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@ 2023-02-01  3:31 Carlos O'Donell
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 a704fd9a13... Create ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.26.

Tagger: Carlos O'Donell <>
Date: Tue Jan 31 22:29:41 2023 -0500

    The GNU C Library version 2.37 is now available
    The GNU C Library
    The GNU C Library version 2.37 is now available.
    The GNU C Library is used as *the* C library in the GNU system and
    in GNU/Linux systems, as well as many other systems that use Linux
    as the kernel.
    The GNU C Library is primarily designed to be a portable
    and high performance C library.  It follows all relevant
    standards including ISO C11 and POSIX.1-2017.  It is also
    internationalized and has one of the most complete
    internationalization interfaces known.
    The GNU C Library webpage is at
    Packages for the 2.37 release may be downloaded from:
    The mirror list is at
    NEWS for version 2.37
    Major new features:
    * The getent tool now supports the --no-addrconfig option. The output of
      getent with --no-addrconfig may contain addresses of families not
      configured on the current host i.e. as-if you had not passed
      AI_ADDRCONFIG to getaddrinfo calls.
    Deprecated and removed features, and other changes affecting compatibility:
    * The dynamic linker no longer loads shared objects from the "tls"
      subdirectories on the library search path or the subdirectory that
      corresponds to the AT_PLATFORM system name, or employs the legacy AT_HWCAP
      search mechanism, which was deprecated in version 2.33.
    Security related changes:
      CVE-2022-39046: When the syslog function is passed a crafted input
      string larger than 1024 bytes, it reads uninitialized memory from the
      heap and prints it to the target log file, potentially revealing a
      portion of the contents of the heap.
    The following bugs are resolved with this release:
      [12154] network: Cannot resolve hosts which have wildcard aliases
      [12165] libc: readdir: Do not skip entries with zero d_ino values
      [19444] build: build failures with -O1 due to -Wmaybe-uninitialized
      [24774] nptl: pthread_rwlock_timedwrlock stalls on ARM
      [24816] nss: nss/tst-nss-files-hosts-long fails when no interface has
        AF_INET6 address (ie docker)
      [27087] stdio: PowerPC: Redefinition error with Clang from IEEE
        redirection headers
      [28846] network: CMSG_NXTHDR may trigger -Wstrict-overflow warning
      [28937] dynamic-link: New DSO dependency sorter does not put new map
        first if in a cycle
      [29249] libc: csu/libc-tls.c:202: undefined reference to
      [29305] network: Inefficient buffer space usage in nss_dns for
        gethostbyname and other functions
      [29375] libc: don't hide MAP_ANONYMOUS behind _GNU_SOURCE
      [29402] nscd: nscd: No such file or directory
      [29415] nscd: getaddrinfo with AI_ADDRCONFIG returns addresses with
        wrong family
      [29427] dynamic-link: Inconsistency detected by dl-printf.c:
        200: _dl_debug_vdprintf: Assertion `! "invalid format specifier"'
      [29463] math: math/test-float128-y1 fails on x86_64
      [29485] build: Make hangs when the test misc/tst-pidfile returns
      [29490] dynamic-link: [bisected] new __brk_call causes dynamic loader
        segfault on alpha
      [29499] build: Check failed on misc/tst-glibcsyscalls while building
        for RISCV64 on a unmatched hardware
      [29501] build: Check failed on stdlib/tst-strfrom while building for
        RISCV64 on a unmatched hardware
      [29502] libc: alpha sys/acct.h out of date
      [29514] build: Need to use -fPIE not -fpie
      [29528] dynamic-link: __libc_early_init not called after dlmopen that
        reuses namespace
      [29536] libc: syslog fail to create large messages (CVE-2022-39046)
      [29537] libc: [2.34 regression]: Alignment issue on m68k when using
        futexes on qemu-user
