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[gcc r13-4222] Daily bump
 2022-11-22  0:18 UTC 

[gcc r13-4214] libstdc++: Reduce size of std::bind_front(F) result
 2022-11-21 18:51 UTC 

[gcc r13-4213] libstdc++: Check static assertions earlier in chrono::duration
 2022-11-21 18:51 UTC 

[gcc r13-4212] libstdc++: Improve Doxygen comments in <tuple>
 2022-11-21 18:51 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/redhat/heads/gcc-11-branch)] Merge commit 'r11-10387-g961f0e1966549b7ce7c1cbce6a4a91f7062816f0' into redhat/gcc-11-branch
 2022-11-21 10:11 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/redhat/heads/gcc-12-branch)] Merge commit 'r12-8924-ga6b1f6126de5e45777610699b6d634605c17711c' into redhat/gcc-12-branch
 2022-11-21  9:56 UTC 

[gcc r13-4185] changelog: Fix extra space after tab
 2022-11-21  9:14 UTC 

[gcc r13-4182] build: re-configure 2 files
 2022-11-21  8:04 UTC 

[gcc r13-4179] Daily bump
 2022-11-21  0:17 UTC 

[gcc r13-4178] libstdc++: Add std qualification on isxdigit calls
 2022-11-20 20:09 UTC 

[gcc r13-4171] libstdc++: Add always_inline to trivial range access functions
 2022-11-19 17:44 UTC 

[gcc r13-4169] libstdc++: Fix -Wsign-compare warnings in std::format
 2022-11-19 15:08 UTC 

[gcc r13-4168] libstdc++: Fix Doxygen warning
 2022-11-19 15:08 UTC 

[gcc r13-4167] libstdc++: Fix one more malformed requires-clause [PR107649]
 2022-11-19 15:08 UTC 

[gcc r13-4159] libstdc++: add experimental Contracts support
 2022-11-19  2:44 UTC 

[gcc r13-4146] Daily bump
 2022-11-18 18:09 UTC 

[gcc/devel/modula-2] Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2
 2022-11-18 12:25 UTC 

[gcc/devel/omp/gcc-12] Merge branch 'releases/gcc-12' into devel/omp/gcc-12
 2022-11-18  9:48 UTC 

[gcc(refs/users/meissner/heads/dmf004)] Add ChangeLog.meissner and REVISION
 2022-11-17 21:52 UTC 

[gcc r13-4117] libstdc++: Ensure std::to_chars overloads all declared in <format> [PR107720]
 2022-11-17  0:34 UTC 

[gcc r13-4116] Daily bump
 2022-11-17  0:17 UTC 

[gcc r13-4111] libstdc++: Fix dumb typos in ALT128 support in <format> [PR107720]
 2022-11-16 20:59 UTC 

[gcc r13-4110] libstdc++: Improve performance of chrono::utc_clock::now()
 2022-11-16 20:59 UTC 

[gcc r13-4109] libstdc++: Adjust <format> for Clang compatibility [PR107712]
 2022-11-16 20:59 UTC 

[gcc r13-4108] libstdc++: Disable std::format of _Float128 if std::to_chars is innaccurate
 2022-11-16 20:59 UTC 

[gcc r13-4100] libstdc++: Add test for chrono::utc_clock leap second offset
 2022-11-16 15:07 UTC 

[gcc r13-4098] libstdc++: Fix stream initialization with static library [PR107701]
 2022-11-16 13:53 UTC 

[gcc r13-4096] libstdc++: Fix up <complex> for extended floating point types [PR107649]
 2022-11-16 13:47 UTC 

[gcc r13-4091] libstdc++: Fix std::any pretty printer
 2022-11-16 13:37 UTC 

[gcc r13-4090] libstdc++: Improve comments on pretty printer code
 2022-11-16 13:37 UTC 

[gcc r13-4080] libstdc++: Fix gdb FilteringTypePrinter
 2022-11-16  5:55 UTC 

[gcc r13-4078] Daily bump
 2022-11-16  0:17 UTC 

[gcc/devel/modula-2] Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2
 2022-11-15 23:00 UTC 

