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This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "gdb and binutils".

The annotated tag, hjl/linux/release/ has been created
        at  9ab9e889bb4578f8327de2c63929c2049a2c9ed2 (tag)
   tagging  f3144198e9c10936fd734f04e5b6652bc34805e7 (commit)
  replaces  hjl/linux/release/
 tagged by  H.J. Lu
        on  Fri Oct 10 12:41:06 2014 -0700

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Linux binutils

Aaro Koskinen (1):
      sim: ppc: drop $(LIBS) from psim dependency

Adrian Sendroiu (1):
      remote: call remote_check_symbols after attaching

Alan Modra (393):
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      ppc476 icache bug workaround
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      powerpc relax_section and section contents cache
      daily update
      binutils potfiles regen
      daily update
      daily update
      PR15530, mark symbol in executables if it matches dynamic_list
      Enable ppc476 workaround for ld -r.
      Fix bad interaction between --relax and tls optimisation
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      ppc476 workaround for ld -r fixes
      Consolidate ppc64 ld/bfd communication
      daily update
      daily update
      Control powerpc64-ld provision of register save/restore
      daily update
      daily update
      Add ppc476 workaround bootstrap test
      Add file missed from last commit.
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Fix ELF ppc32 targets that don't use ppc32elf.em
      daily update
      Regenerate opcodes/msp430-decode.c
      Fix check_relocs/gc_sweep_hook mismatch
      Incorrect .debug_line prologue header length for 64-bit DWARF
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Fix various copyright issues
      More copyright fixes
      daily update
      daily update
      Remove magic treatment of toc symbols for powerpc ELF
      Support more relocs on 16-bit insn fields
      Support R_PPC64_ADDR64_LOCAL
      Update copyright years
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Better overflow checking for powerpc64 relocations
      Better overflow checking for powerpc32 relocations
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      intptr_t type definition needed
      daily update
      objcopy/strip ELF program header p_vaddr confusion
      daily update
      daily update
      Remove search path from -l:namespec DT_NEEDED
      Fix overflow handling of VLE_SDA21
      Correct ld-powerpc/vle-reloc-2 test
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Revert "Remove magic treatment of toc symbols for powerpc ELF"
      daily update
      Referencing a function's address on PowerPC64 ELFv2
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Handle VDSO section headers past end of page
      daily update
      Fix sim breakage
      ChangeLog missed from last commit
      Fix sim breakage
      daily update
      Pad sections according to current script FILL.
      daily update
      Fix map file reference
      daily update
      daily update
      Report an error on objcopy/strip of sectionless binaries
      daily update
      ppc476 icache workaround fix for bctr
      daily update
      bfd doc chew
      Fix fallout from splitting ldbuildid.[ch] off elf32.em.
      gas TC_PARSE_CONS_EXPRESSION communication with TC_CONS_FIX_NEW
      ppc476 gas warn on data in code sections
      Add a time-stamp for chew
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      ppc476 plt call stubs
      daily update
      daily update
      fill ppc476 fixup area
      Fix more fallout from TC_CONS_FIX_NEW change
      daily update
      Fix LTO mismatched TLS reference
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      PR ld/16787, stale dwarf2 stash
      daily update
      PR16867, linking object with separate debug file
      daily update
      daily update
      Regenerate files for openrisk -> or1k change
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Don't use vma to identify eh_frame personality function
      daily update
      daily update
      bfd target vector rationalisation
      Sort target vectors to suit renaming
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Fix "overflow in PLT unwind data" warning
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Rewrite ppc32 backend .sdata and .sdata2 handling
      Remove unnecessary header from m68k-dis.c
      daily update
      daily update
      Fix whitespace in gas listing errors and warnings
      daily update
      daily update
      Localize varible to avoid warning
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Fix rx "set but not used" warnings
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Fix PowerPC64 ELFv2 icf_safe failures
      daily update
      fix 2014-05-28 ld changes
      fix typos in ChangeLog
      daily update
      Fix gold plugin_test failures on PowerPC64 ELFv2
      Support fusion for ELFv2 stubs
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Allow both signed and unsigned fields in PowerPC cmpli insn
      PROVIDE in linker script vs. built-in symbols
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Unwrap symbols for debug information
      missing changelog entries for 8a5da09b9
      add pr number to changelog
      daily update
      Fix silly thinko
      daily update
      Whitespace fixes for cpu/or1k.opc
      daily update
      Add missing ld makefile dependency for nios.
      Make bfd.link_next field a union
      Move link_hash_table_free functions earlier
      Don't call bfd_link_hash_table_free
      Free linker hash table from bfd_close.
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Fix uninitialised CRIS insn
      Fix uninitialised ARM data
      Fix uninitialised VAX .got and .got.plt section
      Fix uninitialised VAX insn
      Fix TIC54X buffer overruns
      Fix unintitialised TIC6X data
      Report an error on x86 pcrel BFD_RELOC_SIZE64
      Don't leave DLX the_insn uninitialised
      Run write_object_file after errors
      Fix duplicated assignments to __rel_iplt and __rela_iplt symbols
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Don't strip section defining _SDA_BASE_
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Fix undefined symbol errors from
      Avoid cascading errors due to write_object_file change
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Linker foreign output format support for PowerPC64 ELFv2
      Don't include sys/param.h
      Add symbols for global entry stub, and report stats
      Reorganise struct bfd
      daily update
      Set DF_STATIC_TLS for PIEs
      Taking an undefined function's address in an executable
      daily update
      Reload --as-needed libraries inside groups
      daily update
      Update gold
      Use modern AC_INIT in
      Remove some more bfd/ dependencies
      Rename to
      Update "" in comments and doco
      daily update
      Rid libdummy.a from lto.exp
      daily update
      daily update
      Ensure ld testsuite gcc -B options precede $CC -B options
      Reinstate compiler check
      daily update
      Run ar with --plugin for LTO 11 test
      Copy st_other for linker script symbol assignments
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Don't force "set" symbols local for PE
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      tidy elf_merge_st_other
      Account for trailing bytes read from bfd_bread
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Prepare gas for 64-bit obstacks
      daily update
      daily update
      Warn for ar/nm/ranlib/ld on lto objects without plugin
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Prepare gdb for 64-bit obstacks
      Fix LTO vs. COFF archives
      Fix load of archive element with common def for -u sym
      Fix PR17226, ld --gc-sections segfaults on sparc-linux
      chew.c warning fix
      gas/testuite ChangeLog typo
      Regen ld/
      daily update
      Warn for gold on lto objects without plugin
      Allow lto tests to run with older compilers
      PR14918, lto always links in
      Modify new gold test to pass on powerpc64le
      daily update
      Merge WARN and CWARN cases in _bfd_generic_link_add_one_symbol
      missing changelog for last commit
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Fix non-plugin warning symbol handling
      missing changelog
      Change ld "notice" interface for better handling of indirect symbols
      Fix build breakage when ld plugins disabled
      Tighten test for ld plugin support
      Fix non-ELF build breakage
      daily update
      daily update
      Simplify is_ir_dummy_bfd test
      configury changes to make ld plugin support controlled by --enable-plugins
      Linker part of PR16563 fix
      Fix for objdump segfault on broken PE executable
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Cast result of TC_PARSE_CONS_EXPRESSION
      Return error status from bfd_elf_discard_info.
      PR 17287, DT_NEEDED of unneeded libraries affects --as-needed
      PowerPC fix for ifunc broken by d1eca1e4
      LTO plugin with older gcc
      daily update
      Fix --diable-shared --enable-plugins build breakage
      daily update
      Fix typo in f7f2534e
      daily update
      Index PowerPC64 linker generated .eh_frame in .eh_frame_hdr
      Delete redundant struct cie field
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Fix testsuite ld_simple_link_defsyms for windows targets
      Report an error for S-records with less than the miniumum size
      Prevent alpha_vms_object_p stopping bfd_check_format_matches scan
      PowerPC64 call lacks nop error
      daily update
      ppc476 patch area size miscalculation
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Move ELF section headers to end of object file
      daily update
      daily update
      Test for overflow in eh_frame_hdr entries and for overlapping FDEs
      Fix tc-i386.c -Werror=logical-not-parentheses error
      daily update
      Fix some ChangeLog typos
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      daily update
      Produce output file with -noinhibit-exec after overlapping FDE error
      Readelf: Handle forward references to CIEs
      Fix various warnings seen when using gcc-5.0
      Find lto plugin when using gcc-5.0
      daily update

Andreas Arnez (31):
      gdb.exp: Support absolute path name args in 'prepare_for_testing' etc.
      Exploit 'prepare_for_testing' etc. for 'Dwarf::assemble'-generated files
      Migrate dw2-ifort-parameter.exp to Dwarf::assemble
      Fix dw2-ifort-parameter.exp on PPC64
      S390: Fix erroneous offset in fill_gregset.
      Constify regset structures.
      Remove 'arch' field from regset structure.
      AARCH64: Replace regset_alloc() invocations by static regset structures.
      ARM: Replace regset_alloc() invocations by static regset structures.
      X86: Replace regset_alloc() invocations by static regset structures.
      MIPS: Replace regset_alloc() invocations by static regset structures.
      MN10300: Replace regset_alloc() invocations by static regset structures.
      SCORE: Replace regset_alloc() invocation by a static regset structure.
      SPARC: Rename register maps from "*regset" to "*regmap"
      SPARC: Replace regset_alloc() invocations by static regset structures.
      Drop regset_alloc().
      watchpoint-reuse-slot.exp: Correctly skip unsupported commands.
      Rename 'descr' field in regset structure to 'regmap'.
      regcache: Add functions suitable for regset_supply/collect.
      S390: Migrate to regcache_supply/collect_regset.
      AARCH64 Linux: Fill 'collect_regset' in regset structures.
      ALPHA Linux: Fill 'collect_regset' in regset structures.
      FRV Linux: Fill 'collect_regset' in regset structures.
      HPPA Linux: Fill 'collect_regset' in regset structures.
      M32R Linux: Fill 'collect_regset' in regset structure.
      NIOS2 Linux: Fill 'collect_regset' in regset structure.
      SCORE: Fill 'collect_regset' in regset structure.
      TILEGX Linux: Fill 'collect_regset' in regset structure.
      M68K Linux: Define regset structures.
      IA64 Linux: Define regset structures.
      This patch set mainly aims at improving the S/390 disassembler's

Andreas Krebbel (2):
      Fix length arg in call to breakpoint_xfer_memory.
      S/390: Don't replace R_390_TLS_LE32/64 with R_390_TLS_TPOFF for PIE.

Andreas Schwab (3):
      Fix typo in test name
      Fix spurious failures in ld-plugin/lto.exp
      Don't complain about dbCC to long branch conversion

Andreas Tobler (4):
      Add proper arm config for *-*-freebsd*.
      Don't link FreeBSD tests with -ldl.
      ld/ARM: Add target arm*b-*-freebsd*, update target arm*-*-freebsd*.
      * emulparams/ (TEXT_START_ADDR): Increase alignment to 64kB boundary like in

Andrew Bennett (6):
      Add support for the MIPS P5600 family of CPUs.
      Add support for the MIPS eXtended Physical Address (XPA) ASE.
      Fix an issue with "Rearrange MIPS INSN* masks" patch.
      Add MIPS r3 and r5 support.
      Add mips*-img-elf* target triple.
      Add support for MIPS R6.

Andrew Burgess (8):
      gdb.base/memattr.exp regexp improvements.
      cplus-demangler, free resource after a failed call to gnu_special.
      Remove previous frame if an error occurs when computing frame id during unwind.
      Rename frame_stop_reason_string to unwind_stop_reason_to_string.
      Add a TRY_CATCH to get_prev_frame_always to better manage errors during unwind.
      Delete temporary string within demangler even in failure cases.
      Update email address in MAINTAINERS list.
      Improve MI -var-info-path-expression for nested struct/union case.

Andrew Pinski (2):
      2014-02-11  Andrew Pinski  <>

Andy Wingo (5):
      Add configure support for building with guile 2.2.
      Fix excess parentheses in use-modules forms.
      guile.texi (Basic Guile): Fix some typos.
      gdb smob cleanups
      remove unnecessary smob mark/free functions

Anthony Green (5):
      Check fwrite return code
      Add new sign-extension instructions to moxie port
      Add support for two new moxie sign-extension instructions
      Add moxiebox target
      Import config.sub from upstream config repo

Anton Blanchard (3):
      Fix ppc64 single step over atomic sequence testcase.
      gdb.arch/ppc64-atomic-inst.exp: Use standard_testfile, prepare_for_testing.
      gdb.arch/ppc64-atomic-inst.exp: Improve error handling.

Barney Stratford (2):
      Add support for the AVR Tiny series of microcontrollers.
      Adds support for writing values to AVR system I/O registers.

