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* Re: [Re: new 0.18 version]
@ 2000-06-01 13:57 Ariel Rios
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From: Ariel Rios @ 2000-06-01 13:57 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: Marius Vollmer; +Cc: guile-gtk

Marius Vollmer <> wrote:
> Ole Myren Rohne <> writes:

> > The possibility of creating custom widgets from guile was my reason
> > for using gtk+ 1.3 in the first place, this means that I'll stay with
> > a slightly stale version of gtk+ 1.3 for my private use - at this
> > point I cannot provide a patch to make guile-gtk work with current
> > gtk+ 1.3
> Aha, I see.  I will put some notes about this on the guile-gtk-TODO
> page.  Hopefully, we can address them for 0.19.

I talked with owen, havoc about this issues maybe this irc log may help
to enlighten our way:

--> ariel ( has joined #gnome
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<ariel> owen?
<synap> i just want to say or does it need more rewrite's then starting from
<owen> ariel: Yse?
<synap> but the word processor is off road?
<miguel2> ariel, what happened with today's food?
>miguel2< chema me dijo que habias cancelado 
--> rhult ( has joined #gnome
<reddot> hmm
<ariel> owen: is there any document explaining the changes in Gtk+1.3?
<owen> ariel: Not really in one place. There is docs/Changes-1.4.txt but that
is mostly "breakages" 
and doesn't deal with obvious stuff or feature additions.
<owen> ariel: You can also get an idea of what is changing by looking at the
GTK+ TODO list at
<ariel> owen: ok. it seems that object class creation has changed and so we
need to do some changes 
so we can bind it in guile
<ariel> hp: so, Gobject is akin to GtkObject? 
<hp> ariel: it's pretty similar
<miguel2> hp: what are the major changes?
<hp> ariel: however GtkObject still works in 1.4
<hp> miguel2: GObject vs GtkObject?
<-- bart has quit ([x]chat)
<hp> GObject doesn't have a destroy() method
--> altic_23 ( has joined #gnome
<hp> GObject has no signals right now, but we are trying to convince Tim that
it should
<miguel2> Oh my god
<miguel2> How do you catch destroys then?
<miguel2> Oh my god.  We need signals
<hp> GObject has a much more elaborate GtkArg equivalent, that is also under
* miguel2 makes a mental note to spank tim
<ariel> hp: is dynamic class creation supported?
<miguel2> So how do you do destroys?
<miguel2> You just changed the name, or there is no way to catch object
<hp> oh yes, you can dynamically load and unload classes, so that plugins can
register types
<crashcut> miguel: i can do that for you.. he lives 10 minutes from here *g*
<miguel2> so the new feature is unloading
<hp> there's shutdown and finalize, but not destroy
<miguel2> what is the diff?
<miguel2> i am confused
<hp> destroy means "break all references to other objects"
<miguel2> But it seems that will cut it
<hp> finalize means "free all memory"
<hp> shutdown means "do whatever you need to do before finalize"
<miguel2> so destroy is shut + fin?
--> arlo ( has joined #gnome
<hp> so GtkObject::destroy is emitted in GObject::shutdown
* miguel2 wonders why there is a distinction
<hp> destroy in GtkObject can now be called more than once, it just breaks
references to other objects and that's it
* ariel fears he will need to do lots of changes on guile-gtk
<hp> ariel: I don't think so, only major one is that Tim took out the sequence
number stuff for type ids
<hacknaked> heehe
<jdube> ooh, ORBit SO does not want to install on my system
--> almer ( has joined #gnome
<ariel> hp: We are not supporting Gtk 1.3 from a while but we are not holding
are release since no one seems really interested in Gtk CVS right now
--> ishamael ( has joined #gnome
<hp> ariel: of course, GTK from CVS is not ready to be used
<hp> ariel: you should wait until it's released
<-- Uraeus has quit (EOF From client)
<ariel> hp: well, actually we did support it for a long time... We always
support both stable and development
<hp> ariel: you at least want to wait for the GObject stuff for GDK to get
merged before you try that
<ariel> hp: sure... still there's not much interest on it but we want to be
<hp> ariel: once there's a beta people will get interested. there's are a
bunch of improvements, it's a pretty huge release

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2000-06-01 13:57 [Re: new 0.18 version] Ariel Rios

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