[gcc r13-4061] libstdc++: Fix std::format test for strict -std=c++20 mode
 2022-11-15 14:29 UTC 

[gcc r13-4060] libstc++: std::formattable concept should not be defined for C++20
 2022-11-15 14:29 UTC 

[gcc r13-4059] libstdc++: Fix detection of std::format support for __float128 [PR107693]
 2022-11-15 14:29 UTC 

[gcc r13-4056] libstdc++: Document use of Markdown for Doxygen comments
 2022-11-15 11:36 UTC 

[gcc r13-4050] Daily bump
 2022-11-15  8:33 UTC 

[gcc r12-8911] Daily bump
 2022-11-15  0:21 UTC 

[gcc r12-8910] libstdc++: Fix std::move_only_function for incomplete parameter types
 2022-11-14 18:34 UTC 

[gcc r12-8909] libstdc++: Fix wstring conversions in filesystem::path [PR95048]
 2022-11-14 18:34 UTC 

[gcc r12-8908] libstdc++: Set active union member in constexpr std::string [PR103295]
 2022-11-14 18:34 UTC 

[gcc r13-4023] libstdc++: Fix installation of python files for debug lib
 2022-11-14 16:00 UTC 

[gcc/devel/omp/gcc-12] Merge branch 'releases/gcc-12' into devel/omp/gcc-12
 2022-11-14 15:41 UTC 

[gcc r13-4002] libstdc++: Fix install-debug makefile target
 2022-11-14 10:17 UTC 

[gcc r13-3948] Daily bump
 2022-11-14  0:18 UTC 

[gcc r13-3937] libstdc++: Add C++20 clocks
 2022-11-13  1:14 UTC 

[gcc r13-3936] libstdc++: Implement C++20 <format> [PR104166]
 2022-11-13  1:14 UTC 

[gcc r13-3935] libstdc++: Allow std::to_chars for 128-bit integers in strict mode
 2022-11-13  1:14 UTC 

[gcc r13-3933] Daily bump
 2022-11-13  0:17 UTC 

[gcc r13-3932] libstdc++: Fix up to_chars ppc64le _Float128 overloads [PR107636]
 2022-11-12 20:57 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/microsoft/heads/main)] Merge commit '21de01f5554fa037f59b27525d2eb7342f5649c7' into merge-master-21de01f5554fa037f59b27525d
 2022-11-12  2:23 UTC 

[gcc r13-3918] libstdc++: Simplify build targets for debug library
 2022-11-12  1:30 UTC 

[gcc r13-3917] libstdc++: Define INSTANTIATE_FACET_ACCESSORS macro in compat source [PR103755]
 2022-11-12  1:30 UTC 

[gcc r13-3916] Daily bump
 2022-11-12  0:18 UTC 

[gcc r13-3915] libstdc++: Fix <experimental/filesystem> for Windows [PR95048]
 2022-11-11 22:29 UTC 

[gcc r13-3910] libstdc++: Set active union member in constexpr std::string [PR103295]
 2022-11-11 17:59 UTC 

[gcc r13-3909] libstdc++: Fix wstring conversions in filesystem::path [PR95048]
 2022-11-11 17:43 UTC 

[gcc r13-3891] libstdc++: Fix tests with non-const operator==
 2022-11-11  5:29 UTC 

[gcc r13-3890] libstdc++: Add missing definition for <charconv> in C++14 mode
 2022-11-11  5:29 UTC 

[gcc r13-3889] libstdc++: Fix test that uses C++17 variable template in C++14
 2022-11-11  5:29 UTC 

[gcc r13-3888] libstdc++: Avoid redundant checks in std::use_facet [PR103755]
 2022-11-11  5:29 UTC 

[gcc r13-3885] Daily bump
 2022-11-11  0:17 UTC 

[gcc r13-3870] libstdc++: Optimize std::destructible concept
 2022-11-10  2:00 UTC 

[gcc(refs/users/meissner/heads/dmf004)] Add ChangeLog.meissner and REVISION
 2022-11-09  5:11 UTC 

