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From: (Khamis Abuelkomboz)
To: Emilio Riva <>
Subject: Re: Sorry, but... this project is still alive?
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 13:53:00 -0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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well, my logic in adding components and improving SN is based on my 
needs. So I added
all the parsers (in sn-extensions) because I had to deal with those 
languages, especially the
html parser. the bug fixes camed mostly for the editor, the symbol 
browser  and the grep
functionality (the part I work with).

As Irox mentioned, if you run into the need of failed functionality take 
for you some
hours and try to add some stuff to SN. I agree, that this is not easy, 
but with our
help, you should be able to do some work in this way.

Emilio Riva wrote:

>It's a lot of time that Sorce Navigator development seems to be stopped (no
>new releases, no news): are you still working on it? I've only found a
>SourceForge project to extend the graphic interface...
and some couple of new parsers ..

>There are a lot of little problems with actual release of snavigator:
>Project Editor don't work correctly, the cross-reference functionality
>hangs frequently with big project trees, 
For your unluck,  I don't use xref, so there will be no improvment
on xref coming from me.

>it's not easy to extend syntax
>(i.e. like in vim or scintilla text editor)...
Using external editors is possible in SN, it's the question how good :-) 
you can specify for every language type an external editor (did you know 

> And what about adding
>doxygen/javadoc extended comment support? 
I don't work with Java. Once I get a project in java I would go and 
implement the failed
components (sounds waiting for some years, so don't really wait for this 

>And an easier way to extend user
>menu, configuration tools,...? And a better support for teams of developers
>working on the same project tree and on the same (big) server? I mean, in
>this case the cross reference database should be shared, not duplicated for
>every developer...
It's possible in SN to share the same project (one of the hidden 
functionalities in SN). Just open the
project as different user. It's not real project sharing, but something 
of DB-like sharing.

>I think that snavigator is a great tool, and I hope you'll find the time to
>continue it's development and optimization.
>thank you,
>Emilio Riva

Khamis Abuelkomboz
Rosenweg 124
58239 Schwerte
+49 2304 898560 (Telefon)
+49 2304 898561 (Fax)

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