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From: gilbert buob <>
Subject: Re: insight/230: `Tcl_WideInt' undeclared, <tcl.h>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 09:23:00 -0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

The following reply was made to PR insight/230; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: gilbert buob <>
Subject: Re: insight/230: `Tcl_WideInt' undeclared, <tcl.h>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 11:15:40 +0200

 I have the same compile error  when  building insight. See my original mail, may be it
 can help you.
 Nowtime I am not able to use latest insight with cygwin , I work with an oldier version
 however I made the following trial ( for information )
 trial 1:
 I modify the source by changing the waddr with long and so on ( I have an older
 version of insight wich work and I loock in the code ) compile and link error are ok
 and get an executable wich unfortanely crash at startup.
 trial 2:
 I used "-r gdb_5_2-branch" , so the previous compile errors was ok, but I get a new
 one that i fixed so i got an get an executable wich unfortanely crash at startup.
 ************* THIS IS THE MAIL I SENT ON 23-05 *******
 I wanted to build insight , host is window2000/cygwin and target is
 I follow the procedure as written on the web
 -------> step 1)
 First get the sources for the version of Insight you want to use. The
 basic CVS command is
 cvs -z9 login
 [enter "anoncvs" as the password]
 cvs -z9 co [-r BRANCH]
 ------> step 2)
 cd src/tcl
 cvs -q update -r gdb_5_1-2001-07-29-branch
 cd ../tk
 cvs -q update -r gdb_5_1-2001-07-29-branch
 cd ../itcl
 cvs -q update -r gdb_5_1-2001-07-29-branch
 cd ../libgui/src
 cvs -q update -r gdb_5_1-2001-07-29-branch tkGraphCanvas.c tkCanvEdge.c
 ----> step 3
 add the missing files
 ---> step 4
 configure and build
     ../src/configure --target=i386-elf
 ERROR when compiling files gdbtk-bp.c and gdbtk-cmds.c
 thanks for help
 gilbert schrieb:
   Synopsis: `Tcl_WideInt' undeclared, <tcl.h>
   Responsible-Changed-From-To: unassigned->kseitz
   Responsible-Changed-By: kseitz
   Responsible-Changed-When: Wed Jun 18 01:20:01 2003
   State-Changed-From-To: open->analyzed
   State-Changed-By: kseitz
   State-Changed-When: Wed Jun 18 01:20:01 2003
       Let me address the multitude of problems that I see in your bug report.
       Build failures:
       1. "the very latest mingw was used"
       Insight does NOT build with mingw. It is a cygwin application. From what I
   understand, Insight can debug MinGW applications, but it CANNOT be built by
       2. "when Cygwin gettext-devel was not installed"
       You simply are missing a piece of the puzzle. You also need a working compiler,
   assembler, perl, and a whole lot more. Note that gettext-devel is NOT required by
   Insight. It is required by BFD and several other patckages that Insight relies on.
   Without any explicit dependency tracking (like an RPM or something), there is little
   that I can do other than help users when these kinds of problems occur.
       3. "the g++ in gcc 3.2 was missing"
       Again, g++ is not required by insight/gdb. There is likely something else in the
   repository that requires it, but what that is I cannot even imagine right now...
       4."the older CVS files overwrote, and a Makefile was not edited to remove this
   error: 'cd: can't cd to iwidgets3.0.0/unix"
       I haven't a clue what this is right now. I'm not even sure I understand what you
   mean when you mention overwriting files. Are you checking the sources out or did
   you download a snapshot? If you checked them out, was it a clean checkout or an
   update? If you updated, did you use the cvs option "-P"? Did you use the "-d" option
   in the tcl, tk, itcl, gdb directories? Please explain a little more what you did. I have
   been building insight on cygwin without incident for several months now (the whole
   dejagnu thing excepted).
       Insight DEFINITELY works on cygwin. In fact, it is distributed as part of the
   cygwin gdb package. (Perhaps you are referring to 5.3, which had stability problems
   on cygwin, and that was not Insight, it was Tk.)
       Please explain a little more about your environment. I suspect that your mingw
   environment is getting in the way...
       What does config.cache say the value of "tcl_cv_type_64bit" is? What does
   configure say the host is?

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