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@ 1999-08-25 21:24 mdj
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From: mdj @ 1999-08-25 21:24 UTC (permalink / raw)
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CVSROOT:	/cvs/guile
Module name:	guile
Changes by:	99/08/25 21:24:43

Modified files:
	guile-core/libguile: ChangeLog __scm.h eval.c eval.h gc.c 
	                     gsubr.c gsubr.h init.c numbers.c objects.c 
	                     objects.h print.c procs.c procs.h snarf.h 

Log message:
	* procs.c, procs.h (scm_subr_entry): New type: Stores data
	associated with subrs.
	SCM_SUBR_DOC): New macros.
	(scm_subr_table): New variable.
	(scm_mark_subr_table): New function.
	* init.c (scm_boot_guile_1): Call scm_init_subr_table.
	* gc.c (scm_gc_mark): Don't mark subr names here.
	(scm_igc): Call scm_mark_subr_table.
	* snarf.h (SCM_GPROC, SCM_GPROC1): New macros.
	* procs.c, procs.h (scm_subr_p): New function (used internally).
	* gsubr.c, gsubr.h (scm_make_gsubr_with_generic): New function.
	* objects.c, objects.h (scm_primitive_generic): New class.
	* objects.h (SCM_CMETHOD_CODE, SCM_CMETHOD_ENV): New macros.
	* print.c (scm_iprin1): Print primitive-generics.
	* eval.c (SCM_CEVAL, SCM_APPLY): Replace scm_wta -->
	SCM_WTA_DISPATCH_1 for scm_cxr's (unary floating point
	primitives).  NOTE: This means that it is now *required* to use
	SCM_GPROC1 when creating float scm_cxr's (float scm_cxr's is an
	obscured representation that will be removed in the future anyway,
	so backward compatibility is no problem here).
	* numbers.c: Converted most numeric primitives (all but bit
	comparison operations and bit operations) to dispatch on generic
	if args don't match.
	* eval.c, eval.h (scm_eval_body): New function.
	* objects.c (scm_call_generic_0, scm_call_generic_1,
	scm_call_generic_2, scm_call_generic_3, scm_apply_generic): New
	* eval.c (SCM_CEVAL): Apply the cmethod directly after having
	called scm_memoize_method instead of doing a second lookup.
	* objects.h (scm_memoize_method): Now returns the memoized cmethod.
	* procs.c (scm_make_subr_opt): Use scm_sysintern0 instead of
	scm_sysintern so that the binding connected with the subr name
	isn't cleared when we give set = 0.

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1999-08-25 21:24 guile/guile-core/libguile ChangeLog __scm.h ev mdj

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