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* Sourceware update!
@ 1999-03-17  0:24 Jason Molenda
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From: Jason Molenda @ 1999-03-17  0:24 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: sourceware-announce

We're in the middle of exciting times for free software, and a lot has
been happening on site since my last update to
this mailing list.  First off,


  The list has moved.  It used to be
  It is now  I'm the only one
  who posts to it, so this is not a big deal.  However, to unsubscribe,
  you'll need to send a note to
  To get off the list.  The message body and Subject line are ignored.
  Send me mail directly if you need help,


  No original ideas here, I've been quietly editing the web page to make it more useful.
  Contact me if you have comments or tasty recipes.


  Since my last update, there have been two swanky cool new projects
  added to

     MAUVE - a collaborative effort to create a free testsuite for Java-TM
     class libraries.  Most of the free software Java projects are pitching
     in, and HP has just donated a bunch of code.  Mauve went public just
     this week.

     LIBSTDC++ - an implementation of the ISO Standard C++ Library for
     the EGCS compiler,

     PTHREADS-WIN32 - a pthreads implementation for Win32 systems 
     (Win95/98/NT) for all you blokes who have yet to install Linux over
     your Win32 partitions,

     GSL - GNU Scientific Library, a library of routines for numerical


     CYGWIN released B20.1 in December 1998, this is a hugely fastly
     cooly superlatively great upgrade from B19 and I have been told
     that the UK's Queen uses it herself.

     AUTOCONF released version 2.13 in January 1999.  This is the first
     new release of Autoconf in about two years, and includes a whole
     barrel full of fun portability tests.  Don't download this one right
     before bedtime or you may not get to sleep due to the sheer joy of
     making your programs portable.

     AUTOMAKE, not to be outdone by its autoconf sibling, released
     version 1.4 in January 1999.  It's nearly as captivating to play
     with automake as it is to play with autoconf.  People who suffer
     from addictions should avoid prolonged exposure to both of these


     MAILING LISTS - we're handling all kinds of mailing lists on with the qmail+ezmlm packages.  You'll see this
     used more and more for all of our mailing lists.  I've also set up
     mhonarc-generated web archives for all of the mailing lists, so most
     of the projects will have browsable web archives available.  I'll be
     adding a search engine in the near future for extra bonus fun.

     PARTY TALK - CYGNUS NAMING CONTEST.  Cygnus is soliciting ideas for 
     a new company name.  The winner gets an Pentium II workstation running
     Linux.  Enter early, enter often.

Over and out,


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* Sourceware update!
@ 1999-05-12  2:35 Jason Molenda
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From: Jason Molenda @ 1999-05-12  2:35 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: sourceware-announce

It's two thirty on a Monday night, I've got half a pack of cigarettes,
it's dark outside, and I'm wearing sunglasses.  Since I'm not standing in
line waiting for a ticket to Star Wars, it must be time for yet another
installment of AS THE SOURCEWARE TURNS.  Hit it!


    GDB!  Here's one near and dear to my own heart, I'm glad to see it
    on sourceware.  GDB is the GNU Debugger, it slices it dices, it finds
    your bugs automatically.  Really!  You just sit back and let GDB do
    all the work.  OK, maybe it just helps you to fix your own problems,
    but it does it really well.  Mailing lists are on-line, the ftp site
    is set up, and there is a publically viewable/browsable CVS archive.
    As an added plus, I've put a collection of old GDB's on the ftp site.
    The oldest is GDB 2.4, released in early 1998.

    BINUTILS -- when I'm down on my luck, when I'm feeling sad, I chase
    those blues away with the help of these heartwarming utilities.  An
    assembler, a linker; a little something for everyone.  Binutils joins
    sourceware with a mailing list, mail archives for the discussions
    going back to 1994, and a viewable/browsable CVS archive.

    XCONQ:  an Empire-type strategy game where players contest for
    world domination.  Fun for the whole family.  Stan Shebs has been
    developing/making releases of xconq for over a decade.  It runs
    on PCs, Macs, and Unix systems, it has an AI engine smarter than
    most US high school students, and networks more naturally than a
    marketing executive.  Can you guess what it includes?  You're right!
    Mailing list, web page, browsable/viewable CVS archives--who would
    have thunk it.


    PTHREADS-WIN32 had their first big release of their compatibility
    library.  Check it at

    GDB 4.18 provides a great chance to check out the latest action with
    the hippest debugger around.  We've got tons of stuff from HP to
    enhance HPUX support, we've for several new processors supported
    (Fujitsu FR30, Intel StrongARM, Mitsubishi D30V), and a slew of
    neato new stuff for remote debugging.

    Our JAVA LANGUAGE PROJECT had a majorly huge announcement with
    the release of LIBGCJ, the run-time half of our setup.  GCJ is the
    compiler that compiles your Java source to native code, and LIBGCJ
    provides the run-time support for those binaries.  Check it at


    I've been an unstoppable Infrastructure Maniac for the past couple
    of months.  I've got a gazillion mailing lists moved to sourceware;
    I'm mostly done migrating lists now.  I've been improving on the web
    archive presentation/interface to make it easier to use, and I've been
    putting all the old archives on-line for fun historical reference.

    Just tonight I set up a search engine for sourceware.  I'll be
    refining this interface over the next week or two, but the
    functionality is all there and--if I may say so myself--it is KICKIN.
    You will see little search boxes appearing on the mailing list web
    archive pages over the next few days.

Until next time, peace and out,


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