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* [gcc/devel/modula-2] (92 commits) Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2.
@ 2022-09-12 20:46 Gaius Mulley
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From: Gaius Mulley @ 2022-09-12 20:46 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: gcc-cvs

The branch 'devel/modula-2' was updated to point to:

 fd24c17e62a... Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2.

It previously pointed to:

 34a21a56662... gm2.texi documentation order options alphabetically.


Summary of changes (added commits):

  fd24c17... Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2.
  7c989a8... c++: lambda capture of array with deduced bounds [PR106567] (*)
  8ef5fa4... c++: Refer to internal linkage for -Wsubobject-linkage [PR8 (*)
  2e7bc76... stdatomic.h: Do not define ATOMIC_VAR_INIT for C2x (*)
  6b43f55... nvptx/ Warn instead of error when reverse offl (*)
  06b30ee... frange::set_signbit: Avoid changing sign when already in th (*)
  71cd6a0... xtensa: gcc: fix builtin_apply return value (*)
  c092d89... libstdc++: Fix comments in tests to match code (*)
  9983ab1... libgomp.texi: Impl. status fix/addition (*)
  4198b0d... doc: Fix typo in documentation of __float128 suffix (*)
  34b9a03... gcov: Respect triplet when looking for gcov (*)
  723ef5a... libstdc++: Outline the overlapping case of string _M_replac (*)
  994ea89... libgomp: Fix up icv-6.c [PR106894] (*)
  643ae81... [Ada] Fix immediate assertion failure with -gnatd.1 (*)
  60bb81e... [Ada] Storage_Error raised analyzing type with call in its  (*)
  bd548d6... [Ada] Improve CUDA host-side and device-side binder support (*)
  f64bfc1... [Ada] Sync documentation of junk names with code (*)
  0c960fe... [Ada] Reject 'Valid_Scalars on Unchecked_Union regardless o (*)
  ca90143... [Ada] Improve CUDA host-side and device-side binder support (*)
  ca4b980... [Ada] Temporary tweak new expansion of contracts (*)
  9ccd61d... [Ada] Special-case printing of SPARK_Mode in error messages (*)
  f244e99... [Ada] Justify false alarm from CodePeer analysis of GNAT (*)
  0f829a9... [Ada] Cleanup routine for handling SPARK_Mode kinds (*)
  4caf4b5... [Ada] Accept explicit SPARK_Mode Auto as configuration prag (*)
  517817a... [Ada] Remove SPARK containers from GNAT documentation (*)
  5ca1d6a... [Ada] Reject use in SPARK of Asm intrinsics for code insert (*)
  da4824b... [Ada] Add C declaration for Opt.Unnest_Subprogram_Mode (*)
  d917a68... [Ada] Internal error compiling formal instance of generic w (*)
  4a7312f... [Ada] Replace SPARK containers implementation by Compile_Ti (*)
  cf8af60... [Ada] Fix validity checking on renamed Old attribute prefix (*)
  a968d80... [Ada] Tech debt: Expansion of contracts (*)
  46ba7ae... [Ada] Fix oversight in implementation of unnesting (*)
  9bde1fc... [Ada] Syntax error in Ada 2022 array aggregate causes bug b (*)
  9fcd4cc... [Ada] Initialize a local variable to avoid a CodePeer warni (*)
  1588e88... [Ada] bugbox referencing INOX prefixed view of primitive op (*)
  4a46f59... [Ada] Lock_Free aspect takes precedence over Ceiling_Lockin (*)
  de01e1b... [Ada] Do not mark user parameters of protected subprograms  (*)
  1d2bc28... [Ada] Fix issues with compiling ACATS test for user-defined (*)
  2fa4bea... [Ada] Remove a no-longer-correct comment (*)
  65d76c5... [Ada] Fix bugs in check-related warnings. (*)
  635e98b... [Ada] Disable Support_Atomic_Primitives on x86_64 VxWorks (*)
  d30f154... [Ada] Disable Support_Atomic_Primitives on QNX and VxWorks  (*)
