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@ 2000-01-01 23:19 bmanson
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CVSROOT:	/cvs/gnats
Module name:	gnats
Changes by:	00/01/01 23:19:23

Modified files:
	gnats          : ChangeLog builtin-fields.h client.c cmds.c 
	                 edit.c fconfig.y field.h 
	                 file-pr.c gen-closed-date.c gen-index.c 
	                 getclose.c gnats.h gnatsd.c gnatsd.h index.c 
	                 internal.c lists.c pcodes.h 
	                 pr-edit.c pr-init.c pr-stat.c pr.c pr.h 
	                 query-pr.c query.c query.h queue-pr.c 
	gnats/man      : 
Added files:
	gnats/man      : 

Log message:
	* man/, man/ New files, again woefully
	* man/ Add a bit more verbiage.
	* man/ Mark obsolete commands.  Mention pr-edit.
	* Use InvalidFieldIndex or the other Invalid* enum entries instead
	of -1.  Don't compare returned values from Unix system calls
	against -1; it's either 0 or non-zero.  Delete global
	is_network_client variables, they haven't been used for some time.
	Change QueryExpr into an anonymous pointer-to-struct; it's now
	encapsulated within query.c as it should be.
	* query.c: Changed DateLessThan and DateGreaterThan to LessThan
	and GreaterThan.  Added ability to search all fields of a
	particular data type (replacement for hardcoded multitext and text
	searches).  Simplified QueryExpr construction.
	(SearchItem, QueryExpr): Moved here from query.h.  Added operator
	string for DefaultSearchType.
	(intFieldCompare): New function, for returning an integer value
	describing the relation between two arbitrary field values.
	(< and > now work on any field type.)
	* query-pr.c (long_options): Removed bogus --print-field option.
	* pr.c (PR_FIELD_TAG_END, PR_FIELD_TAG_START): Moved here;
	this is the only place they should be used.
	(stringToFieldType): New function; use an array instead
	of hardcoding values into a function.
	* lists.c (stringToListType): Case-insensitive comparisons
	are better.
	* gen-closed-date.c: Removed unused catfile option.
	* file-pr.c (create_new_pr_file): Completely fill in the error
	field values.
	* cmds.c: Clean up the response codes so they make more sense and
	are reasonably consistent.  (The page describes the
	classes of errors and responses.)  Removed a few more
	unneeded commands.
	(set_confidential_access): Moved here from gnatsd.c.
	(GNATS_help): Add description for SUBM.
	* client.c: Get rid of a few more globals.
	(server_reply): Strip off the line terminator.
	(get_reply): Handle continuation replies more gracefully.  Don't
	try to parse error strings, they're not intended for us.  Make the
	response codes we handle match those now sent by the server.
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	daemon out of my hat!"
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2000-01-01 23:19 gnats/gnats ChangeLog builtin-fields.h client. bmanson

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