind-20070219-branch
<timoore>   npremji-libunwind-20070222-branch
<timoore>   npremji-libunwind-20070228-branch
<timoore>   npremji-libunwind-find-proc-info-20070329-branch
<timoore>   npremji-libunwind-find-proc-info-20070419-branch
<timoore>   npremji-procblockaction-20070506-branch
<timoore>   npremji_20061113taskObservable-branch
<timoore>   pmuldoon-corefile_new-20070205-branch
<timoore>   pmuldoon_corefile-20061204-branch
<timoore>   quadec-demo
<timoore>   redhat-20070621-branch
<timoore>   rmoseley-linuxexe-2007-0904
<timoore>   sami-elfutils_129-merge-20070827-branch
<timoore>   sami_and_mike
<timoore>   sourceware/cvs-sync
<timoore>   sourceware/master
<timoore>   trunk
<timoore>   tthomas-debuginfo-20070627
<timoore>   tthomas-debuginfo-20070627-branch
<timoore>   ups-repo/NEW_EVENTVIEWER
<timoore>   ups-repo/cagney-20070413-pt-segv-branch
<timoore>   ups-repo/debuginfo
<timoore>   ups-repo/dogtail-20060905-branch
<timoore>   ups-repo/eventviewer20060829-branch
<timoore>   ups-repo/frysk-0_0_1_2006_02_19_rh1-branch
<timoore>   ups-repo/frysk-0_0_1_2006_08_24_rh1-branch
<timoore>   ups-repo/frysk-20060523-offspring-branch
<timoore>   ups-repo/frysk-junitcrash-20060209
<timoore>   ups-repo/frysk_200512141512_0EL41-branch
<timoore>   ups-repo/import-1.1.1
<timoore>   ups-repo/libunwind-import-20070312-branch
<timoore>   ups-repo/libunwind-import-20070313-branch
<timoore>   ups-repo/master
<timoore>   ups-repo/newIsa2006-11-23-branch
<timoore>   ups-repo/npremji-final-inner-class-broken-bug-20070326-branch
<timoore>   ups-repo/npremji-libunwind-20070212-branch
<timoore>   ups-repo/npremji-libunwind-20070219-branch
<timoore>   ups-repo/npremji-l
<timoore> git-show-branch  tthomas-debuginfo-20070627
<timoore> [tthomas-debuginfo-20070627] This commit was manufactured by 
cvs2svn t
o create branch 'tthomas-debuginfo-20070627'.
<timoore> git-tag
<timoore> ANTLR_2_7_5
<timoore> CDTPARSER_3_0_0
<timoore> JARGS_1_0
<timoore> JUNIT_3_8_1
<timoore> May2006_SummitDemo
<timoore> R0_120
<timoore> Root_debuginfo
<timoore> Root_tthomas-debuginfo-20070627

Which branches are useful to bring over?  Phil says his old branches
have all beenmerged back into the trunk. There are the frysk-import
things. Should all the branches be moved over anyway?

Tim showed the gitk GUI, you can see branches and merges and
imports. But it's not really clear what is what. Are imports
distinguished graphically?  Looking at the libunwind branches, which
ones are the imports?

Still unclear how to keep the import branches history when switching to git.
Will need more time to investigate.

Next week we will repeat the Git exploring meeting. Hopefully with
more answers.

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2007-10-10 15:03 Minutes Frysk Meeting 20071010 Elena Zannoni

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