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@ 2010-06-28 20:38 wysochanski
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From: wysochanski @ 2010-06-28 20:38 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: lvm-devel, lvm2-cvs

CVSROOT:	/cvs/lvm2
Module name:	LVM2
Changes by:	2010-06-28 20:38:23

Modified files:
	man            : 
	tools          : commands.h toollib.c vgcreate.c 

Log message:
	Add --vgmetadatacopies to vgcreate man page, command, and lvm.conf.
	Allow parsing of --vgmetadatacopies for vgcreate.  Accept
	--metadatacopies as a synonym for --vgmetadatacopies.
	Signed-off-by: Dave Wysochanski <>


--- LVM2/man/	2010/05/20 13:47:22	1.8
+++ LVM2/man/	2010/06/28 20:38:23	1.9
@@ -386,7 +386,7 @@
 Currently it can be set to 0, 1 or 2.  The default is 1.  
 If set to 2, one copy is placed at the beginning of the disk
 and the other is placed at the end.
-It can be overridden on the command line with \fB--metadatacopies\fP.
+It can be overridden on the command line with \fB--pvmetadatacopies\fP.
 If creating a volume group with just one physical volume, it's a
 good idea to have 2 copies.  If creating a large volume group with
 many physical volumes, you may decide that 3 copies of the metadata
@@ -406,6 +406,26 @@
 unused space becomes filled with an archive of the most recent
 previous versions of the metadata.
+\fBvgmetadatacopies\fP \(em When creating a volume group using the
+LVM2 metadata format, this is the default number of copies of metadata
+desired across all the physical volumes in the volume group.  If set to
+a non-zero value, LVM will automatically set or clear the metadataignore
+flag on the physical volumes (see \fBpvchange --metadataignore\fP) in order
+to achieve the desired number of metadata copies.  An LVM command that
+adds or removes physical volumes (for example, \fBvgextend\fP, \fBvgreduce\fP,
+\fBvgsplit\fP, or \fBvgmerge\fP), may cause LVM to automatically set or
+clear the metadataignore flags.  Also, if physical volumes go missing or
+reappear, or a new number of copies is explicitly set (see
+\fBvgchange --vgmetadatacopies\fP), LVM may adjust the metadataignore flags.
+Set \fBvgmetadatacopies\fP to 0 instructs LVM not to set or clear the
+metadataignore flags automatically.  You may set a value larger than the
+sum of all metadata areas on all physical volumes.  The value can
+be overridden on the command line with \fB--vgmetadatacopies\fP for various
+commands (for example, \fBvgcreate\fP and \fBvgchange\fP), and can be
+queryied with the \fBvg_mda_copies\fP field of \fBvgs\fP.  This option
+is useful for volume groups containing large numbers of physical volumes
+with metadata as it may be used to minimize metadata read and write overhead.
 \fBdirs\fP \(em List of directories holding live copies of LVM2
 metadata as text files.  These directories must not be on logical
 volumes.  It is possible to use LVM2 with a couple of directories
--- LVM2/man/	2010/06/24 08:36:57	1.7
+++ LVM2/man/	2010/06/28 20:38:23	1.8
@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@
 .RB [ -M | \-\-metadatatype type]
 .RB [ -p | \-\-maxphysicalvolumes
 .IR MaxPhysicalVolumes ]
+.RB [ \-\-[vg]metadatacopies ]
+.IR NumberOfCopies|unmanaged|all ]
 .RB [ \-s | \-\-physicalextentsize
 .IR PhysicalExtentSize [ \fBbBsSkKmMgGtTpPeE\fR ]]
 .RB [ \-t | \-\-test ]
@@ -66,13 +68,24 @@
 The setting can be changed with \fBvgchange\fP.
 For volume groups with metadata in lvm1 format, the limit
 and default value is 255.  
-If the metadata uses lvm2 format, the default value is 0
-which removes this restriction: there is then no limit.
-If you have a large number of physical volumes in