[gcc r12-8900] Daily bump
 2022-11-09  0:24 UTC 

[gcc r11-10371] Daily bump
 2022-11-09  0:22 UTC 

[gcc r10-11077] Daily bump
 2022-11-09  0:22 UTC 

[gcc r13-3820] Daily bump
 2022-11-09  0:20 UTC 

[gcc r10-11075] libstdc++: Remove empty <author> elements in manual
 2022-11-08 19:02 UTC 

[gcc r11-10369] libstdc++: Remove empty <author> elements in manual
 2022-11-08 18:59 UTC 

[gcc r13-3818] libstdc++: Fix -Wsystem-headers warnings in tests
 2022-11-08 17:46 UTC 

[gcc r13-3817] libstdc++: Fix -Wsystem-headers warnings
 2022-11-08 17:46 UTC 

[gcc r13-3816] libstdc++: Add always_inline to most allocator functions
 2022-11-08 17:46 UTC 

[gcc r13-3815] libstdc++: basic_filebuf: don't flush more often than necessary [PR63746]
 2022-11-08 17:44 UTC 

[gcc r13-3814] libstdc++: Refactor implementation of operator+ for std::string
 2022-11-08 17:35 UTC 

[gcc/devel/sphinx] Merge branch 'master' into devel/sphinx
 2022-11-08 11:37 UTC 

[gcc r13-3802] libstdc++: Uncomment denorm_min test
 2022-11-08 10:20 UTC 

[gcc r12-8898] libstdc++: Remove empty <author> elements in manual
 2022-11-08  4:57 UTC 

[gcc r13-3774] libstdc++: Update my author blurb in the manual
 2022-11-08  3:08 UTC 

[gcc r13-3773] libstdc++: Remove empty <author> elements in manual
 2022-11-08  3:08 UTC 

[gcc r13-3767] libstdc++: Fix syntax error in old-glibc case in [PR107562]
 2022-11-08  1:41 UTC 

[gcc r13-3766] c++: implement P2468R2, the equality operator you are looking for
 2022-11-08  1:01 UTC 

[gcc r13-3764] Daily bump
 2022-11-08  0:18 UTC 

[gcc r13-3763] libstdc++: Fix up libstdc++ build against glibc 2.25 or older [PR107562]
 2022-11-07 23:36 UTC 

[gcc r13-3759] libstdc++: Implement ranges::as_rvalue_view from P2446R2
 2022-11-07 18:37 UTC 

[gcc r13-3758] libstdc++: Implement ranges::cartesian_product_view from P2374R4
 2022-11-07 18:37 UTC 

[gcc r13-3755] libstdc++: Update from latest fast_float [PR107468]
 2022-11-07 14:17 UTC 

[gcc r13-3754] libstdc++: Add _Float128 to_chars/from_chars support for x86, ia64 and ppc64le with glibc
 2022-11-07 14:16 UTC 

[gcc/devel/sphinx] Merge branch 'master' into devel/sphinx
 2022-11-07  7:25 UTC 

[gcc r13-3710] Daily bump
 2022-11-07  0:17 UTC 

[gcc r13-3708] libstdc++: Declare const global variables inline
 2022-11-06 16:31 UTC 

[gcc r13-3707] libstdc++: Move stream initialization into compiled library [PR44952]
 2022-11-06 16:16 UTC 

[gcc r13-3704] Daily bump
 2022-11-06 11:06 UTC 

[gcc r13-3696] libstdc++: fix pointer type exception catch (no RTTI) [PR105387]
 2022-11-05 14:03 UTC 

[gcc r13-3695] libstdc++: Do not use SFINAE for propagate_const conversions [PR107525]
 2022-11-05 14:01 UTC 

[gcc/devel/rust/master] Merge #1627
 2022-11-04 20:24 UTC 

[gcc/devel/rust/master] Merge remote-tracking branch 'mainline/trunk' into ibuclaw/merge_trunk
 2022-11-04 20:24 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/ibm/heads/gcc-12-branch)] ibm: Merge up to top of releases/gcc-12
 2022-11-04 15:54 UTC 