Brad Mouring (1):
      gdb/source.c: Fix matching path substitute rule listing

Cary Coutant (33):
      Add .gdb_index version 7 support.
      Fix problems with the --dynamic-list option.
      Add missing gold/ChangeLog entry.
      Fix issues with gold undefined symbol diagnostics.
      Add readelf support for dumping gold version note sections.
      Fix problem where -u is ignored when a weak undef is seen.
      Update ChangeLog from earlier patch.
      Fix readelf so it doesn't complain about corrupt attribute.
      Allow target to set dynsym indexes.
      Allow target to add custom dynamic table entries.
      Allow target to adjust dynamic symbol value.
      Add explicit instantiations for Sized_symbol::init_output_data.
      Add function to set non-visibility part of st_other.
      Modify gold testsuite to disable plugins added by GCC driver.
      Document optional comma in linker script.
      Allow target to derive from Copy_relocs class.
      Allow target to decide whether to include a section.
      2014-04-15  Sasa Stankovic  <>
      Add missing break statement for case elfcpp::R_X86_64_PLTOFF64.
      Add missing PR ref to ChangeLog entry.
      Fix handling of __ehdr_start when it cannot be defined.
      Don't complain about the source language when we have pubnames/pubtypes info.
      Fix issue where first reserved word of GOT is not initialized if there
      Fix testsuite to use newly-built linker for ehdr_start_test_4, and fix
      Strip .debug_gnu_pubnames and .debug_gnu_pubtypes when building .gdb_index.
      Print unattached sections in the link map.
      Add check to keep from segfaulting on a corrupt .debug_pubnames section.
      Fix dwp to allow intermediate .dwp files with no .debug_types sections.
      Fix internal error with LTO on ARM.
      Fix --defsym to copy symbol attributes.
      Fix problem with optimization of .eh_frame section and --sort-section option.
      Make Elf_file::section_name() a const function, so that it can be used in
      Regenerate gold/

Chen Gang (5):
      A simple replacement of sprintf (xxx, "%s", xxx) with strcpy.
      Fix seg-faults when fetching the frags of local symbols.
      Ensure coff-ppc local symbols are zero terminated
      This fixes a typo in a previous commit.
      readline/search.c: Remove useless parameter '0' for rl_message()

Chris Faylor (3):
      2014-03-17  Christopher Faylor  <>
      2014-03-21  Christopher Faylor  <>
      * ChangeLog: Fix duplicate entry.  Set date on entry correctly.

Chris Metcalf (1):
      This fixes a bug whereby #line directives inside a macro would be ignored,

Christian Eggers (1):
      Call remote_check_symbols even if only symbol-file (not file) has been given

Christian Svensson (3):
      Remove support for the (deprecated) openrisc and or32 configurations and replace
      Add maintainers for OR1K.
      or1k: Do not override section for non-TLS symbols.

Chung-Ju Wu (1):
      Disable gdb for nds32*-*-* until it is supported.

Chung-Lin Tang (2):
      2014-02-20  Chung-Lin Tang  <>
      2014-05-11  Chung-Lin Tang  <>

DJ Delorie (10):
      Add opcode relaxation for rl78-elf
      Add checks for overfar branches
      Support 32->64 sign extension in msp430's sign_ext
      * elf32-msp430.c (msp430_elf_relax_adjust_locals): Avoid overflow.
      Add new link-map-text hook and RX auto-vector support.
      Fix typo.
      * elf32-rx.c (rx_table_map): Use BFD_VMA_FMT for portability.
      [rx] Make .B suffix optional when possible.
      Disambiguate test for relaxation type.
      rl78.h (RL78_RELAXA_MASK): New.  Relax types are enums, not bits

Dan Mick (1):
      Resolve PR ld/16569 by emitting (and comparing) unmangled names, unless

Daniel Gutson (1):
      Add support for ARM assembler produced by CodeCompositor Studio.

David Blaikie (10):
      Compile inline test with -std=gnu89 explicitly to override Clang's default (-std=c99)
      Add return value for non-void function return statements to fix error in clang build.
      Adjust start-of-function braces to be compatible with Clang
      Fix and XFAIL test due to GCC PR55641, passes with clang
      XFAIL under Clang tests using labels
      Return by value to coax Clang into emitting the full definition of a test type.
      Cause clang to emit the definition of a type used only by pointer
      Ensure unreferenced static symbols aren't omitted by clang (either marking them __attribute__((used)) or making them non-static)
      Use attribute to specify the required inlining semantics
      boards/fission.exp: Explicitly pass -ggnu-pubnames for clang.

David McQuillan (1):
      Prevent writes to R15 via LDR or LDM from changing the ARM/Thumb state in pre-v5 architectures.

David Taylor (2):
      compare-sections: New -r option.
      Improve docs of qfThreadInfo packet.

David Weatherford (1):
      Add support to the Xtensa target for creating trampolines for out-of-range branches.

Denis Chertykov (7):
      * config/tc-avr.c: Remove atxmega16x1.
      * gas/tc-avr.c: Add new devices
      * config/tc-avr.c: Add specified_mcu variable for selected mcu.
      * gas/ChangeLog: Revert
      * config/tc-avr.c: Add specified_mcu variable for selected mcu.
      * scripttempl/ Remove KEEP for .data and

Dmitry Gorbachev (1):
      Fix compile time warnings about unused variables 'yyinput' and 'input'.

Don Breazeal (2):
      Add myself as write-after-approval maintainer.
      Refactor ptrace extended event status.

Doug Evans (142):
      Keep current_inferior in sync with event_child.
      Extension Language API
      fix copyright year in new files in previous checkin
      * extension-priv.h (extension_language_script_ops): Add comment.
      add forgotten entry in previous checkin
      * section-scripts.h: New file.
      Revert patch to remove all-lib.
      Add Guile as an extension language.
      Don't crash if pkg-config is not found and guile wasn't explicitly requested.
      * gdb.dwarf2/dwp-symlink.exp: Rewrite to use remote_* commands instead
      Remove stray parantheses for deffn.
      Test for binary,dwp symlinks into different directories.
      * target.c (target_write_partial): Fix result type.
      Resort scm-gsmob.c entry in
      Fix date in previous entry.
      Move entry from ChangeLog to doc/ChangeLog.
      Remove doc/ in recent entries.
      Split python docs into separate file.
      * (check-parallel): rm -rf outputs temp.
      New TESTS variable to run a subset of tests in parallel.
      Rename inferior_list_entry uses from "head" to "entry" for consistency.
      Replace code accessing list implementation details with API calls.
      * inferiors.c (add_thread): Fix whitespace.
      * linux-low.c (add_lwp): Change result to struct lwp_info *.
      Add backlink from lwp_info to thread_info.
      Fix PR symtab/16581
      fix whitespace in previous commit
      Move containing_scm arg from gdbscm_fill_eqable_gsmob_ptr_slot
      * inferiors.c (get_first_inferior): Fix buglet.
      Remove all_lwps global.
      Add single sentence description to top of entry of previous commit.
      lib/gdb.exp (run_on_host): Log error output if program fails.
      * value.c (record_latest_value): Fix comment.
      guile/lib/gdb/printing.scm (append-pretty-printer!): Fix thinko.
      guile/scm-objfile.c (ofscm_mark_objfile_smob): Fix typo in comment.
      * infrun.c (handle_signal_stop): Replace test for
      read_cutu_die_from_dwo: Misc minor cleanups.
      * dwarf2read.c (read_str_index): Rename local dwo_name to objf_name.
      * guile/guile.c (call_initialize_gdb_module): New function.
      Fix segv when referencing a value added to history after a Guile garbage collect.
      Fix pr 16612.
      * gdb.base/async.exp: Whitespace fixes.  Turn on target-async.
      * extension.c (eval_ext_lang_from_control_command): Avoid dereferencing
      * gdb.guile/guile.exp (guile not supported): Verify multi-line
      Fix typo in previous entry.
      * infcmd.c (interrupt_command): Renamed from interrupt_target_command.
      * infcmd.c: Whitespace fixes.
      gdb.linespec/macro-relative.exp: Mark the test as unsupported if using fission.
      * gdb.dwarf2/dw2-abs-hi-pc.exp: Build tests with "nodebug".
      * dwarf2read.c (struct dwarf2_cu): Improve comments for members
      * dwarf2read.c (init_cutu_and_read_dies_no_follow): Fix comments.
      * dwarf2read.c (read_str_index): Delete arg cu.  All callers updated.
      * gdb.texinfo (Non-Stop Mode): Remove trailing whitespace.
      * inferior.h (enum stop_kind): Improve comment.
      * infrun.c (set_last_target_status): New function.
      New option "set print symbol-loading".
      dwarf2read.c (read_cutu_die_from_dwo): Delete unused local comp_dir_string.
      * dwarf2read.c (read_cutu_die_from_dwo): Improve comment.
      * dwarf2read.c (read_cutu_die_from_dwo): Fix assertion, at most one
      (read_cutu_die_from_dwo): Update function comment to match previous change.
      Add support to recognize clang.
      Copy over fix for fetching dynamic type of a reference from python side.
      * gdb.gdb/selftest.exp (do_steps_and_nexts): Don't reference
      Fix wrapper.exp testcase with stdio gdbserver.
      * guile/scm-safe-call.c (scscm_eval_scheme_string): Fix comment.
      Split out older testsuite/ChangeLog entries (prior to 2014)
      Add link to older changes in ChangeLog-1993-2013.
      * python/py-cmd.c (cmdpy_completer): Add comment.
      * dwarf2read.c (read_structure_type): Delete outdated comments.
      Make more robust when run in parallel mode.
      New command line option -D.
      * gdb.base/ (EXECUTABLES): Add completion.
      * gdb.base/completion.exp: Check that all expected files exist
      Copy over changes from guile.texi.
      * inferior.c (prune_inferiors): Fix comment.
      * progspace.c (remove_program_space): Delete, unused.
      * eval.c (evaluate_subexp_standard): Add some comments.
      Remove all_type_unit_groups, unused.
      build_type_unit_groups and moved closer to only caller and renamed
      Fix gdb.multi/base.exp failures.
      Make exception throwers have void result.  Delete unused gdbscm_scm_to_target_string_unsafe.
      * scm-breakpoint.c (breakpoint_functions): Fix typo.
      fix file names in earlier checkin
      fix 80 cols overrun in earlier entry
      Add support for skeletonless type units.
      Add progspace support for Guile.
      Add command support for Guile.
      Add parameter support for Guile.
      resize_section_table cleanup
      * guile/scm-param.c (pascm_make_param_smob): Add ARI comment.
      * guile/scm-type.c (type_smob): Remove duplicate typedef.
      Split create-breakpoint! into make-breakpoint, register-breakpoint!.
      Delete scm-generics.exp.
      * gdb.guile/scm-frame-args.c (foo): Tweak to work with gcc 4.6.3.
      Add support for guile 2.0.5.
      fix email address of previous checkins
      * gdbthread.h (any_running): Declare.
      Revert gdbthread.h (any_running): Declare.
      Fix 17170.
      Add reference to PR 17170 to previous entry.
      Improve error message to cope with pr 17147.
      PR 17185
      PR guile/17177
      PR build/17105.
      PR guile/17146 preparatory work.
      PR guile/17146
      * guile/guile.c (gdbscm_execute_gdb_command): Fix typo in comment.
      * guile/scm-param.c (pascm_print_param_smob): Fix output.
      PR guile/17203
      * inflow.c (child_terminal_inferior): Add comment.
      Fix outputdots so that it doesn't errantly discard the first line of, e.g.,
      linux-nat.c (linux_nat_thread_address_space): Delete dead code.
      Delete "Loaded symbols for ..." message, it is redundant.
      (dwarf_decode_lines_1): Delete local basic_block, unused.
      (dwarf_decode_lines_1): Delete local "column", unused.
      dwarf2read.c (dwarf_decode_lines_1): Add comment.
      (dwarf_decode_lines_1): Move definition of adj_opcode closer to use.
      ada-typeprint.c (print_range): Initialize lo,hi for gcc -Wall.
      Create a typedef for record_line: record_line_ftype.
      Fix pr 17276.
      linux-nat.c (linux_nat_close): Don't pass NULL for "this".
      gdb.threads/thread-execl.exp: #include <stdio.h>.
      Fix clang compilation errors in gdb.mi/basics.c.
      lib/gdb.exp (gdb_compile_shlib): Add support for clang.
      dwarf2read.c (dwarf_record_line): Fix typo.
      Rewrite {amd64,i386}-pseudo.c to better specify register liveness.
      symtab.c (find_function_start_sal): Move definition to better spot.
      Move definition of some prologue-related functions to a better location.
      typeprint.c (find_global_typedef): Fix comment.
      infcmd.c (program_info): Fix typo.
      PR 15276: Add $_caller_is, $_caller_matches, $_any_caller_is, $_any_caller_matches
      Add missing author to previous entry (PR 15276).
      Replace use of magic number with named constant.
      gdb.guile/scm-error.exp: Handle guile 2.2 backtrace output.
      Fix for PR 17247: Block SIGCHLD while initializing Guile.
      Fix regression in default.exp caused by _caller_is, etc.
      PR guile/17367
      Pass plain-text prompt to with_gdb_prompt.
      * linux-nat.c (wait_lwp): Add debugging printf.
      New command queue-signal.
      Fix set up of queue-signal.exp test.
      New "producer" attribute of python gdb.Symtab.

Edjunior Barbosa Machado (5):
      Fix info-shared.exp testcase to expect the leading `.' found on ppc64's symbols.
      2014-07-14  Edjunior Barbosa Machado  <>
      Fix ppc_collect/supply_ptrace_register() routines
      PR tdep/17379: Fix internal-error when stack pointer is invalid.

