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* [gcc/devel/sphinx] (45 commits) Merge branch 'master' into devel/sphinx
@ 2022-09-29  8:41 Martin Liska
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From: Martin Liska @ 2022-09-29  8:41 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: gcc-cvs

The branch 'devel/sphinx' was updated to point to:

 54f3cfaf3a6... Merge branch 'master' into devel/sphinx

It previously pointed to:

 3c527a35fa4... Merge branch 'master' into devel/sphinx


Summary of changes (added commits):

  54f3cfa... Merge branch 'master' into devel/sphinx
  a1cd4d5... tree-optimization/105646 - re-interpret always executed in  (*)
  f758d44... Check nonlinear iv in vect_can_advance_ivs_p. (*)
  9e79a25... Daily bump. (*)
  d01f112... libstdc++: Disable volatile-qualified std::bind for C++20 (*)
  fa9bda3... libstdc++: Make INVOKE<R> refuse to create dangling referen (*)
  f1adf45... Add instruction level discriminator support. (*)
  9f65eec... c++: Add DECL_NTTP_OBJECT_P lang flag (*)
  db28823... i386: Mark XMM4-XMM6 as clobbered by encodekey128/encodekey (*)
  03f3365... RISC-V: Add ABI-defined RVV types. (*)
  5d7be27... var-tracking: Add entry values up to max register mode (*)
  d0b00b6... cselib: Keep track of further subvalue relations (*)
  5e9c4ed... arm: Define __ARM_FEATURE_AES and __ARM_FEATURE_SHA2 when m (*)
  b48d7ff... LoongArch: Use UNSPEC for fmin/fmax RTL pattern [PR105414] (*)
  9a8212d... testsuite: Skip intrinsics test if arm (*)
  646ce00... LoongArch: Fixed a typo in the comment information of the f (*)
  175a89d... libgomp.texi: Status 'P' for 'assume', remove duplicated li (*)
  fa4bc21... LoongArch: Libitm add LoongArch support. (*)
  a25982a... stack-protector: Check stack canary before throwing excepti (*)
  2839044... Fix AutoFDO tests to not look for hot/cold splitting. (*)
  1f16a02... Daily bump. (*)
  6bf4730... Fix profile count comparison. (*)
  772d532... c++: Implement C++23 P2266R1, Simpler implicit move [PR1011 (*)
  78bc649... Fortran: error recovery while simplifying intrinsic UNPACK  (*)
  e73d9fc... runtime: portable access to sigev_notify_thread_id (*)
  f381629... runtime: synchronize empty struct field handling (*)
  0b2706a... docs: update abi version info (*)
  001c60c... range-ops: Calculate the popcount of a singleton. (*)
  971bc0a... c++: Don't quote nothrow in diagnostic (*)
  3f7eea4... c++: Make __is_{,nothrow_}convertible SFINAE on access  [PR (*)
  614e569... libstdc++: Adjust deduction guides for static operator() [P (*)
  b939a5c... fixincludes: FIx up for Debian/Ubuntu includes (*)
  c8dfa79... d: Merge upstream dmd d579c467c1, phobos 88aa69b14. (*)
  be4a655... irange: keep better track of powers of 2. (*)
  1db05e1... Add an irange setter for wide_ints. (*)
  303976a... c++: Implement C++23 P1169R4 - static operator() [PR106651] (*)
  cb8f25c... reassoc: Handle OFFSET_TYPE like POINTER_TYPE in optimize_r (*)
  4790fe9... openmp: Add OpenMP assume, assumes and begin/end assumes su (*)
  5b86d5d... c++: Improve diagnostics about conflicting specifiers (*)
  5da546d... Fix ICEs due to recent jump-to-return optimization (*)
  b042088... c++: Implement P1467R9 - Extended floating-point types and  (*)
  8be6564... Updated constants from <> (*)
  220c4d8... Daily bump. (*)
  03cb9ed... libstdc++: Update std::pointer_traits to match new LWG 3545 (*)
  af85ad8... libstdc++: Use new built-ins for std::is_convertible traits (*)

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2022-09-29  8:41 [gcc/devel/sphinx] (45 commits) Merge branch 'master' into devel/sphinx Martin Liska

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