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Subject: gnats/gnats ChangeLog adm.c adm.h  ...
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 20:44:00 -0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

CVSROOT:	/cvs/gnats
Module name:	gnats
Changes by:	99/12/21 20:44:24

Modified files:
	gnats          : ChangeLog adm.c adm.h 
	                 btime.c client.c cmds.c config.h 
	                 configure edit.c 
	                 fconfig.y fconfigl.l field.h file-pr.c files.c 
	                 files.h gen-closed-date.c gen-index.c 
	                 getclose.c getdate.y globals.h 
	        gnats.h gnatsd.access gnatsd.c 
	                 gnatsd.h index.c index.h internal.c lists.c 
	                 npr-addr.c npr-edit.c pcodes.h pr-addr.c 
	                 pr-age.c pr-edit.c pr-init.c pr-mail.c 
	                 pr-stat.c pr.c pr.h query-pr.c query.c query.h 
	                 queue-pr.c responsible sub-type.c 
Added files:
	gnats          : database.c database.h 
Removed files:
	gnats          : config.c config.m4 db_conf.c 
	                 db_conf.h field-config gnats-db.conf 
	                 gnatsd.conf xmalloc.c 

Log message:
	* Removed config file and associated trappings, and now most of the
	config that was previously there is now in field-config (which
	will probably be renamed shortly).
	GNATS_ROOT is no longer.  The GNATSDB environment variable is now
	used to determine which database to use (or the -d option to the
	Databases must now be specified by name.  The list of database
	names is now in ${datadir}/gnats_databases by default.  It is
	formatted similarly to the other adm files, and uses the same
	routines.  Since there is one other GNATS file in ${datadir},
	namely gnatsd.access, it may make sense to make a gnats/
	subdirectory there but I'm reluctant to do it for two files.
	Currently GNATSDB only contains a database name; eventually it
	will also be of the form
	which is used for remote access.  Someday some sort of ssh
	tunneling functionality will be added, especially now that the
	emphasis is on remote access.
	The default database is now located in ${sharedstatedir}/gnatsdb.
	I may change things to allow the datafiles to be located
	indepndently from the database.  The only major change would be
	to the scripts, and the vast majority shouldn't need to be changed
	query-pr now supports specifying a format string on the
	command line with the --format option:
	query-pr --format '"%s %s" Number State'
	prints out the Number: and State: field values with
	a space between the two.  Also,
	query-pr --format State
	prints out the State field.
	A new server command, QFMT, has been added.  The query format is
	now specified with QFMT (and must be specified before QUER is
	invoked).  I have not tested remote access lately, it may
	very well be broken (tho gnatsd seems to be working from the
	command line).
	A few new options have been added to query-pr, to print out the
	directory where a database is located, and to dump a sh-compatible
	set of variables describing things like the name of the database,
	its location, etc.
	have been deleted.  DEFAULT_SUBMITTER is gotten from the submitters
	list instead--it's the first entry.  (It always was, it's just
	not being kept in two places now).  There's also no longer a
	default port number--if you need to set a default port, add it
	to /etc/services as a service instead.
	MAIL_AGENT is also gone; the mail-agent script is used instead
	(the script is installed in ${libexecdir}/gnats/mail-agent).
	lists.c has been reoverhauled; it's much better now.  It no longer
	dumps out files directly, except for the field-config file.
	db_conf* have been removed (functionality replaced in database.c).
	Many of the scripts are currently broken (they refer to GNATS_ROOT,
	and they need to call query-pr to get the directory name for the
	database instead).
	Many, many, many prototype fixes.  10 hours worth, in fact.
	Enabled several anal pedantic warnings in gcc.  Eventually these
	will only be enabled when --enable-maintainer-mode is turned on
	(some systems have broken headers and things simply won't
	compile otherwise).
	Removed xmalloc.[ch]; xmalloc is used from libiberty, and free is
	called directly.  There will probably be problems because of this,
	because some libcs are unhappy about freeing NULL pointers; the
	code in GNATS should be fixed instead of using a wrapper.
	gnatsd.conf is now renamed to gnatsd.host_access; a slightly more
	descriptive name.  It also uses the adm.c routines for reading.
	Most of delete-pr is in pr-edit now; delete-pr still handles
	deleting all closed PRs.
	Most of the scripts have been fixed.  Some of them are almost
	certainly still busted.  Scripts that still directly refer to
	files are (mostly) \hbadness 10000 and need to be fixed.  None
	of the scripts should be manipulating PRs or the index file
	directly.  I know that check-db is massively not working
	right now.
	edit-pr is kind of suckage right now, but it should still
	work.  It still knows about which fields need to have
	audit-trail entries added; I had planned on fixing this
	for 4.0, but it won't happen.  Most of the functionality is
	actually in the server, except for sending mail when changes
	The "site" functionality has been removed.  It never was implemented
	very well or thoroughly.  Something similar may be reimplemented,
	but not in 4.0.
	This is likely the last major set of changes before 4.0 beta
	is released.  The only planned changes are to filenames, and
	of course the major associated documentation cleanups.  I
	also need to track down memory leaks, tho given the nature of
	the programs involved this actually isn't all that crucial.

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