Eli Zaretskii (5):
      PR gdb/14018 -- avoid "PC register not available" errors.
      Don't use @var at the beginning of a sentence in GDB documentation.
      Include --with-guile in 'show configuration's output.
      Minor improvements in manual indexing.
      Avoid compiler warnings about incomplete parameter types.

Eric Botcazou (2):
      This fixes PR bootstrap/60620:
      This fixes a thinko in the LEON support recently added to the assembler.

Erik Akermann (1):
      This adds the ability to the strings program to display strings that contain \n and \r characters.

Gabriel Krisman Bertazi (3):
      Fix PR gdb/17035: "show user" doesn't list user-defined commands that
      Add myself as write-after-approval GDB maintainer.
      Fix gdb.fortran/array-element.exp failures.

Gary Benson (102):
      Update debug_qf_expand_symtabs_matching to use typedefs.
      Fix compile error
      Prompt the user to file bug reports for internal errors and warnings.
      This patch replaces a call to cplus_demangle with a call to
      Remove preprocessor conditionals for ANSI-standard signals
      Separate out ANSI-standard signals
      Whitespace changes
      Remove unnecessary prototypes
      Remove unused macro
      Comment changes
      Add a const
      Merge printing code
      Merge error handling
      Rename maint_show_dr to debug_hw_points
      Merge i386_update_inferior_debug_regs
      Abstract i386_dr_low access
      Rename functions and make nonstatic as necessary
      Create nat/i386-dregs.h
      Move macros from i386-{nat,low}.c to i386-{nat,low}.h
      Add new internal problem for demangler warnings
      Refactor and expose core-dumping functionality
      Demangler crash handler
      Partially revert 4be83cc2b28ea09aa8ff789839e6520df60836f8
      Refactor i386_{insert,remove}_hw_breakpoint
      Create nat/i386-dregs.c
      Directly call i386-dregs functions
      Vectorize gdbserver x86 debug register accessors
      Move shared native target specific code to gdb/nat
      Fix mingw32 build on x86-64 RHEL 6.5
      Remove unused Linux libthread_db callbacks
      Rename identical functions
      Merge {i386,amd64}_linux_read_description
      Merge ps_get_thread_area
      Pull out common parts of _initialize_{i386,amd64}_linux_nat
      Comment and whitespace changes
      Move duplicated code into new files
      Tidy #include lists
      Fix build on systems without sigaltstack.
      Rationalize "fatal" error handling outside of gdbserver
      Make all source files include defs.h or server.h first
      Do not include config.h directly
      Introduce common/common-defs.h
      Do not include defs.h or server.h in any header file
      Remove spurious va_end in vwarning
      Remove pointless function initialize_interps
      Replace hardwired target-is-async check
      Rearrange awkwardly-nested conditionals
      Move stdio.h to common-defs.h
      Move stdlib.h to common-defs.h
      Move stdarg.h to common-defs.h
      Move stddef.h to common-defs.h
      Move ansidecl.h to common-defs.h
      Move libiberty.h to common-defs.h
      Move pathmax.h to common-defs.h
      Move gdb/signals.h to common-defs.h
      Move gdb_locale.h to common-defs.h
      Move ptid.h to common-defs.h
      Move common-utils.h to common-defs.h
      Include gdb_assert.h in common-defs.h
      Include string.h in common-defs.h
      Move errno.h to common-defs.h
      Ensure internal_vproblem always prints the message
      Introduce common/errors.h
      Introduce common-types.h
      Move print-utils.h to common-defs.h
      Introduce common-debug.h
      Shadow SIM's debug_printf function
      Straightforward fatal to internal_error conversions
      Convert fatal to gdb_assert in both i386_dr_low_set_addr
      Downgrade fatal to warning in linux_async
      Convert fatal to error in remote_prepare
      Convert fatal to perror_with_name in IPA code
      Remove fatal function and prototype
      Make internal_vproblem always work
      Make error usable earlier
      Make warning usable earlier
      Replace hardwired error handlers in tui_initialize_io
      Replace hardwired error handler in captured_main
      Replace hardwired error handler in go32_create_inferior
      Replace all usage errors with calls to error
      Unify startup and option-parsing warnings
      Move internal_{,v}warning to common/errors.[ch]
      Move cleanups.[ch] to common
      Introduce common/gdb_setjmp.h
      Introduce common/common-exceptions.[ch]
      Use exceptions and cleanups in gdbserver
      Use XCNEW rather than xcalloc (1, ...) in linux-x86-low.c
      Rename 32- and 64-bit Intel files from "i386" to "x86"
      x86 debug address register clarifications
      Remove code to cope with LWPs wrapped as PIDs
      Introduce show_debug_regs
      Introduce target/target.h
      Introduce target_{stop,continue}_ptid
      Introduce common/symbol.h
      Introduce common-regcache.h
      Include common-defs.h instead of defs.h/server.h in shared code
      Remove GDBSERVER uses from linux-btrace.c
      Remove GDBSERVER uses from x86-dregs.c
      Clarify GDBSERVER use in linux-waitpid.c
      Rename current_inferior as current_thread in gdbserver
      Rename target_{stop,continue}_ptid
      Update target_stop's documentation

Gregory Fong (1):
      Import the "dirfd" gnulib module.

H.J. Lu (68):
      Update version to
      Add rdynamic-1 test
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Update binutils-pr16496.patch against master
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Add and apply binutils-pr16530.patch
      Mark symbol in executables if it matches dynamic_list
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Remove binutils-pr16530.patch
      Update binutils-pr16496.patch against master
      Create the second PLT for BND relocations
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Update binutils-sharable.patch against master
      Don't output trailing space
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Don't check the plugin target twice
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Scan all input files for symbol reference warning
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Don't issue a warning for reference in LTO IR
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Add tests for PR ld/16846
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Pass --follow-symlinks to patch
      Update binutils-lto-mixed.patch against master
      Rebase binutils-secondary.patch against master
      Handle prefixes before fwait
      Use sigsetjmp/siglongjmp in opcodes
      Move fwait test with prefix to prefix.s
      Properly handle multiple opcode prefixes
      Properly display extra data/address size prefixes
      Properly handle 64-bit GOT relocations
      Only print prefixes before fwait
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Update binutils-lto-mixed.patch against master
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Update binutils-lto-mixed.patch against master
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Update elf_i386_compute_jump_table_size
      Properly match PLT entry against .got.plt relocation
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Match PLT entry only for ELFOSABI_GNU input
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Rebase binutils-secondary.patch against master
      Update binutils-lto-mixed.patch against master
      Don't issue a warning for references in LTO IR to warning symbols
      Remove type directive
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Update binutils-lto-mixed.patch against master
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Don't attach dynamic sections to input from ld --just-symbols
      Use bfd_is_abs_section to check discarded input section
      Check S-record with 0 size
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into hjl/linux/master
      Rebase binutils-secondary.patch against master
      Properly handle suffix for iret and sysret
      Rename OPTION_omit_lock_prefix to OPTION_OMIT_LOCK_PREFIX
      Ignore MOD field for control/debug register move
      Disallow VEX/EVEX encoded instructions in 16-bit mode
      Merge commit '9e5e52835bb205850fb0fa6f0393ecd64b02b22f' into hjl/linux/master
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/hjl/linux/master' into hjl/linux/applied
      Update release note for

Han Shen (1):
      The 3rd patch for aarch64 gold.

Hans-Peter Nilsson (14):
      Fix MMIX build breakage from bfd_set_section_vma change.
      * mmo.c (mmo File layout documentation): Add note about low bits
      mmo.c: Update URLs in documentation comments.
      Add bfd/ChangeLog entry missing in commit.
      Fix freeing of link_info.hash
      ld: Add missing eelf32mbel_linux.c to ALL_EMULATION_SOURCES.
      ld: Split GENSCRIPTS rule from dependencies to fix tdir_'s.
      GAS: Fix CRIS double-error reports caused by recent generic GAS changes.
      GAS: Fix MMIX err-fb-2.s regression caused by recent generic GAS changes.
      Fix frv-elf sim, default hardware to off.
      Fix iq2000-elf sim, default hardware to off.
      Fix sh64-elf sim, default hardware to off.
      Fix m32r-elf sim, default hardware to off.

Hui Zhu (12):
      2014-02-25  Hui Zhu  <>
      Fix a format issue of ChangeLog.
      Move ptid_match to common/ptid.c.
      Remove "hardware" from comments of "target_insert_breakpoint"
      Fix internal warning when "gdb -p xxx"
      Fix internal warning when "gdb -p xxx"
      Remove fixme of packet "k" from doc
      Fix PR breakpoints/16101: gdb.base/dprintf.exp agent-printf failures with non-Z0-supporting gdbservers
      Make "set disassemble-next-line on" can work with DUMMY_FRAME, SIGTRAMP_FRAME and ARCH_FRAME
      Fix issue #15778: GDB Aarch64 signal frame unwinder issue
      Add system test before "set remote system-call-allowed 1" to fileio.exp
      Fix gdb.base/watch-vfork.exp: Watchpoint triggers after vfork (sw) (timeout) with Linux 2.6.32 and older version

Iain Buclaw (1):
      Initial pass at D language expression parser support.

Ilya Tocar (14):
      Add clflushopt, xsaves, xsavec, xrstors
      Change cpu for vptestnmd and vptestnmq instructions.
      Add support for CPUID PREFETCHWT1
      Remove bogus vcvtps2ph variant.
      Fix memory size for gather/scatter instructions
      Add support for Intel SGX instructions
      Fix disasm of vmovsd/vmovss with different length values.
      Properly handle EVEX register aliases
      Add support for AVX512VL. Add AVX512VL versions of AVX512F instructions.
      Add support for AVX512VL versions of AVX512CD instructions.
      Add support for AVX512BW instructions and their AVX512VL versions.
      Add AVX512DQ instructions and their AVX512VL variants.
      Add -momit_lock_prefix=[no|yes] option
      Add -mevexrcig={rne|rd|ru|rz} option to x86 assembler.

Jack Carter (1):
      The PT_DYNAMIC segment was being hard coded to have read, write, and

James Hogan (3):
      Reset errno before PTRACE_PEEKUSER for MIPS DSP_CONTROL
      Remove trad_frame_set_reg_unknown declaration
      Add myself as write-after-approval GDB maintainer

Jan Kratochvil (29):
      Fix PowerPC targets minor memory leaks found by Coverity
      Fix i386-sse-stack-align.exp regression since GDB_PARALLEL.
      Fix Python stack corruption
      Fix "ERROR: no fileid for" in the testsuite.
      PR binutils/16595
      Fix crash on process name "(sd-pam)" (PR 16594).
      Fix dw2-icycle.exp -fsanitize=address GDB crash.
      PR gdb/16626
      PR gdb/16626
      Additional PR 8882 fix.
      Step down from being global maintainer.
      Fix SIGTERM signal safety (PR gdb/15358).
      testsuite: Remove needless linux-nat requirement in gdb-sigterm.exp.
      [testsuite patch] Test power{5,6,7} disassembly
      Fix gdbserver qGetTLSAddr for x86_64 -m32
      Fix TLS access for -static -pthread
      Fix --with-system-readline with readline-6.3 patch 5
      testsuite: Use istarget and is_lp64_target for 3 testcases.
      Fix false argv0-symlink.exp FAIL running under a very long directory name
      PR 17170 - testcase for GDB global --statistics regression.
      PR 17170 - testcase for GDB global --statistics regression - fix up.
      Fix read_frame_arg for optimized-out entry values.
      Remove setting value address for reference entry value target data value.
      Fix incorrect placement of two Intel gdb/NEWS items
      Fix -fsanitize=address on unreadable inferior strings
      Fix 'gcore' with exited threads
      Fix crash on Python frame filters with unreadable arg
      testsuite: Fix runaway attach processes
      Fix regression for Linux vDSO in GDB (PR gdb/17407).

Jan-Benedict Glaw (2):
      2014-08-26  Jan-Benedict Glaw  <>
      2014-09-22  Jan-Benedict Glaw  <>

Jerome Guitton (1):
      [Ada] Full view of tagged type with ptype

Jing Yu (3):
      2014-07-02  Jing Yu  <>
      gold aarch64 patch to enable linking hello_wolrd.
      Add tls support to gold aarch64 backend.

