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* [PATCH] Added ab_GE locale
@ 2021-08-20 12:10 Nart Tlisha
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From: Nart Tlisha @ 2021-08-20 12:10 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: libc-alpha; +Cc: libc-locales, Nart Tlisha

 localedata/locales/ab_GE | 147 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 147 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 localedata/locales/ab_GE

diff --git a/localedata/locales/ab_GE b/localedata/locales/ab_GE
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000..e8148ef6d2
--- /dev/null
+++ b/localedata/locales/ab_GE
@@ -0,0 +1,147 @@
+comment_char %
+escape_char /
+% This file is part of the GNU C Library and contains locale data.
+% The Free Software Foundation does not claim any copyright interest
+% in the locale data contained in this file.  The foregoing does not
+% affect the license of the GNU C Library as a whole.  It does not
+% exempt you from the conditions of the license if your use would
+% otherwise be governed by that license.
+title        "Abkhazian language locale for Georgia"
+contact      "Nart Tlisha"
+email        ""
+language     "Abkhazian"
+territory    "Georgia"
+revision     "1.0"
+date         "2021-08-20"
+category  "i18n:2012";LC_IDENTIFICATION
+category  "i18n:2012";LC_CTYPE
+category  "i18n:2012";LC_COLLATE
+category  "i18n:2012";LC_TIME
+category  "i18n:2012";LC_NUMERIC
+category  "i18n:2012";LC_MONETARY
+category  "i18n:2012";LC_PAPER
+category  "i18n:2012";LC_MEASUREMENT
+category  "i18n:2012";LC_MESSAGES
+category  "i18n:2012";LC_NAME
+category  "i18n:2012";LC_ADDRESS
+category  "i18n:2012";LC_TELEPHONE
+copy "ka_GE"
+copy "iso14651_t1"
+% Ажьырныҳəа, Жəабран, Хəажəкыра, Мшапы, Лаҵара, Рашəара, Ԥхынгəы, Нанҳəа, Цəыббра, Жьҭаара, Абҵара, Ԥхынҷкәын
+mon          "<U0410><U0436><U044C><U044B><U0440><U043D><U044B><U04B3><U04d9><U0430>";/
+% Ажь, Жəаб, Хəажә, Мш, Лаҵ, Рашә, Ԥхынгә, Нанҳә, Цəыб, Жьҭ, Абҵ, Ԥхынҷ
+abmon         "<U0410><U0436><U044C>";/
+% Ашәахьа, Аҩаша, Ахаша, Аԥшьаша, Ахәаша, Асабша, Амҽыша
+day           "<U0410><U0448><U04D9><U0430><U0445><U044C><U0430>";/
+% Ашә, Аҩ, Ах, Аԥшь, Ахә, Ас, Амҽ
+abday         "<U0410><U0448><U04D9>";/
+week          7;19971130;1
+first_weekday 2
+% %Y ашықәс %d %B, %T
+d_t_fmt       "%Y <U0430><U0448><U044B><U049B><U04D9><U0441> %d %B, %T"
+d_fmt         "%m//%d//%Y"
+t_fmt         "%T"
+am_pm         "";""
+t_fmt_ampm    ""
+% %Y ашықәс %d %B, %T %Z
+date_fmt      "%Y <U0430><U0448><U044B><U049B><U04D9><U0441> %d %B, %T %Z"
+copy "ka_GE"
+copy "ka_GE"
+copy "ka_GE"
+copy "ka_GE"
+% ^[+1yYаА]
+yesexpr "^[+1yY<U0430><U0410>]"
+% ^[-0nNмМ]
+noexpr  "^[-0nN<U043C><U041C>]"
+% ааи
+yesstr  "<U0430><U0430><U0438>"
+% мап
+nostr   "<U043C><U0430><U043F>"
+copy "ka_GE"
+postal_fmt   "%d%N%f%N%d%N%b%N%s %h 5e %r%N%C%z %T%N%c%N"
+% Кырҭтәыла
+country_name "<U041A><U044B><U0440><U04AD><U0442><U04D9><U044B><U043B><U0430>"
+country_ab2  "GE"
+country_ab3  "GEO"
+country_num  268
+country_car  "GE"
+country_isbn 99928
+% Аԥсшәа
+lang_name    "<U0410><U0525><U0441><U0448><U04D9><U0430>"
+lang_ab      "ab"
+lang_term    "abk"
+lang_lib     "abk"
+copy "ka_GE"

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2021-08-20 12:10 [PATCH] Added ab_GE locale Nart Tlisha

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