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* [gcc/devel/modula-2] (74 commits) Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2.
@ 2022-09-20 15:20 Gaius Mulley
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From: Gaius Mulley @ 2022-09-20 15:20 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: gcc-cvs

The branch 'devel/modula-2' was updated to point to:

 a5bebf26c9d... Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2.

It previously pointed to:

 d2e4f24ef58... Fixes to remove warnings and rebuild gcc/m2/configure.


Summary of changes (added commits):

  a5bebf2... Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2.
  5ed0c11... libstdc++: Fix typo in <cstdlib> for freestanding (*)
  d998216... fortran: remove 2 dead links [PR106636] (*)
  63e3cc2... contrib: skip new egrep warning (*)
  d0c73b6... Support 64-bit vectorization for single-precision floating  (*)
  3a035f1... middle-end: handle bitop with an invariant induction.[PR105 (*)
  90d3e27... LoongArch: Prepare static PIE support (*)
  2b61ed8... frange: flush denormals to zero (*)
  041812f... Adjust issue_rate for latest Intel processors. (*)
  78260b9... i386: Fixed vec_init_dup_v16bf [PR106887] (*)
  43be56c... Daily bump. (*)
  2d9429d... c: Stray inform note with -Waddress [PR106947] (*)
  de40fab... Fortran: add IEEE_MODES_TYPE, IEEE_GET_MODES and IEEE_SET_M (*)
  6efc494... Improve sorry message for -fzero-call-used-regs (*)
  4637a1d... Fortran: F2018 rounding modes changes (*)
  0b5b8ac... Fix PR target/99184: Wrong cast from double to 16-bit and 3 (*)
  0990a77... Daily bump. (*)
  313879d... OpenMP: Push attaches to end of clause list in "target" reg (*)
  d458f80... Remove dependency on uintptr_t in libgcc (*)
  e3c4a86... RISC-V: Don't try to vectorize tree-ssa/gen-vect-34.c (*)
  5dba8b2... [PR106831] Avoid propagating long doubles that may have mul (*)
  9174614... Rewrite NAN and sign handling in frange (*)
  205a6fb... Daily bump. (*)
  c8e93a0... Fix unsigned comparison warning (*)
  f4dad09... c++: modules ICE with typename friend (*)
  9ac9fde... reassoc: Fix up recent regression in optimize_range_tests_c (*)
  7ee0fa1... Daily bump. (*)
  eaddc87... Fix for an AutoFDO test. (*)
  6e80a1d... eliminate mutex in fast path of __register_frame (*)
  cf0fded... libstdc++: Add preprocessor conditions for freestanding [PR (*)
  7f4c370... libstdc++: Move allocator-related helpers to <bits/alloc_tr (*)
  d31e19e... libstdc++: Make more internal headers include their own dep (*)
  47deb1e... libstdc++: Fix test for std::at (*)
  7107ea6... c++: 'mutable' member within constexpr [PR92505] (*)
  b6adc62... libstdc++: Fix tr1::variate_generator::engine_value_type (*)
  5ad435f... libstdc++: Do not use nullptr in C++03-compatible code (*)
  1594328... libstdc++: Remove __alloc_neq helper (*)
  64f9580... libstdc++: Fix Doxygen commands (*)
  39dc665... c++: member fn in omp loc list [PR106858] (*)
  4c156ea... libstdc++: Document new symbol versions (*)
  3e8c4b9... Modernize ix86_builtin_vectorized_function with correspondi (*)
  d0fc05e... Daily bump. (*)
  d6ccad7... libstdc++: Remove unnecessary header from <memory> (*)
  2b75d5f... Fortran: catch NULL pointer dereferences while simplifying  (*)
  7bd4deb... Fortran: error recovery for bad deferred character length a (*)
  6248f4f... float.h: Do not define INFINITY for C2x when infinities not (*)
  ecbdfa8... libstdc++: Tweak TSan annotations for std::atomic<shared_pt (*)
  29b39d4... libstdc++: Implement ranges::chunk_by_view from P2443R1 (*)
  db58fa0... libstdc++: [_GLIBCXX_INLINE_VERSION] Fix test dg-prune-outp (*)
  d26bcff... libstdc++: [_GLIBCXX_INLINE_VERSION] Cleanup gnu-versioned- (*)
  1e4c7e8... MAINTAINERS: Add myself to Write After Approval (*)
  5edf02e... tree-optimization/106922 - PRE and virtual operand translat (*)
  8ff2a92... Move void_list_node init to common code (*)
  e3220ad... Fix c-c++-common/gomp/target-50.c test (*)
  d7171ba... Fix c-c++-common/goacc/mdc-2.c and g++.dg/goacc/mdc.C tests (*)
  7a3dfc2... rs6000: Using pli(paddi) and rotate to build 64bit constant (*)
  ff82236... Daily bump. (*)
  0abc63a... libstdc++: Add TSan annotations to std::atomic<shared_ptr<T (*)
  7f1e3d0... libstdc++: Add missing <new> header to <bits/stl_tempbuf.h> (*)
  9a1bc4b... libstdc++: Add comment to 17_intro/ test (*)
  0bc9aa9... libstdc++: Add assertion to std::promise::set_exception (LW (*)
  8b1bc30... libstdc++: Document LWG 1203 API change in manual (*)
  93257ed... libstdc++: Add pretty printer for std::stringstreams (*)
  3c85c11... frange: add both zeros to ranges when there's the possiblit (*)
  7d647a8... Pass full range to build_* in (*)
  4a311a6... Use frange::set_nan() from the generic frange::set(). (*)
  9c4c418... Provide cleaner set_nan(), clear_nan(), and update_nan() me (*)
  6da6547... Minor fixes to frange. (*)
  f469ce1... OpenMP/OpenACC: mapping group list-handling improvements (*)
  23baa71... OpenMP/OpenACC struct sibling list gimplification extension (*)
  cd14c97... tree-optimization/106938 - cleanup abnormal edges after inl (*)
  12a8d5e... [PR106936] Remove assert from get_value_range. (*)
  1457be6... Drop unused variable (*)
  b57abd0... OpenMP 5.0: Clause ordering for OpenMP 5.0 (topological sor (*)

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2022-09-20 15:20 [gcc/devel/modula-2] (74 commits) Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2 Gaius Mulley

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