Jiong Wang (12):
      This fixes the aarch64 assembler so that it will generate error messages when
      gas/ARM: Misses deprecated IT instruction warning for ARMv8
      Enable elf_backend_rela_normal for AArch64
      Fix PR 16722 by adding support for 8-byte vector constants.
      [AArch64] Fix ld testcase linker script glitch.
      [ARM] Fix 32-bit host build failure.
      Update email address in gdb MAINTAINERS list.
      Fix typo in my email address.
      [AArch64] Improve copy relocation support on four absolute relocation types
      [ARM] Update selected_cpu based on info got during parsing
      Implement LSE feature
      Generic support for all system registers using mrs and msr

Joel Brobecker (84):
      New Ada maintenance command to ignore descriptive types (DWARF).
      Minor reformatting in valops.c::value_slice
      Delete ada-lang.h::clear_ada_sym_cache (nonexistant function).
      Document the GDB 7.7 release in gdb/ChangeLog
      struct block parameter constification in ada-lang.c
      [Ada] Add a symbol lookup cache
      Add missing call to obstack_init for ada-lang.c::cache_space
      Wrong type for 'Length result.
      [Ada] Rename some observer callbacks in ada-tasks.c
      [Ada] Make the symbol cache per-program-space.
      Reformat symfile-debug.c::debug_qf_expand_symtabs_matching parameters.
      Fix thinko in mi/mi-main.c::mi_cmd_data_write_memory_bytes comment.
      Fix ARI warning in thread-thread.c::dec_thread_get_ada_task_ptid
      Deprecate windows-specific dll-symbols command and aliases
      Ignore DLL load/unload events during inferior initialization.
      Windows: Rely purely on event info when handling DLL load event
      Simplify windows-nat.c::get_module_name
      windows-nat.c: Bring comment back regarding handling of DLL load events.
      Simplify .section in dw2-icycle.S
      Adjust ia64_linux_xfer_partial following to_xfer_partial API change.
      DWARF: Add array DW_AT_bit_stride and DW_AT_byte_stride support
      DWARF: Set enum type "flag_enum" and "unsigned" flags at type creation.
      Add comment in dwarf2read.c::read_subrange_type
      [Python] Make regexp collection printers work with typedefs as well.
      DWARF: Read constant-class addresses correctly
      gdbserver/windows: Ignore DLL load/unload events during child initialization.
      windows: Factorize handling of DLL load address offset
      gdbserver/Windows: Rely purely on event info when handling DLL load event
      Fix sol-thread.c build failure.
      target.h: Expands complete_target_initialization and add_target comments.
      Minor style change in the previous commits' ChangeLog entry.
      Missing space before '(' in ada-lang.c::ada_evaluate_subexp
      Fix guit.texi CL entry.
      [testsuite/Ada] New testcase for packed array renaming.
      [varobj] false type-changed status for reference to Ada array
      Fix ARI warning in darwin-nat.c::darwin_decode_message
      Revert the entire VLA series.
      gdb/testsuite/ChangeLog: Fix path to a few files in previous entries.
      ada-lang.c: Expand standard_exc's introductory comment.
      remove unnecessary second call to static_unwrap_type in ada_evaluate_subexp
      Unnecessary XA type handling in ada_varobj_describe_simple_array_child
      Enhance dwarfread.c::resolve_dynamic_type to resolve dynamic ranges
      Improve Ada dynamic range type handling.
      dwarf2read.c::read_subrange_type: Handle dynamic lower bounds
      Add gdb.ada/dyn_arrayidx testcase.
      Document the GDB 7.7.1 release in gdb/ChangeLog
      Do not build gdbserver with -Werror by default if development=false
      Remove "set/show remotebaud" (deprecated) commands.
      Remove some trailing spaces in source.c
      simplify substitute_path_rule_matches using filename_ncmp
      Unnecessary restore of timeout global at end of gdb.base/completion.exp
      User breakpoint ignored if software-single-step at same location
      gdb/doc/python.texi: Fix reference to "Progspaces In Python".
      gdbserver crash if the_target->supports_z_point_type is NULL
      Make it easy to make --disable-werror the default for both binutils and gdb
      gdbtypes.resolve_dynamic_range: Add function description.
      thinko in serial.c::serial_write debug trace
      Bump version to 7.8.50.DATE-cvs.
      Update NEWS post GDB 7.8 branch creation.
      Document the gdb-7.8 release in GDB's ChangeLog.
      x64-windows: Fix extraction of chained UNWIND_INFO
      Add debug trace in amd64-windows-tdep.c::amd64_windows_frame_decode_insns
      Handle variable-sized fields in the interior of structure type
      Add "frame.h" #include in gdbarch.h.
      Fix indentation level in ada-lang.c::ada_evaluate_subexp.
      avoid "if ... else if ... else" logic in ada-lang.c::ada_evaluate_subexp
      ada_evaluate_subexp<OP_VAR_VALUE>: Avoid static fixing when possible.
      Add support for DW_OP_push_object_address.
      Add support for DW_AT_data_location.
      [Ada] "ptype" of array where bound value uses DW_OP_push_object_address
      DW_AT_data_location and DW_OP_push_object_address testcase.
      gdb.dwarf2/data-loc.exp: Remove second DW_AT_upper bound in array range.
      value_from_pointer: remove call to resolve_dynamic_type
      Fix handling of typedefs to types having a data_location attribute.
      Fix dwarf2loc.h::dwarf2_evaluate_property function description.
      Regenerate top-level configure.
      Fix missing "struct iovec" definition on some x86-linux.
      Add <sys/uio.h> #include back in amd64-linux-nat.c.
      print PTR.all where PTR is an Ada thin pointer
      Ada subscripting of pointer to array with dynamic bounds
      Ada: Print bounds/length of pointer to array with dynamic bounds
      dynarr-ptr.exp: Add ptype tests.
      Fix CPPFLAGS handling in gdbserver's build.
      Add Sergio Durigan Junior as maintainer of SystemTap support in GDB.

Joel Sherrill (5):
      Add or reactivate or1k-*-rtems*
      Disable gdb for or1k*-*-* until supported
      or1k: RTEMS target support and simplify matching
      or1k: GDB not supported for or1k*-*-rtems*
      psim: Correct spelling in comments.

John Marino (1):
      * configure.tgt: Add /lib to dragonfly NATIVE_LIB_DIRS.

Jon TURNEY (2):
      Add support for generating and inserting build IDs into COFF binaries.
      Change pe/coff build-id section name to '.buildid'

Jon Turney (2):
      * peXXigen.c (pe_print_edata): Verify lies inside
      This fixes a few issues with pe/coff build-ids that were discovered since the

Jose E. Marchesi (8):
      This changeset makes sparc64_linux_step_trap to return 0 when a
      Add gdbarch_in_function_epilogue_p hook for sparc64.
      Fix passing double float complex arguments in sparc64.
      Fix offsets to access fpregset_t in sparc64-linux targets.
      Fix Sparc test which was failing in the presence of new v9 opcodes.
      This patch adds support for the hyperprivileged registers %hstick_offset
      gas tests for the sparc instructions ldfsr, stfsr, ldx, ldxa, stx, stxa, ldxfsr, stxfsr, ldxefsr.
      gas: fix bumping to architectures >v9 in sparc64-* targets.

Justin Lebar (1):
      Improve Type.template_argument docs in Python API.

Kai Tietz (4):
      2014-06-01  Ray Donnelly  <>
      * libcoff-in.h (coff_tdata): Make relocbase member unsigned.
      * libcoff-in.h (coff_tdata): Make relocbase member unsigned.
      Fix file-alignment for objcopy for pe-coff

Kaushik Phata (1):
      This adds support for marking RL78 binaries as either supporting 32-bit

Kaz Kojima (2):
      Fix PR10378 which is SH relax bug.
      Fix PR10373 which is SH relax bug.

Keith Seitz (12):
      Remove VAR_DOMAIN/STRUCT_DOMAIN ambiguity from ada-tasks.c.
      Fix c++/16675 -- sizeof reference type should give the size of
      Remove symbol_matches_domain. This fixes
      Test suite cleanup.
      Remove unused globals in mi-simplerun.exp.
      PR c++/16597
      PR c++/16597
      PR gdb/15827
      Introduce some new MI test suite cleanups for breakpoint and
      Fix a dangling cleanup in linspec_parse_basic.
      Revert patchset for c++/16253: it causes a large performance regression.
      Fix for PR mi/15863

Kevin Buettner (4):
      Update mn10300 dwarf register map
      Add g10 support to rl78-tdep.c.
      Revise signal mapping function in GDB interface for RX sim.
      Use 16-bit integer type for rl78 register pairs.

Kuan-Lin Chen (3):
      NDS32/opcodes: Add audio ISA extension and modify the disassemble implemnt.
      NDS32: Code refactoring of relaxation.
      NDS32/bfd: Synchronize the argument type.

Kwok Cheung Yeung (1):
      This patch causes local GOT entries addressed via a 16-bit index to

Kyle McMartin (3):
      aarch64: detect atomic sequences like other ll/sc architectures
      Similarly to the AArch64 patch, set DF_STATIC_TLS for consistency with
      ld/arm: adjust offsets in tls-gdierelax2.d

Kyrylo Tkachov (2):
      [ARM] Fix vcmp with #0.0
      [ARM] Add Cortex-A17 support to gas

Linda Zhang (1):
      Change the default behaviour of the PE targeted linker so that timestamps are

Ludovic Courtès (5):
      guile: Fix typos in the manual.
      guile: Add 'history-append!' procedure.
      guile: Allow compilation with Guile <= 2.0.5.
      guile: Type-check the argument to 'history-append!'.
      PR external/{16327,16328}: Remove etc/configure.texi and etc/standards.texi.

Luis Machado (4):
      In a couple functions (type_update_when_use_rtti_test and
      The testcase was generating DW_AT_high_pc and DW_AT_low_pc entries
      This testcase currently does not handle powerpc branches. It kinda

Maciej W. Rozycki (27):
      Power: Correct little-endian e500v2 GPR frame offsets
      Avoid using the ISO C99 `z' formatted output modifier
      gdb.threads/thread-specific.exp: Fix uninitialized variable references
      gdb/testsuite: Bump up `match_max'
      gdb.reverse/sigall-reverse.exp: Typo fix
      gdb/testsuite: Add a way to send multiple init commands
      MIPS: Respect the "set mips compression" command
      MIPS: Fix a .pdr section linker buffer overrun
      ARM/ld: Correct macro formatting in armelf.em
      GAS: Replace leading spaces with tabs across dw2gencfi.c
      MIPS/gas/testsuite: mips.exp indentation fixes
      PowerPC64/BFD: Fix ppc64_elf_set_toc indentation
      MIPS/opcodes: Remove microMIPS 48-bit LI instruction
      ARM/gas: Fix a build failure with GCC 4.3.3
      ARM/opcodes: Fix negative hexadecimal offset disassembly
      Power/GAS: Don't set VLE annotation for non-VLE processors/instructions
      MIPS/gas/testsuite: Remove ECOFF offset alternatives
      MIPS/gas: SAA/SAAD macro clean-ups
      MIPS: Make the CODE10 operand code consistent between ISAs
      Move `_initialize_varobj' to the end of varobj.c
      GDB/testsuite: Extend the time gdbserver is waited for
      gdbserver-support: Handle gdbserver start failures
      GDB/testsuite: Avoid timeout lowering
      GDB/testsuite: Add/correct gdb.reverse timeout tweaks
      GDB/testsuite: Correct gdb.base/watchpoint-solib.exp timeout tweak
      MIPS: Don't infer IRIX OS ABI from generic section names
      CONTRIBUTE: For internals refer to wiki, not gdb/doc

Maks Naumov (1):
      Fix typo in _bfd_elf_strtab_add

Marc Khouzam (1):
      Assign 'targerr' instead of 'targ' to gdb_stdtargerr.

Marcus Shawcroft (5):
      [AArch64] Fixup ld-aarch64/eh-frame.d expected PC range.
      [AArch64] Fix off by one error in instruction relaxation mask.
      Drop prefix from unsupported source path.
      Drop srcdir from untested source path.
      Fix gdbserver cross build.

Maria Guseva (1):
      This fixes a problem building large (> 2Gb) binaries on 32-bit hosts.  Using a

Mark Kettenis (26):
      Fix build on OpenBSD/sparc64.
      Fix build on recent versions of OpenBSD.
      Add support for ELF core files on OpenBSD/sparc64.
      Avoid bison-isms when using yacc.
      A phony target should not be a prerequisite of a real target file
      Avoid killing all processes.
      Add signal number conversions for OpenBSD.
      FIX EOF detection in PT_IO-based to_xfer_partial implementation.
      Call obsd_init_abi for OpenBSD/sparc64.
      Add auxv parsing to the architecture vector.
      Add gdbarch auxv parsing for OpenBSD.
      Call common OpenBSD ABI init code on OpenBSD/mips64.
      StackGhost cookie is per-process.
      Prevent compiler warning.
      Support rthreads on OpenBSD 5.2 and later.
      Stupid git never fucking does what I want!
      Enable rthreads supports on OpenBSD/sparc64.
      Add sparc64obsd-nat.c to ALLDEPFILES.
      Enable rthreads support on OpenBSD/amd64.
      Enable rthreads support on OpenBSD/mips64.
      Fix ChangeLog.
      Eliminate pointer signedness warning.
      Enable rhreads support on OpenBSD/i386.
      Silence ARI warning.
      Enable rthreads support on OpenBSD/powerpc.
      Git sucks!

Mark Wielaard (2):
      gdb/testsuite: Handle underlying type in gdb.cp/var-tag.exp.
      Handle volatile array types in dwarf2read.c.

