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Subject: Re: Static linking under win32
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 06:35:00 -0000	[thread overview]
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	And here is an ugly question that has to be asked... I recently
read this:

	The implication seems to be that if my product links against a
LGPL library (pthreads-win32 is such a library) then it must adhere to
certain restrictions as set down by the LGPL. Two items I am
specifically concerned with:

1) The LGPL library source-code must be restributed in full with the
2) I must grant users the right to reverse-engineer my product

	Now, not to start a religious warfare here (since it is not my
intent), but I'd like to clarify if this your intent as well? If I use
it in my product, must I do these two things?


On Mon, 06 Dec 2004 17:22:38 +1100, Ross Johnson wrote:

>Gili wrote:
>>	I'm sure this is a commonly asked question: how do I build
>>pthreads-win32 under VC++ (7.1 in my case)? I am surprised you don't
>>ship a project file with the source-code or discuss this in the FAQ :)
>Yes, it should be in the FAQ.
>Pthreads-win32 relies on dynamic linking to provide a seemless interface 
>to it's POSIX functionality - using dllMain to do some per process and 
>per thread initialisation and cleanup. Static linking requires your 
>application to call some non-portable routines (see README.NONPORTABLE: 
>pthread_win32_process_attach_np etc). That's one reason why static 
>linking is not really 'officially' encouraged.
>However, there's a VS Workspace file provided that will build the DLL. 
>It was contributed by a user and I use it for debugging sometimes. 
>Perhaps you can modify that one and send me the result.
>Nor do the makefiles that I use to build and test include targets for 
>static linking.

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