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CVSROOT:	/cvs/xconq
Module name:	xconq
Changes by:	2000-12-18 08:50:50

Modified files:
	.              : ChangeLog 
	curses         : ccmd.c cconq.c cconq.h cdraw.c 
	kernel         : ai.c ai.h cmd.c config.h game.h generic.c 
	                 gvar.def help.c init.c iplayer.c mkrivers.c 
	                 mkterr.c mkunits.c mplayer.c nlang.c oplayer.c 
	                 plan.c ps.c read.c run.c run2.c score.c side.c 
	                 supply.c table.def ui.c ui.h unit.c utype.def 
	                 world.c world.h write.c 
	mac            : maccmd.c macwins.c 
	tcltk          : tkcmd.c tkconq.h tkinit.c tkmain.c tkmap.c 

Log message:
	Eliminate the macros MAXUTYPES, MAXTTYPES, MAXMTYPES, and
	MAXATYPES, size all type handling dynamically.
	* game.h (NONUTYPE, NONTTYPE, NONMTYPE, NONATYPE): Define to be -1.
	(count_terrain_subtypes, numcelltypes, numbordtypes, numconntypes,
	numcoattypes): Declare here instead of in world.h.
	(tmp_u_array, tmp_t_array): Declare.
	* gvar.def (edge-terrain, river-sink-terrain): Don't use type
	* table.def (adjacent-terrain-effect, terrain-exhaustion-type): Ditto.
	* utype.def (obsolete, wrecked-type): Ditto.
	* generic.c (count_terrain_subtypes, numcelltypes, etc): Move here
	from world.c.
	(tmp_u_array, tmp_t_array): New globals.
	(curmaxutypes, curmaxmtypes, curmaxttypes, curmaxatypes): Set to
	defaults convenient for the first allocation.
	(create_unit_type): New function.
	(disallow_more_unit_types, disallow_more_terrain_types): New functions.
	(allocate_table): Use them.
	* help.c (tm_table_row_desc): Remove, never used.
	* init.c (check_game_validity): Call disallow_* to make sure
	some type arrays are computed and cached.
	(calculate_globals): Ditto.
	(make_initial_materials): Use tmp_t_array.
	* mkrivers.c (make_up_river_borders): Ditto.
	* mkterr.c (elev_range, elev_lo, elev_hi, raw_range, raw_lo,
	raw_hi): New static globals.
	(compose_area, compose_earthlike_area): Use them.
	(make_random_terrain, fix_adjacent_terrain,
	flatten_liquid_terrain): Use tmp_t_array.
	* mkunits.c (make_countries): Dynalloc local arrays.
	(country_is_complete, make_independent_units): Use tmp_u_array.
	* nlang.c (ohd_nums, ohd_incomplete): New static globals.
	(others_here_desc, occupants_desc): Use them.
	* plan.c (plan_colonize_support): Use tmp_u_array.
	(gctc_supply): New static global.
	(good_cell_to_colonize): Use it.
	* ps.c (summary_of_seen_units_at): Use tmp_u_array.
	* read.c (default_supply): Remove, no longer to use.
	(init_predefined_symbols): Remove its setup.
	(interp_unit_default): Similarly.
	(interp_unit): Don't use default_supply.
	(interp_utype): Remove test for too many types, call
	(interp_ttype, interp_mtype, interp_atype): Remove tests
	for too many types.
	(too_many_types): Remove, no longer needed.
	(rd_u_arr): New static global.
	(interp_standing_order, read_utype_doctrine): Use it.
	* run.c (rau_incrs): New static global.
	(run_advanced_units): Use it.
	(apr_type): New static global.
	(auto_pick_unit_research, auto_pick_side_research): Use it.
	(auto_pick_new_build_task): Use tmp_u_array.
	* run2.c (ttotals, uttotals): New static globals.
	(run_economy): Use them.
	* score.c (sum_property): Use tmp_u_array.
	* side.c (new_doctrine): Call disallow_more_unit_types.