Markus Metzger (11):
      btrace, test: fix gdb.btrace/data test
      btrace: no replay without history
      btrace: control memory access during replay
      test, gcore: move capture_command_output into lib/gdb.exp
      btrace, vdso: add vdso target sections
      btrace: async support
      symfile, vdso: remove target sections
      make_corefile_notes: have caller free returned memory
      gcore, target: allow target to prepare/cleanup for/after core file generation
      btrace: pretend we're not replaying when generating a core file
      reverse-finish: turn internal error into normal error

Markus Trippelsdorf (1):
      This patch allows one to place the gcc's liblto_plugin in the lib/bfd-plugins directory

Martin Liška (1):
      2014-05-08  Martin Liška  <>

Martin Storsjo (1):
      [AArch64] Fix the documentation on :pg_hi21:

Masaki Muranaka (1):
      [gdb/doc] Add target triplet to man files

Matthew Fortune (9):
      [MIPS] Implement O32 FPXX, FP64 and FP64A ABI extensions
      [MIPS] Rename COPROC related macros
      MIPS: Update the list of addr32 targets
      MIPS testsuite cleanup - part 1
      MIPS testsuite cleanup - part 2
      MIPS testsuite cleanup - part 3
      MIPS testsuite cleanup - part 4
      Ensure softfloat and singlefloat take precedence in consistency checks
      MIPS: Don't sign extend the addend for RELA relocations

Max Filippov (2):
      Fix alignment for the first section frag on xtensa
      Fix xtensa ld segfault when linking linux modules

Michael Eager (5):
      2014-01-07  Michael Eager <>
      Sim - Use long int format instead of int to avoid compiling warning
      Fix for remote G Packet message too long error for baremetal.
      se typecast 'size_t' on 'reg', not only avoid the related warning, but
      This patch uses target_read_code instead of target_read_memory in

Michael Sturm (1):
      Add AVX512 registers support to GDB and GDBserver.

Michael Zolotukhin (2):
      Fix shift for AVX512F gather/scatter instructions
      Add gather/scatter tests with incorrect memory operand

Mike Frysinger (13):
      sim: delete duplicate SIGINT handling
      sim: convert old style prototypes
      sim: constify prog_name
      sim: constify arg to sim_do_command
      sim: msp430: fix build time warnings
      sim: msp430: set initial PC to ELF entry if available
      sim: msp430: start a test framework
      opcodes: blackfin: handle memory read errors
      opcodes: blackfin: do not force align the PC
      opcodes: blackfin: push down global state
      opcodes: blackfin: avoid duplicate memory reads
      opcodes: blackfin: simplify decode_CC2stat_0 logic
      opcodes: blackfin: convert ad-hoc ints to bfd_boolean

Mike Stump (1):
      * messages.c (as_warn_internal): Ensure we don't interleave output

Nick Clifton (75):
      Update the tic6x linker tests to match the current behaviour of the linker and readelf.
      A recent update to the binutils means that RELA sections now have the
      The MSP430 linker contains emulations for old and obsolete MCU types.
      A recent change to the BFD library has meant that the osabi field in
      When parsing a DW_FORM_ref_addr attribute the CU containing the
      Following up on Tom's suggestion I am checking in a patch to replace the various
      My patch to the binutils strip-10.d test was wrong.  The osabi field should always be set to
      This patch adds a default manifest in to the final links performed by the Cygwin and MinGW targets.
      This patch enhances the MSP430 port of GAS so that, if requested, it will
      Install patch for PR ld/16017.  This adds support for generating PLT entries
      Remove default-manifest from ALL_EMUL_EXTRA_BINARIES so that it is not mistakenly
      Patch for PR binutils/16664 which triggers a seg-fault when attempting to
      Add myself as the maintainer for the MSP430 sim.
      Update the documentation for the AR command so that it shows the --plugin
      Prevent the linker from generaing a seg-fault when the user attempts to link
      The value of a bignum expression is held in a single global array.  This means
      Make the new aarch64 bignum test endian agnostic.
      Fix build time problem with MingGW hosts, which do not have a strnlen() function.
      Add support for instruction level tracing to the ARM simulator.
      readelf -s test: Skip extra symbols produced by MSP430 assembler.
      Add support for parsing VFP register names in .cfi_offset directives.
      Convert function declarations to ISO C format.  Remove redundant code.
      Improve .rsrc section merging with better handling of the alignment adjustments
      Fix RX gas testsuite failures by accounting for new variations in the disassembler's output.
      Fix typo in changelog entry.
      Fix RX linker testsuite failures by making the assembler use conventional section names.
      Remove spurious character.
      Improve .rsrc section merging again.  This time with an algorithm that
      This is a fix for PR binutils/16723, where a corrupt .gnu.version_r section could
      An off-by-one error in the code to catch bogus vn_next fields meant that
      This patch adds a new pseudo-op - .seh_code - to structured exception handling
      This fixes a problem for 64-bit Cygwin, where building some packages can
      Add support for %hi8, %hi16 and %lo16 being used when relocation are necessary.
      This fixes a compile time error triggered by -Werror=format-security because
      This is a fix for PR ld/16744 which showed that an object file linked with -r and -z [no]execstack
      This fixes an internal error in GAS, triggered by the test case reported in PR 16765.
      This patch removes the inclusion of the default manifest in final links for
      Fix a few more targets affected by the change to the TC_CONS_FIX_NEW macro.
      Remove remaining default manifest support.
      Regenerate header files after this commit:
      PE32+ binaries that use addresses > 1^32 have a problem in that the linker
      Add a note to the GDB/NEWS file mentioning that the ARM simulator now
      Another fix for building on a 32-bit host.
      Fix PE/COFF resource merging problems.  There were two issues:
      Fix a problem building the ARM assembler for non-ELF based toolchains.
      * peXXigen.c (rsrc_print_section): Fix compile time warning for
      This fixes a compile time warning which is being treated as an error.  Older
      This patch reworks the fix to avoid a compile time warning so that it will work
      This fixes a bootstrapping problem with gcc 4.9 in an x86 PE environment.
      Fixes a problem with the BFD library running out of memory because it mistakenly
      Add support for emulating the MSP430 hardware multiply feature.
      Prevent the V850 assembler from generating an internal error if it is asked to
      Extend the fix already created for PR 16858 so that it works with x86 PE targets as well.
      Fix MSP430 assembler to support #hi(<symbol>).
      If the binutils testsuite is run on an installed toolchain the tests involving
      Change -mz command line option to -my for the MSP430 port of GAS.
      Fix the disassembly of MSP430 extended index addressing mode.
      Fix a small but in the emulation of the MSP430 hardware multiply.
      This is to fix a further problem with merging resource sections.  It turns
      Update expected disassembly of MSP430X instructions now that the disassembler
      Fixes a problem exposed by the aarcg64/illegal.s test case - where the assembler was
      Prevent large (or negative) version values from overflowing into other fields when
      Fixes to allow a toolchain configured with --enable-all to build on a 32-bit host.
      Fixes a problem displaying the contents of a binary containing corrupt debug
      Fixes part of a problem reading deliberately non-conforming ELF binaries - where a
      This patch prevents a linker testsuite error if the checks are run with a
      Remove an accidental commit.
      This fixes PR 17110 which shows that the SH section relocation code can be called
      This fixes the processing of BFD_RELOC_RL78_DIFF fixups when the size is less
      Replace static variables in the MSP430 simulator with fields in the cpu state structure.
      This patch adds support for FreeBSD ARM in gas.
      Add copyright notice to linker script files.
      Enabling the HIGH_ENTROPY_VA flag allows the operating system to use
      Fix a typo in the selection pattern for the or1knd cpu.
      Fix linker testsuite failures for Aarch64.

Omair Javaid (7):
      Support for HWbreak/watchpoint across fork/vfork on arm-native
      Add support for reading Aarch64 core dumps.
      Implement support for recording arm/thumb mode coprocessor instructions
      Implement support for recording thumb2 ASIMD struct ld/st insns
      Implement support for recording VFP data processing instructions
      Implement support for recording extension register ld/st insn
      Implement support for recording vector data transfer instructions

Patrick Palka (2):
      Fix terminal state corruption when starting a program from within TUI
      Fix PR12526: -location watchpoints for bitfield arguments

Pedro Alves (163):
      Fix gdb.threads/stepi-random-signal.exp on software single-step targets.
      Make sure we don't resume the stepped thread by accident.
      H8/300: Fix gdb<->sim register mapping.
      H8/300: Fix pseudo registers reads/writes.
      Explicitly mark vtables as code space
      remote.c: Use the ptid.lwp field to store remote thread ids rather than ptid.tid.
      common/ptid.h: Mention that process_stratum targets should prefer ptid.lwp.
      Rename test.
      procfs.c: Don't install a deprecated_xfer_memory method
      Re-implement ia64-linux-nat.c::ia64_linux_xfer_partial
      Multiple Ada task-specific breakpoints at the same address.
      remote-mips.c: Don't install a deprecated_xfer_memory method
      remote-m32r-sdi.c: Don't install a deprecated_xfer_memory method
      nto-procfs.c: Don't install a deprecated_xfer_memory method
      go32-nat.c: Don't install a deprecated_xfer_memory method
      eliminate target_ops->deprecated_xfer_memory
      bsd-uthread.c: Don't install a to_xfer_partial method
      Mention PR breakpoints/16292 in corresponding ChangeLog entry.
      Move linux-nat.c:status_to_str to nat/linux-waitpid.c.
      Teach GDBserver's Linux backend about no unwaited-for children (TARGET_WAITKIND_NO_RESUMED).
      Linux waitpid/__WALL emulation wrapper: If WNOHANG is set, don't touch sigprocmask.
      PR gdb/16575: stale breakpoint instructions in the code cache
      AIX 32-bit core loading, high section addresses.
      Make the go32-nat.c target inherit inf-child.c.
      Mention PR gdb/16696 in corresponding ChangeLog entry.
      Make the windows-nat.c target inherit inf-child.c.
      Make the nto-procfs.c target inherit inf-child.c.
      inf-child.c: Update comments.
      inf-child.h: Update comment.
      Make 'make check TESTS="..."' work from GDB's build dir.
      Factor out foreground/background execution command preparation.
      Don't mention "Unix" in native target name.
      Rename Solaris's target to "target child" like most other ports.
      Rename native-only terminal related functions.
      PR gdb/13860: make "-exec-foo"'s MI output equal to "foo"'s MI output.
      gdb.base/async.exp: Leave gdb_protocol alone.
      gdb.base/async.exp: Don't hardcode line numbers.
      gdb.base/async.exp: Fix stepi& test.
      gdb.base/async.exp: Use prepare_for_testing.
      gdb.base/async.exp: Factor out test pattern to a procedure.
      gdb.base/async.exp: Fix races.
      gdb.base/async.exp: Make test messages unique.
      gdb.base/async.exp: Enable it.
      Fix missing breakpoint/watchpoint hits, eliminate deferred_step_ptid.
      PR breakpoints/7143 - Watchpoint does not trigger when first set
      Fix for even more missed events; eliminate thread-hop code.
      Handle multiple step-overs.
      Make signal-while-stepping-over-bp-other-thread.exp run against remote targets too.
      Further cleanup of signal-while-stepping-over-bp-other-thread.c.
      make dprintf.exp pass in target async mode
      normal_stop: Extend and clarify comment.
      "source", foreground execution commands, and target-async
      [GDBserver] Fix SH/Linux build.
      breakpoint shadowing, take single-step breakpoints into account.
      Conditional Z1 breakpoint hangs GDBserver.
      gdb.base/sym-file.exp: clean up test messages a bit.
      Make sym-file.exp work with remote targets and hosts.
      gdb.base/sym-file-loader.c: Fix typo.
      gdb.base/sym-file.exp, hide guts of the custom loader.
      Fix PR backtrace/15558
      Make gdb_continue_to_breakpoint fail quickly on internal errors.
      Consecutive step-overs trigger internal error.
      Don't suppress errors inserting/removing hardware breakpoints in shared
      Stale breakpoint instructions, spurious SIGTRAPS.
      gdbserver: perror_with_name: Add ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN.
      gdbserver: decouple x86 watchpoint / hw breakpoint routines from Z packet numbers.
      [gdbserver] mem-break.c:find_gdb_breakpoint_at: Make static.
      Fix several "set remote foo-packet on/off" commands.
      PR server/16255: gdbserver cannot attach to a second inferior that is multi-threaded.
      Add missing gdbserver/ChangeLog entry for previous commit.
      Fix remote connection to targets that don't support the QNonStop packet.
      Rename testsuite/boards/local-remote-host.exp -> testsuite/boards/local-remote-host-notty.exp
      New testsuite/boards/local-remote-host.exp board, now with editing on
      gdb_load: Fix latent bugs
      mi-support.exp: Fix some pastos.
      [GDBserver][AArch64] Make watchpoint support use target_hw_bp_type.
      [GDBserver] Move Z packet defines and type convertion routines to shared code.
      [GDBserver] Make Zx/zx packet handling idempotent.
      Make compare-sections work against all targets; add compare-sections [-r] tests.
      Make the dcache (code/stack cache) handle line reading errors better
      Rename "target child" to "target native".
      Rename "target djgpp" -> "target native"
      Rename "target darwin-child" -> "target native"
      Rename "target GNU" -> "target native"
      Windows: Rename "target child" -> "target native"
      nto-procfs.c: Add "target native".
      go32-nat.c: Don't override to_open.
      NEWS: Mention native target renames.
      Allow making GDB not automatically connect to the native target.
      Native targets: Add inf-child.c:inf_child_mourn_inferior and use it.
      PR gdb/13860: make -interpreter-exec console "list" behave more like "list".
      PR gdb/13860: don't lose '-interpreter-exec console EXECUTION_COMMAND''s output in async mode.
      Don't store the inferior's exit code for --return-child-result in a print routine.
      Add new infrun.h header.
      Fix demangler testsuite crashes with CP_DEMANGLE_DEBUG defined
      PR15693 - Fix spurious *running events, thread state, dprintf-style call
      PR gdb/15713 - errors from i386_linux_resume lead to lock-up
      PR gdb/13860 - Make MI sync vs async output (closer to) the same.
      Make display_gdb_prompt CLI-only.
      enable target async by default; separate MI and target notions of async
      unbreak infcalls
      infrun.c: stop_stepping -> stop_waiting.
      infrun.c: simplify "end stepping range" code a bit.
      Running the current tree against my software-single-step-on-x86_64
      PR breakpoints/17000: user breakpoint not inserted if software-single-step at same location - test
      gdbserver: on GDB breakpoint reinsertion, also delete the breakpoint's commands.
      dprintf-style agent can't explain a trap.
      Installing a breakpoint on top of a dprintf makes GDB lose control.
      PR breakpoints/17000: user breakpoint not inserted if software-single-step at same location - test
      Skip sss-bp-on-user-bp-2.exp on remote hardware step targets.
      break-unload-file.exp: Fix typo.
      sss-bp-on-user-bp-2.exp sometimes fails on native GNU/Linux.
      Fix a bunch of fork related regressions.
      PR remote/17028: GDB+GDBserver hangs on Windows
      Move ChangeLog entry to proper place.
      "$ gdb PROGRAM" vs "(gdb) file PROGRAM" difference; warn on failure to remove breakpoint.
      Fix next over threaded execl with "set scheduler-locking step".
      x86 Linux watchpoints: Couldn't write debug register: Invalid argument.
      PR gdb/17096: async support breaks remote debugging on Windows
      Mention PR gdb/17096 in ChangeLog
      Fix "attach" command vs user input race
      GDBserver crashes when killing a multi-thread process
      Garbage collect value_contents_equal.
      Put the inferior's terminal settings in effect while running (fg) infcalls
      Eliminate exceptions.c:print_any_exception.
      Move catch_command_errors and catch_command_errors_const to main.c
      testsuite: Introduce gdb_assert
      Canceling pagination caused by execution command from command line aborts readline/gdb
      Background execution + pagination aborts readline/gdb
      Remove the target from the event loop while in secondary prompts
      Fix double prompt
      Put GDB's terminal settings into effect when paginating
      Add missing ChangeLog entry for 15cd413a
      [GDBserver] Avoid stale errno
      [GDB/Linux] Avoid stale errno
      gdb.base/reread.exp: Really restart GDB
      gdb.trace/tfile.c: Remove Thumb bit in one more more, general cleanup
      Linux: Use kill_lwp/tkill instead of kill when killing a process
      Fix crash on optimized-out entry data values
      Fix pagination crash when the TUI is active
      Fix paginate-*.exp races
      Always pass signals to the right thread
      fix build: update clear_proceed_status callers
      gdb.threads/signal-command-handle-nopass.exp: Add comment
      Remove stale comment
      Handle partially optimized out values similarly to unavailable values
      value.c (value_contents_bits_eq): Initialize l,h for gcc -Wall.
      Integrate PR 12649's race detector directly in the testsuite machinery
      Remove useless gcore command detection
      infcmd.c: Remove stale TODO
      Regression for i686 gdb.dwarf2/pieces-optimized-out.exp
      parse_number("0") reads uninitialized memory
      testsuite: refactor spawn and wait for attach
      gdb/17347 - Regression: GDB stopped on run with attached process
      [IRIX] eliminate deprecated_insert_raw_breakpoint uses
      after gdb_run_cmd, gdb_expect -> gdb_test_multiple/gdb_test
      Remove support for testing against dead "target vxworks"
      Add test to make sure GDB knows which "kind" of watchpoint the target has
      Fix watchpoint-stops-at-right-insn.exp
      Remove documention of dead "target vxworks"
      Change parameter type of update_global_location_list from boolean to enum
      Tell update_global_location_list to insert breakpoints
      Fix "breakpoint always-inserted off"; remove "breakpoint always-inserted auto"