      [29539] libc: LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS changed how vDSO library are
      [29544] libc: Regression in syslog(3) calls breaks RFC due to extra
      [29564] build: Incorrect way to change MAKEFLAGS in Makerules
      [29576] build: librtld.os: in function `_dl_start_profile':
        (.text+0x9444): undefined reference to `strcpy'
      [29578] libc: Definition of SUN_LEN() is wrong
      [29583] build: iconv failures on 32bit platform due to missing large
        file support
      [29600] dynamic-link: dlmopen hangs after loading certain libraries
      [29604] localedata: Update locale data to Unicode 15.0.0
      [29605] nscd: Regression in NSCD backend of getaddrinfo
      [29607] nscd: nscd repeatably crashes calling __strlen_avx2 when hosts
        cache is enabled
      [29611] string: Optimized AVX2 string functions unconditionally use
        BMI2 instructions
      [29624] malloc: errno is not cleared when entering main
      [29638] libc: stdlib: arc4random fallback is never used
      [29657] libc: Incorrect struct stat for 64-bit time on linux/generic
      [29698] build: Configuring for AArch32 on ARMv8+ disables
      [29727] locale: __strtol_internal out-of-bounds read when parsing
        thousands grouping
      [29730] libc: broken y2038 support in fstatat on MIPS N64
      [29746] libc: ppoll() does not switch to __ppoll64 when
        -D_TIME_BITS=64 and -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 is given on 32bit
      [29771] libc: Restore IPC_64 support in sysvipc *ctl functions
      [29780] build: possible parallel make issue in glibc-2.36 (siglist-
        aux.S: No such file or directory)
      [29864] libc: __libc_start_main() should obtain program headers
        address (_dl_phdr) from the auxv, not the ELF header.
      [29951] time: daylight variable not set correctly if last DST change
        coincides with offset change
      [30039] stdio: __vsprintf_internal does not handle unspecified buffer
        length in fortify mode
    Release Notes
    This release was made possible by the contributions of many people.
    The maintainers are grateful to everyone who has contributed
    changes or bug reports.  These include:
    Adhemerval Zanella
    Adhemerval Zanella Netto
    Alan Modra
    Alistair Francis
    Andreas K. Hüttel
    Andreas Schwab
    Arjun Shankar
    Aurelien Jarno
    Carlos Eduardo Seo
    Carlos O'Donell
    Chenghua Xu
    Cristian Rodríguez
    Damien Zammit
    Fabian Vogt
    Fangrui Song
    Felix Riemann
    Flavio Cruz
    Florian Weimer
    H.J. Lu
    Jakub Wilk
    Javier Pello
    John David Anglin
    Joseph Myers
    Jörg Sonnenberger
    Kito Cheng
    Letu Ren
    Lucas A. M. Magalhaes
    Ludovic Courtès
    Martin Jansa
    Martin Joerg
    Michael Hudson-Doyle
    Mike FABIAN
    Noah Goldstein
    Paul Eggert
    Paul Pluzhnikov
    Qingqing Li
    Rajalakshmi Srinivasaraghavan
    Raphael Moreira Zinsly
    Richard Henderson
    Sajan Karumanchi
    Samuel Thibault
    Sergei Trofimovich
    Sergey Bugaev
    Shahab Vahedi
    Siddhesh Poyarekar
    Stefan Liebler
    Sunil K Pandey
    Szabolcs Nagy
    Tom Honermann
    Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho
    Vladislav Khmelevsky
    Wilco Dijkstra
    Xi Ruoyao
    Xiaolin Tang
    Xiaoming Ni
    Xing Li
    Yu Chien Peter Lin
    YunQiang Su
    Zong Li
    Łukasz Stelmach
    We would like to call out the following and thank them for their
    tireless patch review:
    Adhemerval Zanella
    Arjun Shankar
    Aurelien Jarno
    Carlos O'Donell
    Cristian Rodríguez
    DJ Delorie
    Fangrui Song
    Florian Weimer
    H.J. Lu
    Noah Goldstein
    Palmer Dabbelt
    Paul E. Murphy
    Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
    Premachandra Mallappa
    Sam James
    Siddhesh Poyarekar
    Sunil K Pandey
    Szabolcs Nagy
    Tulio Magno Quites Machado Filho
    Wilco Dijkstra
    Yann Droneaud

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