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@ 1999-10-26  0:10 jsm
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  To: gnats-cvs

CVSROOT:	/cvs/gnats
Module name:	gnats
Changes by:	99/10/26 00:10:17

Modified files:
	.              : COPYING.LIB ChangeLog 
	                 config.guess config.sub configure 
	                 install-sh ltconfig missing 
	                 move-if-change ylwrap 
	config         : ChangeLog mh-sparcpic mt-sparcpic 
	gnats          : ChangeLog configure 
	include        : ChangeLog ansidecl.h demangle.h fnmatch.h 
	                 getopt.h libiberty.h objalloc.h obstack.h 
	libiberty      : COPYING.LIB ChangeLog README 
	                 alloca.c argv.c atexit.c basename.c 
	                 choose-temp.c clock.c config.table 
	                 configure.bat cplus-dem.c 
	                 floatformat.c fnmatch.c getcwd.c getopt.c 
	                 getopt1.c getpagesize.c getruntime.c 
	                 makefile.vms memchr.c memcpy.c memmove.c 
	        mpw.c objalloc.c obstack.c 
	                 pexecute.c random.c strchr.c strerror.c 
	                 strrchr.c strsignal.c strtol.c strtoul.c 
	                 tmpnam.c vasprintf.c vfprintf.c 
	                 vprintf.c xmalloc.c xstrdup.c 
	libiberty/config: mh-aix mh-cxux7 mh-windows 
	send-pr        : ChangeLog configure 
Added files:
	.              : config.if 
	config         : mh-aix43 mh-armpic mh-cygwin mh-djgpp 
	                 mh-elfalphapic mh-interix mh-mingw32 mh-sysv5 
	                 mt-armpic mt-elfalphapic mt-linux mt-ospace 
	config/mpw     : mpw-mh-mpw 
	include        : splay-tree.h symcat.h 
	libiberty      : acconfig.h alloca-conf.h asprintf.c calloc.c 
	        configure mkstemps.c putenv.c 
	                 setenv.c splay-tree.c 
	libiberty/config: mh-beos mh-fbsd21 mh-openedition 
	libiberty/testsuite: demangle-expected 

Log message:
	1999-10-26  Jason Molenda  (
	* libiberty/*, include/*, config/*: Pulled in from gcc 2.95.2
	* top-level configury files:  Pulled in from current GDB snapshot
	I know it looks like a big change, but I'm just updating these files
	from known good ones.  The files in the gnats repository were from
	'97 and there had been a few improvements since then.

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1999-10-26  0:10 gnats/ /COPYING.LIB /ChangeLog / /c jsm

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