Phil Muldoon (1):
      Don't remove #-comments.

Philippe De Muyter (2):
      Fix fallout from 6d00b590
      Fix a compile time warning on 32-bit hosts.

Pierre Langlois (7):
      Add myself as a write-after-approval mainainer.
      Fix typo in previous entry.
      Fix PR/16720
      Fix erroneous backtrace on avrxmega architectures.
      Invalidate a register in cache when a remote target failed to write it.
      Add support for the __flash qualifier on AVR
      Clarify the address and pointer conversions on AVR.

Pierre Muller (1):
      [testsuite] Disable Ctrl-V use for mingw hosts.

Pierre-Marie de Rodat (1):
      [Ada] Crash with references to GNAT packed arrays handling

Rafael Ávila de Espíndola (2):
      Fix handling of common symbols with plugins.
      A a testcase for common symbol handling with plugins.

Rainer Orth (3):
      PR target/59788
      * cache.c (bfd_cache_max_open): Cast RLIM_INFINITY to rlim_t.
      Add PR reference.

Ramana Radhakrishnan (3):
      Reinstate self to Write After Approval
      Include asm/ptrace.h in aarch64-linux-nat.c
      Include asm/ptrace.h for linux-aarch64-low.c

Richard Earnshaw (1):
      AArch64: Clean up docs and document -mcpu and -march.

Richard Henderson (6):
      Fix typo in _initialize_alpha_linux_nat prototype
      Enable secureplt by default for alpha-linux
      Fix alpha-elf relaxation
      aarch64: Decode dwarf2 register numbers
      aarch64: Fix CFA encoding of vector registers
      aarch64: Adjust dwarf2 encoding factors

Richard Sandiford (9):
      Fix changelog formatting in last commit -- sorry
      * config.sub, config.guess: Import from upstream.

Roland McGrath (5):
      Disable --long-plt test for arm-nacl targets.
      Apply ld-arm/gc-hidden-1 to all ELF targets, not just *eabi* targets
      Fix incomplete constification in remote-sim.c
      Regenerate sim configury.
      Fix PR ld/17277: bogus dynamic relocs and TEXTREL for ARM PC-relative relocs

Romain Chastenet (1):
      Correctly save and recall the CFA saved register state.

Ryan Mansfield (2):
      * config.bfd: Move QNX target_cflags from arm-*-netbsd* to arm-*-nto*.
      Remove reference to GASp from linker testsuite configuration.

Samuel Bronson (4):
      Add obviously forgotten "PACKAGE = @PACKAGE@" to gdb/doc/
      * MAINTAINERS: Update Roland McGrath's email address.
      Brown paper bag: left out part of the ChangeLog entry ...
      Add a .gitattributes file for use with git-merge-changelog

Samuel Thibault (1):
      Add hardware watchpoint support for x86 GNU Hurd.

Sandra Loosemore (8):
      Nios II CALL26 linker relaxation
      Correct Nios II GOT pointer initialization.
      Nios II large-GOT relocations
      Fix type of "fp" and other registers for Nios II.
      Ignore non-stub sections for nios2 stub_bfd processing.
      Fix Nios II assembler self-test mode.
      Add missing ChangeLog entries for nios2 gas selftest patch.
      Sync nios2 configure changes from GCC mainline.

Sanimir Agovic (31):
      tic6x-tdep: set default frame base
      nios2-tdep: remove unreferenced global nios2_stub_frame_base
      cleanup: remove declared variables without any references
      refactoring: rename create_range_type to create_static_range_type
      vla: introduce new bound type abstraction adapt uses
      type: add c99 variable length array support
      vla: enable sizeof operator to work with variable length arrays
      vla: enable sizeof operator for indirection
      vla: update type from newly created value
      vla: print "variable length" for unresolved dynamic bounds
      vla: support for DW_AT_count
      vla: resolve dynamic bounds if value contents is a constant byte-sequence
      vla: evaluate operand of sizeof if its type is a vla
      test: cover subranges with present DW_AT_count attribute
      test: multi-dimensional c99 vla.
      test: evaluate pointers to C99 vla correctly.
      test: basic c99 vla tests for C primitives
      test: add mi vla test
      type: add c99 variable length array support
      vla: enable sizeof operator to work with variable length arrays
      vla: enable sizeof operator for indirection
      vla: update type from newly created value
      vla: print "variable length" for unresolved dynamic bounds
      vla: support for DW_AT_count
      vla: resolve dynamic bounds if value contents is a constant byte-sequence
      vla: evaluate operand of sizeof if its type is a vla
      test: cover subranges with present DW_AT_count attribute
      test: evaluate pointers to C99 vla correctly.
      test: basic c99 vla tests for C primitives
      test: add mi vla test
      news: mention support for C99 variable length arrays

Sasa Stankovic (2):
      Add NaCl (NativeClient) specific classes Target_mips_nacl and

Sasha Smundak (1):
      Add support for reading frame registers to Python API.

Sebastian Huber (1):

Sergio Durigan Junior (13):
      Fix for PR tdep/16397: SystemTap SDT probe support for x86 doesn't work with "triplet operands"
      Fix probe-related internal error on AIX
      Remove `expout*' globals from parser-defs.h
      Fix PR breakpoints/16889: gdb segfaults when printing  ASM SDT arguments
      Extend recognized types of SDT probe's arguments
      Adding last commit's ChangeLog entry.
      PR python/16699: GDB Python command completion with overriden complete vs. completer class
      Fix PR fortran/17237: bug in f-valprint.c
      Fix for PR gdb/17235: possible bug extracting systemtap probe operand
      gdb.base/watch-bitfields.exp: Improve test
      Replace "fprintf (stderr..." by "fprintf_unfiltered (gdb_stdlog..."
      Remove dead code from objc-lang.c (spurious "fprintf (stderr...")
      Add test for global variable that is nested by another DSO

Simon Marchi (12):
      Add myself as write after approval maintainer
      mi: Use the value in mi_console_file->quote as the quoting character
      Remove unused variable
      Fix mi_expect_stop for non-zero exit codes
      Fix argument passing in mi_run_cmd_full
      Revert "Fix argument passing in mi_run_cmd_full"
      Add comment for mi_run_cmd_full
      PR mi/15806: Fix quoting of async events
      Handle OP_STRING in dump_subexp_body_standard
      Add test for string evaluation with "debug expression" on
      Rename variable with confusing name
      Convert target_structs vector to VEC

Siva Chandra (18):
      Call overloaded operators to perform operations on gdb.Value objects.
      Remove the unnecesary argument METHOD to valops.c:find_oload_champ.
      [python] Fix gdb.Value.dynamic_type for reference values.
      Remove unused and incorrect macro TYPE_FN_FIELDS.
      Add the ChangeLog entry missed in 8000c58e455259951daa4370631aa616b367d1a7.
      Remove unnecessary argument METHOD to valops.c:oload_method_static.
      Remove unused arguments to few functions in dwarf2loc.c and gdbtypes.c.
      Add xmethod interface to the extension language API.
      Lookup and invoke debug methods of C++ classes if they are the best match.
      Missed ChangeLog entry in the previous commit.
      Xmethod support in Python.
      Documentation of the xmethod support in GDB Python API.
      Add space before the opening parenthesis in function descriptions.
      Wrap PyObject_Get/HasAttrString in a function with second arg having const qualifier.
      Make xmethods tests not to depend on inferior IO.
      Align behavior of xmethod commands with that of pretty-printer commands.
      Fix xmethod Python so that it works with Python3.
      Add new argument NOSIDE to find_overload_match.

Sriraman Tallam (6):
      2014-04-02  Sriraman Tallam  <>
      Optimizing accesses to Globals with -fpie -pie:
      With -pie and x86, the linker complains if it sees a PC-relative relocation
      2014-07-21  Sriraman Tallam  <>
      Fix ChangeLog entry:
      Add option -no-pie.

Stan Shebs (5):
      Add Doxygen support to GDB
      List Yao Qi as nios2 maintainer
      darwin-nat.c (darwin_xfer_partial): Fix return type.
      Annotate comments for Doxygen.
      Doxygenate gdbtypes.h

Stefan Kristiansson (4):
      or1k: add support for l.swa/l.lwa atomic instructions
      or1k: increase linux TEXT_START_ADDR to 0x2000
      or1k: add missing l.msync, l.psync and l.psync instructions.
      bfd: or1k: avoid emitting R_OR1K_INSN_REL_26 in shared libs

Sterling Augustine (1):
      Fix 'call8: call target out of range' xtensa ld relaxation bug

Steve Ellcey (3):
      2014-04-16  Steve Ellcey  <>
      2014-04-16  Steve Ellcey  <>
      2014-05-01  Steve Ellcey  <>

Taimoor Mirza (1):
      Fix prologue analysis for ldr.w and ldrd instruction

Terry Guo (2):
      Make the linker return an error status if it fails to merge ARM binaries with

Thomas Schwinge (8):
      Hurd: Adapt to changed MIG output.
      Hurd: Make MIG output parsing more robust.
      Hurd: New RPC reply stub functions.
      Hurd: Adjust to startup-with-shell changes.
      ld: Remove Hurd-specific XFAILs related to weak symbols.
      Missing ChangeLog entry from commit 60ef20e28534cf093d5bd799b3830c68381bb27f.
      Fix test in libiberty/testsuite/demangle-expected.
      Make gdb/regcache.h self-contained.