[gcc r13-3685] libstdc++: Simplify lifetime of eh_globals variable [PR107500]
 2022-11-04 14:05 UTC 

[gcc r13-3684] libstdc++: Define _GNU_SOURCE for secure_getenv on Cygwin [PR107511]
 2022-11-04 14:05 UTC 

[gcc(refs/users/meissner/heads/dmf003)] Add ChangeLog.meissner and REVISION
 2022-11-04  4:30 UTC 

[gcc r13-3643] Daily bump
 2022-11-04  0:18 UTC 

[gcc/devel/c++-contracts] comment tweaks
 2022-11-03 21:33 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/redhat/heads/gcc-12-branch)] Merge commit 'r12-8889-g31f25cf4ef9a0a0ccc0b0f9158773c5a71e74cc5' into redhat/gcc-12-branch
 2022-11-03 15:24 UTC 

[gcc r13-3623] libstdc++: Add missing move in ranges::copy
 2022-11-03 11:32 UTC 

[gcc r13-3619] Daily bump
 2022-11-03  0:18 UTC 

[gcc/devel/modula-2] Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2
 2022-11-02 23:24 UTC 

[gcc r13-3618] libstdc++: Remove more redundant union members
 2022-11-02 20:33 UTC 

[gcc/devel/c++-contracts] libstdc++: reorder contract_violation
 2022-11-02 18:44 UTC 

[gcc r13-3609] libstdc++: Improve ERANGE behavior for fallback FP std::from_chars
 2022-11-02 12:57 UTC 

[gcc r13-3608] libstdc++: Remove unnecessary variant member in std::expected
 2022-11-02 12:56 UTC 

[gcc r13-3607] libstdc++: Ignore -Wignored-qualifiers warning in <variant>
 2022-11-02 12:56 UTC 

[gcc r13-3606] libstdc++: _Bfloat16 for <compare>
 2022-11-02 12:37 UTC 

[gcc r13-3604] libstdc++: Shortest denormal hex std::to_chars
 2022-11-02  9:08 UTC 

[gcc r13-3602] Daily bump
 2022-11-02  0:18 UTC 

[gcc r13-3592] libstdc++: std::from_chars std::{,b}float16_t support
 2022-11-01 12:43 UTC 

[gcc r13-3591] libstdc++: std::to_chars std::{,b}float16_t support
 2022-11-01 12:41 UTC 

[gcc r13-3590] libstdc++-v3: Some std::*float*_t charconv and i/ostream overloads
 2022-11-01 12:38 UTC 

[gcc/devel/c++-contracts] Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/c++-contracts
 2022-11-01 11:43 UTC 

[gcc/devel/c++-contracts] c++: build contract_violation object directly
 2022-11-01 11:43 UTC 

[gcc/devel/c++-contracts] c++: move contract_violation to std::experimental
 2022-11-01 11:43 UTC 

[gcc/devel/c++-contracts] c++: comment tweaks
 2022-11-01 11:43 UTC 

[gcc r13-3581] Daily bump
 2022-11-01  0:19 UTC 

[gcc r13-3579] libstdc++-v3: <complex> support for extended floating point types
 2022-10-31 19:15 UTC 

[gcc r13-3577] libstdc++: Small extended float support tweaks
 2022-10-31 15:49 UTC 

[gcc r13-3555] Daily bump
 2022-10-29  0:18 UTC 

[gcc r13-3553] libstdc++: Make placeholders inline when inline variables are available
 2022-10-28 23:56 UTC 

[gcc r13-3554] libstdc++: Fix dangling reference in filesystem::path::filename()
 2022-10-28 23:56 UTC 

[gcc r13-3552] libstdc++: Don't use gstdint.h anymore
 2022-10-28 23:55 UTC 

[gcc r13-3548] libstdc++: Fix allocator propagation in regex algorithms [PR107376]
 2022-10-28 14:27 UTC 