  272ada7... [Ada] Parser and lexer cleanup (*)
  dad0ebe... [Ada] Revert "Enforce matching of extra formals" (*)
  3fa66b9... ChangeLog: fix PR entry (*)
  ffaeb9d... analyzer: remove unused fields (*)
  5b9111d... Daily bump. (*)
  0ea5e3f... analyzer: consider empty ranges and zero byte accesses [PR1 (*)
  5b3496e... Daily bump. (*)
  75e5cc9... xtensa: constantsynth: Add new 3-insns synthesis pattern (*)
  16d752a... rs6000: Make an "if" statement more regular (*)
  7d37c7f... libgomp: Use libiberty environ.h to declare the environment (*)
  7c4c65d... fortran: Add IEEE_SIGNBIT and IEEE_FMA functions (*)
  861d1a1... Daily bump. (*)
  89afb2e... xtensa: Make complex hard register clobber elimination more (*)
  06c2756... xtensa: Eliminate unused stack frame allocation/freeing (*)
  c81b60b... analyzer: implement trust boundaries via a plugin for Linux (*)
  07e3016... analyzer: add support for plugin-supplied known function be (*)
  084dc9a... analyzer: add test coverage for flexible array members [PR9 (*)
  007680f... libstdc++: Rename parameter to avoid darwin __weak qualifie (*)
  8298427... libstdc++: Fix return type of empty zip_/adjacent_transform (*)
  e469506... libstdc++: Fix typo in adjacent_view::_Iterator [PR106798] (*)
  718a6d4... libstdc++: Fix zip_view's operator- for integer-class diffe (*)
  50be486... nvptx: Prepare for reverse offload fn (*)
  dfd75bf... GCN: Prepare for reverse offload fn l (*)
  0fcc0cf... libgomp: Prepare for reverse offload fn lookup (*)
  a1a53dc... stddef.h: Add C2x unreachable macro (*)
  e230f11... Handle OPAQUE_TYPE specially in verify_type [PR106833] (*)
  eff73c1... amdgcn: Add support for additional natively supported float (*)
  a8b0b13... tree-optimization/106722 - avoid invalid pointer associatio (*)
  26a1f4f... libgomp: Fix up OMP_PROC_BIND handling [PR106894] (*)
  6aafd6b... RISC-V: Suppress build warnings (*)
  923da63... tree-optimization/106881 - fix simple_control_dep_chain par (*)
  c2c3e4f... Fix "address will never be NULL" warning (*)
  b237e36... opts: always compare array option values with memcmp (*)
  2e7ad70... Daily bump. (*)
  a0f8350... libstdc++: mallinfo deprecated, use mallinfo2 when glibc => (*)
  264deec... OpenMP: Document ompx warnings + add Fortran omx warning [P (*)
  4f05ff3... libgomp.texi: Document libmemkind + nvptx/gcn specifics (*)
  30c811f... c++: Fix type completeness checks for type traits [PR106838 (*)
  4977507... libstdc++: Add always_inline attribute to std::byte operato (*)
  157236d... libstdc++: Clear padding bits in atomic compare_exchange (*)
  d3883dc... libstdc++: Find make_error_code and make_error_condition vi (*)
  7a6564c... analyzer: support for symbolic values in the out-of-bounds  (*)
  9f2fca5... OpenMP, libgomp: Environment variable syntax extension (*)
  338a5b0... vect: Fix scalar stmt typo in vect_optimize_slp_pass [PR106 (*)
  0697bd0... nios2: Add #undef of MUSL_DYNAMIC_LINKER (*)
  f7280b0... c++: Add testcase for already fixed PR [PR99209] (*)
  78ef801... Fix some gimple_ctrl_altering_p mistakes (*)
  4db3cb7... c++: unnecessary instantiation of constexpr var [PR99130] (*)
  95c7d58... pch: Fix the reconstruction of adhoc data hash table (*)
  f25a676... openmp: Implement doacross(sink: omp_cur_iteration - 1) (*)

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2022-09-12 20:46 [gcc/devel/modula-2] (92 commits) Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2 Gaius Mulley

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