Tom Tromey (340):
      indentation fixlet in gdbserver/
      fix error in nios2-tdep.c
      share "cell" code
      move some rsp bits into rsp-low.h
      don't let bin2hex call strlen
      don't let hexify call strlen
      replace hexify with bin2hex
      replace convert_int_to_ascii with bin2hex
      replace unhexify with hex2bin
      replace convert_ascii_to_int with hex2bin
      update rsp-low comments
      add "this" pointers to more target APIs
      introduce and use find_target_at
      add make-target-delegates
      add target method delegation
      convert to_supports_btrace
      introduce remote_load
      Add target_ops argument to to_close
      Add target_ops argument to to_post_attach
      Add target_ops argument to to_can_use_hw_breakpoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_insert_hw_breakpoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_remove_hw_breakpoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_remove_watchpoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_insert_watchpoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_region_ok_for_hw_watchpoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_can_accel_watchpoint_condition
      Add target_ops argument to to_terminal_init
      Add target_ops argument to to_terminal_inferior
      Add target_ops argument to to_terminal_ours_for_output
      Add target_ops argument to to_terminal_ours
      Add target_ops argument to to_terminal_save_ours
      Add target_ops argument to to_terminal_info
      Add target_ops argument to to_load
      Add target_ops argument to to_post_startup_inferior
      Add target_ops argument to to_insert_fork_catchpoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_remove_fork_catchpoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_insert_vfork_catchpoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_remove_vfork_catchpoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_insert_exec_catchpoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_remove_exec_catchpoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_set_syscall_catchpoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_has_exited
      Add target_ops argument to to_can_run
      Add target_ops argument to to_pass_signals
      Add target_ops argument to to_program_signals
      Add target_ops argument to to_extra_thread_info
      Add target_ops argument to to_thread_name
      Add target_ops argument to to_stop
      Add target_ops argument to to_rcmd
      Add target_ops argument to to_pid_to_exec_file
      Add target_ops argument to to_log_command
      Add target_ops argument to to_supports_non_stop
      Add target_ops argument to to_find_memory_regions
      Add target_ops argument to to_make_corefile_notes
      Add target_ops argument to to_get_bookmark
      Add target_ops argument to to_goto_bookmark
      Add target_ops argument to to_get_ada_task_ptid
      Add target_ops argument to to_can_execute_reverse
      Add target_ops argument to to_execution_direction
      Add target_ops argument to to_supports_multi_process
      Add target_ops argument to to_supports_enable_disable_tracepoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_supports_disable_randomization
      Add target_ops argument to to_supports_string_tracing
      Add target_ops argument to to_supports_evaluation_of_breakpoint_conditions
      Add target_ops argument to to_can_run_breakpoint_commands
      Add target_ops argument to to_fileio_open
      Add target_ops argument to to_fileio_pwrite
      Add target_ops argument to to_fileio_pread
      Add target_ops argument to to_fileio_close
      Add target_ops argument to to_fileio_unlink
      Add target_ops argument to to_fileio_readlink
      Add target_ops argument to to_trace_init
      Add target_ops argument to to_download_tracepoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_can_download_tracepoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_download_trace_state_variable
      Add target_ops argument to to_enable_tracepoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_disable_tracepoint
      Add target_ops argument to to_trace_set_readonly_regions
      Add target_ops argument to to_trace_start
      Add target_ops argument to to_get_trace_status
      Add target_ops argument to to_get_tracepoint_status
      Add target_ops argument to to_trace_stop
      Add target_ops argument to to_trace_find
      Add target_ops argument to to_get_trace_state_variable_value
      Add target_ops argument to to_save_trace_data
      Add target_ops argument to to_upload_tracepoints
      Add target_ops argument to to_upload_trace_state_variables
      Add target_ops argument to to_get_raw_trace_data
      Add target_ops argument to to_get_min_fast_tracepoint_insn_len
      Add target_ops argument to to_set_disconnected_tracing
      Add target_ops argument to to_set_circular_trace_buffer
      Add target_ops argument to to_set_trace_buffer_size
      Add target_ops argument to to_set_trace_notes
      Add target_ops argument to to_get_tib_address
      Add target_ops argument to to_set_permissions
      Add target_ops argument to to_static_tracepoint_marker_at
      Add target_ops argument to to_static_tracepoint_markers_by_strid
      Add target_ops argument to to_traceframe_info
      Add target_ops argument to to_use_agent
      Add target_ops argument to to_can_use_agent
      Add target_ops argument to to_enable_btrace
      Add target_ops argument to to_disable_btrace
      Add target_ops argument to to_teardown_btrace
      Add target_ops argument to to_read_btrace
      Add target_ops argument to to_stop_recording
      Add target_ops argument to to_info_record
      Add target_ops argument to to_save_record
      Add target_ops argument to to_delete_record
      Add target_ops argument to to_record_is_replaying
      Add target_ops argument to to_goto_record_begin
      Add target_ops argument to to_goto_record_end
      Add target_ops argument to to_goto_record
      Add target_ops argument to to_insn_history
      Add target_ops argument to to_insn_history_from
      Add target_ops argument to to_insn_history_range
      Add target_ops argument to to_call_history
      Add target_ops argument to to_call_history_from
      Add target_ops argument to to_call_history_range
      Add target_ops argument to to_augmented_libraries_svr4_read
      convert to_detach
      convert to_attach
      convert to_rcmd
      convert to_post_attach
      convert to_prepare_to_store
      convert to_files_info
      convert to_can_use_hw_breakpoint
      convert to_insert_hw_breakpoint
      convert to_remove_hw_breakpoint
      convert to_insert_watchpoint
      convert to_remove_watchpoint
      convert to_watchpoint_addr_within_range
      convert to_region_ok_for_hw_watchpoint
      convert to_can_accel_watchpoint_condition
      convert to_terminal_init
      convert to_terminal_inferior
      convert to_terminal_ours_for_output
      convert to_terminal_ours
      convert to_terminal_save_ours
      convert to_terminal_info
      convert to_load
      convert to_post_startup_inferior
      convert to_insert_fork_catchpoint
      convert to_remove_fork_catchpoint
      convert to_insert_vfork_catchpoint
      convert to_remove_vfork_catchpoint
      convert to_insert_exec_catchpoint
      convert to_remove_exec_catchpoint
      convert to_set_syscall_catchpoint
      convert to_has_exited
      convert to_extra_thread_info
      convert to_thread_name
      convert to_pid_to_exec_file
      convert to_log_command
      convert to_find_memory_regions
      convert to_make_corefile_notes
      convert to_get_bookmark
      convert to_goto_bookmark
      convert to_can_execute_reverse
      convert to_execution_direction
      convert to_thread_architecture
      convert to_get_ada_task_ptid
      convert to_supports_multi_process
      convert to_supports_enable_disable_tracepoint
      convert to_supports_string_tracing
      convert to_trace_init
      convert to_download_tracepoint
      convert to_can_download_tracepoint
      convert to_download_trace_state_variable
      convert to_enable_tracepoint
      convert to_disable_tracepoint
      convert to_trace_set_readonly_regions
      convert to_trace_start
      convert to_get_trace_status
      convert to_get_tracepoint_status
      convert to_trace_stop
      convert to_trace_find
      convert to_get_trace_state_variable_value
      convert to_save_trace_data
      convert to_upload_tracepoints
      convert to_upload_trace_state_variables
      convert to_get_raw_trace_data
      convert to_get_min_fast_tracepoint_insn_len
      convert to_set_disconnected_tracing
      convert to_set_circular_trace_buffer
      convert to_set_trace_buffer_size
      convert to_set_trace_notes
      convert to_get_tib_address
      convert to_set_permissions
      convert to_static_tracepoint_marker_at
      convert to_static_tracepoint_markers_by_strid
      convert to_traceframe_info
      convert to_use_agent
      convert to_can_use_agent
      convert to_augmented_libraries_svr4_read
      convert to_supports_evaluation_of_breakpoint_conditions
      convert to_can_run_breakpoint_commands
      convert to_stop
      convert to_fetch_registers
      convert to_ranged_break_num_registers
      convert to_insert_mask_watchpoint
      convert to_remove_mask_watchpoint
      convert to_masked_watch_num_registers
      convert to_kill
      convert to_follow_fork
      convert to_mourn_inferior
      convert to_pass_signals
      convert to_program_signals
      convert to_find_new_threads
      convert to_pid_to_str
      convert to_get_section_table
      convert to_flash_erase
      convert to_flash_done
      convert to_core_of_thread
      convert to_verify_memory
      convert to_call_history_range
      convert to_call_history_from
      convert to_call_history
      convert to_insn_history_range
      convert to_insn_history_from
      convert to_insn_history
      convert to_goto_record
      convert to_goto_record_end
      convert to_goto_record_begin
      convert to_record_is_replaying
      convert to_delete_record
      convert to_save_record
      convert to_thread_alive
      convert to_memory_map
      convert to_auxv_parse
      convert to_search_memory
      convert to_disable_btrace
      convert to_teardown_btrace
      convert to_read_btrace
      convert to_enable_btrace
      convert to_stop_recording
      convert to_disconnect
      convert to_can_run
      change delegation for to_read_description
      minor cleanups to update_current_target
      remove function casts from target.c
      pass NULL to TARGET_DEFAULT_RETURN when appropriate
      remove exec_set_find_memory_regions
      remove some calls to INHERIT and de_fault
      convert to_decr_pc_after_break
      fix buglet in nto-procfs.c
      convert to_get_unwinder and to_get_tailcall_unwinder to methods
      minor cleanup in dbxread.c
      mark *_varobj_ops as "extern"
      remove target_ignore
      introduce minimal_symbol_upper_bound
      change minsym representation
      make MSYMBOL_VALUE_ADDRESS an rvalue
      use bound_minsym as result for lookup_minimal_symbol et al
      start change to progspace independence
      change minsyms not to be relocated at read-time
      move minimal symbols to per-bfd
      split out elf_read_minimal_symbols
      add short-circuit logic to elfread.c
      make "file" use the BFD cache better
      constify ui_out_impl
      comment fixes
      change probes to be program-space-independent
      move probes to be per-bfd
      fix regressions with target-async
      fix latent bugs in ui-out.c
      Fix py-finish-breakpoint.exp with target async.
      handle DW_AT_type on an enumeration
      constify value_aggregate_elt
      implement support for "enum class"
      document "quit" command's argument
      rename "set debugvarobj" to "set debug varobj"
      remove an unused macro and an unused declaration
      reindent print_macro_definition
      fix two latent type errors
      convert to_thread_address_space to use TARGET_DEFAULT_FUNC
      constify to_attach
      minor cleanups in is_dynamic_type
      handle VLA in a struct or union
      don't use directory in test name
      link gdbserver against libiberty
      delete gdbserver's freeargv
      make calls to help_list use enumerator
      fix incorrect comments in minsyms.h
      constify to_rcmd
      constify to_disconnect
      constify to_info_proc and friends
      use make_cleanup_freeargv
      remove redundant savestring declaration
      constify struct block in some places
      constify probe.c function
      constify parse_cli_boolean_value
      remove unneeded cast in symtab.c
      constify complete_line
      constify some blockvector APIs
      make common_block const
      make obstack object allocators more type-safe
      fix memory errors with demangled name hash
      constify to_load
      constify get_bookmark and goto_bookmark
      constify do_set_command and do_show_command
      constify error_no_arg
      constify search_symbols
      use cmd_sfunc_ftype and cmd_cfunc_ftype more
      convert to_get_thread_local_address to use target delegation
      change to_info_record to use target delegation
      fix record "run" regression
      fix PR 17106
      rebuild target-delegates.c
      reformat comment in target.h
      move exec_make_note_section earlier
      clean up some target delegation cases
      fix PR gdb/17130
      fix calls to find_target_beneath
      make exec_ops static
      rewrite make-target-delegates matching code
      auto-generate most target debug methods
      Make gdbserver CORE_ADDR unsigned
      Remove some GDBSERVER checks from linux-ptrace
      constify cli-dump.c
      constify unset_in_environ
      constify inf_child_open_target
      constify maint.c
      constify monitor_open
      constify remote.c
      constify solib_add
      constify stack.c
      constify help_cmd
      constify deprecate_cmd
      constify command prefix
      constify command docs
      constify target fields
      properly parenthesize two macros
      remove using_exec_ops global
      simplify target_is_pushed
      fix to_open debug setting
      constify exec_file_attach
      constify some cli-utils stuff
      constify to_open
      fix test suite regression
      make "set debug target" take effect immediately