	* supply.c (mad): New static global.
	(init_supply_system): Set it up.
	* unit.c (create_unit): Allocate numlivebytype and completenesses.
	(oc_numtypes): New static global.
	(can_occupy_unit): Use it.
	(toc_numtypes, type_can_occupy_cell): Similarly.
	(ocw_numtypes, can_occupy_cell_without): Similarly.
	(tocw_numtypes, type_can_occupy_cell_without): Similarly.
	(conn_num_types, can_occupy_conn_1): Similarly.
	(can_carry, type_can_occupy): Use tmp_u_array.
	(num_each_type, shared_each_type): New static globals.
	(eject_excess_occupants): Use them.
	(shortest_unique_name): Dynalloc firstuniq, use it as flag
	instead of shortestdone.
	(shortest_generic_name): Similarly.
	* write.c (write_table): Increase histogram size.
	* ai.c (atc_type): New static global.
	(assign_to_colonize): Use it.
	(pbt_prefs, pbt_fringe_terrain, pbt_enemy_types,
	pbt_num_to_transport): New static globals.
	(preferred_build_type): Use them.
	* ai.h (Strategy): Declare strengths etc as arrays of pointers
	instead of 2D arrays, unitlist and unitlistcount as pointers.
	(Theater): Similarly for numassigned, numneeded, etc.
	(strength_est, etc): New macros (not used yet).
	* iplayer.c (iru_numoffensive, iru_numdefensive): New static globals.
	(iplayer_review_units): Use them.
	* mplayer.c (mplayer_create_strategy): Allocate strength arrays.
	(create_theater): Dynalloc numassigned etc fields.
	(estimate_strengths, mplayer_read_strengths, mplayer_save_state):
	Change to pointer-to-pointer refs.
	(mru_numoffensive, mru_numdefensive): New static globals.
	(mplayer_review_units): Use them.
	* oplayer.c: Similarly.
	* cmd.c (gt_amts, gt_rslts): New static globals.
	(do_one_give, do_one_take): Use them.
	* ui.h (VP draw_materials): Make into a pointer.
	* ui.c (new_vp): Allocate draw_materials field.
	* maccmd.c (do_one_add_terrain): Use tmp_t_array.
	* macwins.c (side_research_dialog): Make participants static global.
	* tkconq.h (UI material_color, etc): Change from array to pointer.
	(UI cell_color, cell_shades): Rename from cellcolor and cellshades.
	(UI best_timages): Similarly.
	(UI unitpics, unitmasks, bestmimages): Remove, not used.
	(Map uvec, ustr, tvec, tstr): Change from array to pointer.
	* tkcmd.c (do_add_terrain, do_remove_terrain): Use tmp_t_array.
	(do_build): Use tmp_u_array.
	* tkinit.c (utype_indexes, mtype_indexes): Change to pointers.
	(init_display): Remove inits of unused fields, alloc space for
	cell_shades and material_color.
	(init_material_images): Remove setup of bestmimages.
	(init_terrain_images): Allocate for best_timages and terrpics.
	(init_shades): Use array-of-array refs to cell_shades.
	* tkmain.c (last_num_units_in_play, last_num_units_incomplete):
	Change from arrays to pointers.
	(init_redraws, update_unit_type_list): Allocate them.
	(create_map): Alloc map uvec, ustr, etc.
	* tkmap.c: Update refs to renamed fields.
	(MapW draw_aux_terrain, draw_materials): Make into pointers.
	* ccmd.c (do_build): Use tmp_u_array.
	* cconq.c (init_display): Use numutypes to size allocs.
	(ask_unit_type, ask_terrain_type): Use array of int instead of short.
	* cdraw.c (draw_type_list_entry): Init lasttypevisible from numutypes.
	* cconq.c (do_dir_2): Fix a variable name.
	* cconq.h: Use #else instead of #elif.

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