-a volume group with metadata in lvm2 format, 
-for tool performance reasons, you should consider 
-some use of \fB--pvmetadatacopies 0\fP
-as described in \fBpvcreate(8)\fP.
+If the metadata uses lvm2 format, the value 0 removes this restriction:
+there is then no limit.  If you have a large number of physical volumes in
+a volume group with metadata in lvm2 format, for tool performance reasons,
+you should consider some use of \fB--pvmetadatacopies 0\fP as described in
+\fBpvcreate(8)\fP, and/or use \fB--vgmetadatacopies\fP.
+.BR \-\-vgmetadatacopies " " \fINumberOfCopies|unmanaged|all\fP
+Sets the desired number of metadata copies in the volume group.  If set to
+a non-zero value, LVM will automatically manage the 'metadataignore'
+flags on the physical volumes (see \fBpvchange --metadataignore\fP) in order
+to achieve \fINumberOfCopies\fP copies of metadata.  If set to \fIunmanaged\fP,
+LVM will not automatically manage the 'metadataignore' flags.  If set to
+\fIall\fP, LVM will first clear all of the 'metadataignore' flags on all
+metadata areas in the volume group, then set the value to \fIunmanaged\fP.
+The \fBvgmetadatacopies\fP option is useful for volume groups containing
+large numbers of physical volumes with metadata as it may be used to
+minimize metadata read and write overhead.
+The default value is \fIunmanaged\fP.
 .BR \-s ", " \-\-physicalextentsize " " \fIPhysicalExtentSize\fR[\fBbBsSkKmMgGtTpPeE\fR]
 Sets the physical extent size on physical volumes of this volume group.
--- LVM2/tools/commands.h	2010/06/28 20:37:37	1.148
+++ LVM2/tools/commands.h	2010/06/28 20:38:23	1.149
@@ -776,6 +776,7 @@
    "\t[-h|--help]" "\n"
    "\t[-l|--maxlogicalvolumes MaxLogicalVolumes]" "\n"
    "\t[-M|--metadatatype 1|2] " "\n"
+   "\t[--[vg]metadatacopies #copies] " "\n"
    "\t[-p|--maxphysicalvolumes MaxPhysicalVolumes] " "\n"
    "\t[-s|--physicalextentsize PhysicalExtentSize[bBsSkKmMgGtTpPeE]] " "\n"
    "\t[-t|--test] " "\n"
@@ -787,8 +788,8 @@
    addtag_ARG, alloc_ARG, autobackup_ARG, clustered_ARG, maxlogicalvolumes_ARG,
    maxphysicalvolumes_ARG, metadatatype_ARG, physicalextentsize_ARG, test_ARG,
    force_ARG, yes_ARG, zero_ARG, labelsector_ARG, metadatasize_ARG,
-   pvmetadatacopies_ARG, metadatacopies_ARG, dataalignment_ARG,
-   dataalignmentoffset_ARG)
+   pvmetadatacopies_ARG, metadatacopies_ARG, vgmetadatacopies_ARG,
+   dataalignment_ARG, dataalignmentoffset_ARG)
    "Display volume group information",
--- LVM2/tools/toollib.c	2010/06/28 20:36:37	1.203
+++ LVM2/tools/toollib.c	2010/06/28 20:38:23	1.204
@@ -1243,6 +1243,18 @@
 		return 1;
+	if (arg_count(cmd, metadatacopies_ARG)) {
+		vp_new->metadata_copies = arg_int_value(cmd, metadatacopies_ARG,
+	} else if (arg_count(cmd, vgmetadatacopies_ARG)) {
+		vp_new->metadata_copies = arg_int_value(cmd, vgmetadatacopies_ARG,
+	} else {
+		vp_new->metadata_copies = find_config_tree_int(cmd,
+						   "metadata/vgmetadatacopies",
+	}
 	return 0;
--- LVM2/tools/vgcreate.c	2010/02/24 18:15:40	1.78
+++ LVM2/tools/vgcreate.c	2010/06/28 20:38:23	1.79
@@ -35,11 +35,6 @@
-	if (arg_count(cmd, metadatacopies_ARG)) {
-		log_error("Invalid option --metadatacopies, "
-			  "use --pvmetadatacopies instead.");
-	}
 	if (!pvcreate_params_validate(cmd, argc, argv, &pp)) {
@@ -68,7 +63,8 @@
 	    !vg_set_max_lv(vg, vp_new.max_lv) ||
 	    !vg_set_max_pv(vg, vp_new.max_pv) ||
 	    !vg_set_alloc_policy(vg, vp_new.alloc) ||
-	    !vg_set_clustered(vg, vp_new.clustered))
+	    !vg_set_clustered(vg, vp_new.clustered) ||
+	    !vg_set_mda_copies(vg, vp_new.metadata_copies))
 		goto bad_orphan;
 	if (!lock_vol(cmd, VG_ORPHANS, LCK_VG_WRITE)) {

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