Tristan Gingold (34):
      Remove bfd/ticoff.h (unused)
      Add pe/x86_64 bigobj file format.
      mach-o: handle lasz load dylib command.
      od-macho: dump compact unwind info.
      darwin: handle recent version of dyld
      Fix stack offset in Mach-O output for -P compact_unwind.
      darwin-nat.c: fix dump of messages on x86_64.
      Mach-O: Add BFD_MACH_O_CPU_TYPE_ARM64.
      objdump: set address of debug sections.
      Mach-O: add objdump -P function_starts to display function starts.
      Mach-O: disp dyld environment command in objdump -P load.
      darwin-nat: avoid crash while debugging gdb.
      mach-o: display data_in_code.
      bfd/mach-o: avoid a crash when num == 0 in reloc.
      mach-o: read and dump: prebound_dylib, prebind_cksum, twolevel_hints.
      mach-o: fix section number while writing symbols.
      mach-o: fix warnings on 32 bit hosts. Display personality functions.
      bfd_get_arch_size: return size from arch info on non-ELF targets.
      mach-o: output output_section target_index to write relocs.
      mach-o: fix section name conversion from bfd to mach-o.
      mach-o: reject 64 bit targets when not configured for.
      darwin: fix thinko (free thread port after threads are discovered).
      Mach-O: add cpu and cpusubtype caps.
      Mach-O: improve objdump -P load output.
      Mach-O: Add objdump -P dyld_info to dump dyld data.
      mach-o.c: use boolean instead of int to return status.
      mach-o: add page_size to backend data.
      solib-darwin: simplify code.
      mach-o: remove name_len field.
      mach-o: Define copy_private_header instead of copy_private_bfd.
      mach-o: layout executables
      addr2line: fix missing inlined frames.
      Clarify doc on addr2line output.
      Fix arm-elf build failure on non-C99 systems (was using int64_t)

Ulrich Drepper (2):
      lexsup.c (parse_args): Check whether provided SONAME is empty
      * ldlang.h (struct lang_input_statement_flags): Add pushed

Ulrich Weigand (21):
      Fix typo in ppc64_standard_linkage7
      Add support for AT_HWCAP2 auxv entry
      Document support for powerpc64le-*-linux* target
      Refactor ppc64 function call and return value handling
      PowerPC64 little-endian fixes: structure passing
      PowerPC64 little-endian fixes: AltiVec tests
      PowerPC64 little-endian fixes: VSX tests and pseudo-regs
      PowerPC64 little-endian fixes: 32-bit DFP parameters
      PowerPC64 little-endian fixes: 128-bit DFP parameters / registers
      PowerPC64 ELFv2 ABI: base support
      PowerPC64 ELFv2 ABI: no function descriptors
      PowerPC64 ELFv2 ABI: stack frame layout changes
      PowerPC64 ELFv2 ABI: structure passing / return
      PowerPC64 ELFv2 ABI: skip global entry point code
      Fix Python 2.4 build break
      Support gdb.asm/asm-source.exp on powerpc64le
      Use address_from_register in dwarf2-frame.c:read_addr_from_reg
      Enable DWARF unwinders for SPU
      AIX: Remove exec_one_dummy_insn hack
      Support gdbarch_convert_register_p targets in address_from_register
      PR gdb/17384: Do not print memory errors in safe_read_memory_integer

Volodymyr Arbatov (1):
      Use signed data type for R_XTENSA_DIFF* relocation offsets.

Will Newton (20):
      gdb/elfread.c: Enable ifunc support on ARM.
      bfd/elf32-arm.c: Set st_value to zero for undefined symbols
      bfd/elfnn-aarch64.c: Fix calculation of DT_RELASZ
      bfd/elfnn-aarch64.c: Remove elfNN_aarch64_section_flags
      gas/arm: Force output of a data mapping symbol for literal pools
      gas/arm: Fix gas tests to run on armeb-linux-eabi
      ld/arm: Fix testsuite failures for armeb-linux-eabi
      ld/aarch64: xfail non-PIC shared object tests on aarch64
      bfd/elfnn-aarch64.c: Cleanup a couple of TLS functions
      ld/ARM: Fix IFUNC and TLS descriptors in the same shared object
      ld/ARM: Increase maximum page size to 64kB
      ld/testsuite: Disable non-PIC shared library tests on ARM
      binutils/testsuite: Disable strip-10 test on ARM non-EABI
      Fix tests when configured for arm-linux and arm-elf
      gas/ARM: Fix testsuite failure for arm-elf
      gdb/testsuite/gdb.base/varargs.exp: Remove ARM KFAILs
      gdb/arm-linux-tdep.c: Handle Thumb2 signal trampolines
      ARM: Add support for armeb-*-eabi*
      gdb: Fix aarch64 native build issue caused by use of LONGEST Convert src-release to a shell script

Yaakov Selkowitz (2):
      This is a fix for PR ld/16761 - the linker now has a dependence upon the binutils
      This is necessary for adding __cxa_atexit support for Cygwin in GCC without

Yao Qi (127):
      Create inferior for tfile target
      Create inferior for ctf target.
      Use rs->buf after getpkt
      Tweak in memory_error
      core_xfer_shared_libraries and core_xfer_shared_libraries_aix returns ULONGEST
      Replace -1 with TARGET_XFER_E_IO
      Return early in target_xfer_partial when LEN is zero.
      Test no =breakpoint-modified is emitted for modifications from MI commands
      Fix PR16543
      Return target_xfer_status in to_xfer_partial
      Update comments to to_xfer_partial implementations.
      Compile rsp-low.c for IPA
      Fix -Wformat warnings in gnu-nat.c
      Fix -Werror=pointer-sign warnings
      Fix missing-prototypes warnings in gnu-nat.c
      Fix PR16220
      Move trace file writer out of tracepoint.c
      Move tfile target to tracefile-tfile.c
      Share some code between ctf and tfile target.
      Let tracefile has_memory and has_all_memory.
      Share code on to_xfer_partial for tfile and ctf target
      Use new to_xfer_partial interface in ctf and tfile target
      Adjust read_value_memory to use to_xfer_partial
      Revert previous tweaks
      Unbreak mips native build
      Tweak target_xfer_status_to_string
      Change the default implementation of to_traceframe_info to tcomplain
      Fix PR16508
      Add a newline in output messages
      Handle parse number error in goto_bookmark_command
      Remove argument optional_p from get_tracepoint_by_number
      Move the traceframe_available_memory code from memory_xfer_partial_1 down to the targets
      Factor remote_read_bytes.
      Remove target_read_live_memory
      Fix code format issues gdb.base/macscp.exp
      Skip tests on completion and readline when readline lib isn't used
      Return zero in can_single_step_to_signal_handler for nios2-*-* target
      Allow ';' as a directory separator
      Escape backslash in windows path
      Check file exists before completion tests
      Automatic link generation by doxygen
      [testsuite] Set target-charset to ascii
      Add null pointer check in ctf_xfer_partial
      Get trace_regblock_size from metadata instead of event
      Call post_create_inferior in ctf_open.
      Unify ctf_fetch_registers and tfile_fetch_registers
      Check tracefile is generated by binary execution
      Remove unused labels in dwarf assembler
      Compute the function length instead of hard coding it
      [gdbserver] Correctly generate i386-avx512.c
      Move traceframe checking out of traceframe generation
      Show new created display
      Partially available/unavailable data in requested range
      Relax the pattern in dwzbuildid.exp
      Overwrite ${board}_file in local-remote-host
      Fix mi-file.exp fails on remote host
      Fix changelong entry.
      Fix display of tabulation character for mingw hosts.
      Copy file1.txt to remote host in dw2-filename.exp and dw2-anonymous-func.exp
      gdb_init argument ARGS is a string rather than a list
      Set timeout for gdb.reverse/*.exp test cases
      Specify source file explicitly when setting a breakpoint
      Fix typo in comments
      Skip test 'watch -location nullptr->p->x' if null pointer can be dereferenced
      Fix regexp pattern in gdb.base/default.exp
      Fix a regexp pattern in gdb.base/auto-connect-native-target.exp
      Tweak sss-bp-on-user-bp.exp
      Fix the race in gdb.threads/staticthreads.exp
      Skip hbreak-unmapped.exp if memory at address 0 is readable
      Tweak gdb.base/async.exp
      Restrict the pattern in gdb.base/jit.exp
      Use 'struct varobj_item' to represent name and value pair
      Generalize varobj iterator
      Iterate over 'struct varobj_item' instead of PyObject
      Remove #if HAVE_PYTHON
      Rename varobj_pretty_printed_p to varobj_is_dynamic_p
      Use varobj_is_dynamic_p more widely
      Different outputs affected by hosts
      Use enum thread_state
      Remove any_running
      Skip 'bx reg' trampoline on arm-none-eabi
      Apply stub unwinder to 'bx reg' trampoline
      Skip 'bx reg' on arm-linux
      Typo fix in signal_pass initialization
      Move local variables to inner block
      Associate dummy_frame with ptid
      Fix gdb.trace/entry-values.exp for thumb mode
      Tweak gdb.trace/tfile.c for thumb mode
      Don't print symbol on address 0x0
      Restrict matching add/sub sp, #imm
      Match instruction adjusts SP in thumb
      Stop prologue analysis when past the epilogue
      Remove operator BINOP_IN
      Remove operator BINOP_RANGE
      Update comments to TERNOP_SLICE
      Remove Chill from comments
      Fix PR 17206
      Update comments to operator_check
      Fix comment in dwarf_decode_lines_1
      Remove duplicated include file
      Fix remote/17230
      Tweak comments in struct dwarf2_per_cu_data
      Replace 0 with TARGET_XFER_EOF in to_xfer_partial
      Make test messages in gdb.mi/mi-var-display.exp unique
      Remove duplicated code on checking address 0x0 is accessiable
      Fix PR remote/9053: remove dead code on query packet size
      Fix build/17104
      Remove pst from dwarf_decode_lines_1
      Set print symbol off in some tests
      Skip tfile.exp if unable to generate trace file
      Support _Complex in hard-VFP abi
      Set breakpoint on the right line
      Adjust comments with example in it
      Remove workaround to libbabeltrace 1.1.0 issue
      Copy .py files to remote host
      set print symbol off in py-value.exp and scm-value.exp
      Update comments in scan_partial_symbols and add_partial_subprogram
      Fix grammatical error in comments
      Remove dwarf_decode_lines argumewant_line_info
      arm software watchpoint: return to epilogue
      Set print symbol off in mi-var-display.exp
      Another board file for remote host
      Check function is GC'ed
      Run dw2-var-zero-addr.exp with --readnow
      Honour SIGILL and SIGSEGV in cancel breakpoint and event lwp selection

Yuanhui Zhang (2):
      Fix a GDB assert failure on windows
      Fix build problem on 32-bit hosts with the recent patch for PR 16821.

Yufeng Zhang (4):
      Enable verbose error messages by default for AArch64 gas.
      [AArch64 disassembler] Add missing checks of undefine encodings on

Yuri Gribov (2):
      This patch adds support for ARM PLT entries that support a full 32-bit offset range.
      ld-arm/long-plt-format.d, ld-arm/arm-elf.exp: Adjust for arm-eabi.

Yury Gribov (1):
      Add support for limited pretty-printing of ARM PLT entries on eabi and nacl targets.

gary (1):
      libiberty/ 2014-05-08 Gary Benson <>

jakub (4):
      PR bootstrap/58572 * Makefile.tpl (POSTSTAGE1_CXX_EXPORT): Use -isystem instead of -I for libstdc++-v3 includes if $(LEAN). * Regenerated.
      * Move BUILD_CONFIG set up earlier. Add --enable-vtable-verify option parsing. Don't add target-libsanitizer to bootstrap_target_libs unless --with-build-config=bootstrap-asan or --with-build-config=bootstrap-ubsan. Don't add target-libvtv to bootstrap_target_libs unless --enable-vtable-verify. * configure: Regenerated.
      PR sanitizer/56781 * Makefile.def: Set bootstrap=true; for host fixincludes. * Don't bootstrap host fixincludes unless --with-build-config=bootstrap-{a,ub}san. * Regenerated. * configure: Regenerated.
      PR sanitizer/56781 lto-plugin/ * (CFLAGS, LDFLAGS): Filter out -fsanitize=address. (liblto_plugin_la_LIBADD, liblto_plugin_la_LDFLAGS, liblto_plugin_la_DEPENDENCIES): Prefer ../libiberty/noasan/libiberty.a over ../libiberty/pic/libiberty.a if the former exists. * Regenerated. libiberty/ * maint-tool: Also emit rule for noasan/ subdirectory. * (NOASANFLAG): Set and substitute. * Regenerated. (NOASANFLAG): Set. (all, $(TARGETLIB), mostlyclean): Handle noasan subdir like pic subdir. (stamp-noasandir): New goal. * configure: Regenerated.

mfortune (9):
      Consolidate file_mips_xxx variables.
      Fix references to file_mips_isa missed in previous patch.
      Re-work register size macros for MIPS.
      Mark MSA as requiring FP64
      Remove newly introduced whitespace from warnings.
      Add MIPS .module directive
      Add ChangeLog from previous MIPS .module commit
      Add objcopy stage between assembly and linking for run_dump_test

mpolacek (1):
      PR c/59871 c/ * c-typeck.c (build_compound_expr): Warn even for right-hand operand of a comma expression. (emit_side_effect_warnings): Likewise. libdecnumber/ * decNumberLocal.h (UBFROMUS, UBFROMUI): Remove last argument. testsuite/ * gcc.dg/20020220-2.c: Adjust dg-warning message. * gcc.dg/pr59871.c: New test.

rguenth (2):
      2014-03-28 Richard Biener <>
      2014-04-01 Richard Biener <>

tschwinge (1):
      Avoid "'dc' may be uninitialized" warning.

uros (2):
      * regex.c (bzero) [!_LIBC]: Define without coma expression. (regerror): Cast the call to memcpy to (void) to avoid unused value warnings.
      * regex.c (bzero) [!_LIBC]: Cast the call to memcpy to (void).

walt (1):
      TILE-Gx big endian support.

xmj (2):
      add -q in help info and doc
      update ChangeLog


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