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From: Francisco Javier Trujillo Mata <>
To: Jeff Johnston <>
Subject: Re: PlayStation 2 newlib port
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2023 18:38:41 +0200	[thread overview]
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Any update here?

I'm really interested in this, I would like to mainstream PS2 and PSP, and
I'm also aware that the Dreamcast community is also preparing it for
mainstreaming it.


El mar, 20 jun 2023 a las 9:05, Francisco Javier Trujillo Mata (<>) escribió:

> Hello Jeff,
> First of all thanks for replying and paying attention to my message.
> To install the proper PS2 Environment to be able to compile and generate
> PS2 binaries, you require to follow the steps given here:
> The PS2 is a complex machine, (it has 3 main CPUs DVP, IOP, and EE, which
> means 3 toolchains...) so the whole PS2 development environment is not an
> easy thing, there are plenty of tools and repositories involved, and as
> part of this set of tools, and we also have Newlib, as you can see in the
> next link (which is using a fork with our specific changes).
> However, if we just want to check if Newlib compiles for this PS2 port we
> are creating, we just need to pay attention to the EE CPU, which is the
> next repo:
> There under the "scripts" folder, you can see how Newlib is the 3rd step,
> so if we want to check if Newlib is compiling, you just need to have proper
> binutils and GCC installed previously (first and second steps).
> Additionally, to make easier the usage of the whole PS2 toolchain, we are
> offering some precompiled toolchains:
> And also the possibility of using dockers:
> For executing the generated binaries, you will require either a PS2 that
> allows you to execute homebrews or a PS2 emulator.
> Regarding the changes I have made, all the files have been created from
> scratch for me, anyway, I'm part of the PS2Dev community, so I will add the
> PS2DEV license to these files.
> Finally, regarding my original request, I was suffering issues when
> compiling Newlib after adding the specific PS2 changes, I have found a
> workaround to make it work, that probably will tell you more about the
> actual issue.
> When adding a new "sys" to the Newlib, in our case "newlib/libc/sys/ps2",
> if you just add the crt0 file (it doesn't matter if it is .S, .s or .c),
> which means that you "" is going to be empty, you will suffer
> the compilations issues that I previously mentioned.
> fatal error: opening dependency file libc/sys/ps2/.deps/crt0.Tpo: No such
> file or directory
> However, if you add an extra file in the sys/ps2 directory, like a dummy.c
> empty, and obviously, add the reference of this file into the
> "", then the library compiles properly generating the expected
> ".a" and ".o" files.
> I suppose that the same issue that I'm speaking about most probably is
> also being suffered with the tic80 system.
> Finally, I'm going to attach the compilation log.
> Regards,
> Francisco.
> El lun, 19 jun 2023 a las 22:42, Jeff Johnston (<>)
> escribió:
>> Hi Francisco,
>> If you would like help, I would suggest you tell others where they can
>> get a proper toolset to build with or at least
>> attach your build log which may provide more info.  I certainly don't
>> have a Playstation 2 toolset hanging around.
>> In addition, looking at your patches, you are missing copyright/licensing
>> info for the new files you are adding
>> (as opposed to existing files you are modifying).  If you are taking code
>> from another location, you cannot change
>> their license/copyright.  If you wrote these from scratch you should
>> indicate this but you still need to add the licensing/copyright
>> info.
>> Regards,
>> -- Jeff J.
>> On Tue, Jun 13, 2023 at 2:31 PM Francisco Javier Trujillo Mata <
>>> wrote:
>>> Hi there!
>>> I would like to mainstream the PS2 newlib port. So far the PS2 has had
>>> newlib ports for years, however, it was never intended to be merged into
>>> the mainstream.
>>> I'm now trying to port to the latest release 4.3.0, however, I'm
>>> suffering
>>> some errors during the compilation process.
>>> I have attached the changes that I have done so far.
>>> Then I just rerun the command `autoreconf` using the proper autoconf and
>>> automake versions
>>> I execute `configure` with:
>>> TARGET="mips64r5900el-ps2-elf"
>>> ## Create and enter the toolchain/build directory
>>> rm -rf "build-$TARGET"
>>> mkdir "build-$TARGET"
>>> cd "build-$TARGET"
>>> ## Configure the build.
>>> CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET="-O2" ../configure \
>>> --prefix="$PS2DEV/$TARGET_ALIAS" \
>>> --target="$TARGET" \
>>> --enable-newlib-retargetable-locking \
>>> ## Compile and install.
>>> make -j "$PROC_NR" all
>>> And then it always fails with this error,
>>> fatal error: opening dependency file libc/sys/ps2/.deps/crt0.Tpo: No such
>>> file or directory
>>> Could you help me to identify where the issue is?
>>> Cheers.

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