[gcc/devel/sphinx] Merge branch 'master' into devel/sphinx
 2022-10-28  8:02 UTC 

[gcc(refs/users/meissner/heads/work101)] Add ChangeLog.meissner and REVISION
 2022-10-27 20:56 UTC 

[gcc r13-3516] Daily bump
 2022-10-27  0:19 UTC 

[gcc(refs/users/meissner/heads/dmf002)] Add ChangeLog.meissner and REVISION
 2022-10-26 20:08 UTC 

[gcc r13-3511] c++: Implement -Wdangling-reference [PR106393]
 2022-10-26 19:14 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/ARM/heads/morello)] Update PMR allocators for CHERI
 2022-10-26 11:06 UTC 

[gcc/devel/sphinx] Merge branch 'master' into devel/sphinx
 2022-10-26 10:59 UTC 

[gcc/devel/c++-contracts] Merge branch 'master' into devel/c++-contracts
 2022-10-25 17:51 UTC 

[gcc(refs/users/gaius/heads/m2gcc12)] Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/releases/gcc-12' into me/m2gcc12
 2022-10-25 15:51 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/microsoft/heads/main)] Merge commit '6bfea64164c3f1989d34656ab96d03a7cda2143e' into merge-master-6bfea64164c3f1989d34656ab9
 2022-10-25  0:14 UTC 

[gcc/devel/omp/gcc-12] Merge branch 'releases/gcc-12' into devel/omp/gcc-12
 2022-10-24 10:21 UTC 

[gcc/devel/modula-2] Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2
 2022-10-22  1:58 UTC 

[gcc r13-3441] Daily bump
 2022-10-22  0:17 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/ARM/heads/morello)] libstdc++: iostream operator{<<|>>}(__intcap) enablement
 2022-10-21 13:28 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/ARM/heads/morello)] libstdc++: std::hash<{unsigned} __intcap> enablement
 2022-10-21 13:28 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/ARM/heads/morello)] libstdc++: skip tests involving _Relative_pointer_impl for CHERI
 2022-10-21 13:28 UTC 

[gcc/devel/sphinx] Merge branch 'master' into devel/sphinx
 2022-10-21 10:48 UTC 

[gcc r13-3436] libstdc++: respect with-{headers, newlib} for default hosted value
 2022-10-21  9:51 UTC 

[gcc r13-3435] libstdc++: Fix std::move_only_function for incomplete parameter types
 2022-10-21  9:51 UTC 

[gcc/devel/c++-contracts] c++: move contracts support to libstdc++exp.a
 2022-10-21  1:24 UTC 

[gcc/devel/c++-contracts] c++: comments
 2022-10-21  1:23 UTC 

[gcc/devel/c++-contracts] libstdc++: contracts uint_least32_t lineno
 2022-10-21  1:23 UTC 

[gcc/devel/c++-contracts] libstdc++: contracts support is experimental
 2022-10-21  1:23 UTC 

[gcc r13-3422] Daily bump
 2022-10-21  0:18 UTC 

[gcc r13-3412] libstdc++: Redefine __from_chars_alnum_to_val's table
 2022-10-20 14:31 UTC 

[gcc r12-8849] Daily bump
 2022-10-20  0:24 UTC 

[gcc r13-3393] Daily bump
 2022-10-20  0:18 UTC 

[gcc r12-8848] libstdc++: eh_globals: gthreads: reset _S_init before deleting key
 2022-10-19 20:29 UTC 

[gcc r13-3389] libstdc++: Implement remaining P2474R2 changes to views::take/drop
 2022-10-19 19:43 UTC 

[gcc r13-3386] libstdc++: Fix typo in stride_view's operator- [PR107313]
 2022-10-19 17:04 UTC 

[gcc r13-3383] libstdc++/thread: Implement `_GLIBCXX_NPROCS` for Windows
 2022-10-19 14:05 UTC 

[gcc r13-3381] gcc: Add 'mcf' thread model support from mcfgthread
 2022-10-19 13:54 UTC 

[gcc/devel/sphinx] Merge branch 'master' into devel/sphinx
 2022-10-19 13:25 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/ARM/heads/morello)] Update mt_allocator for CHERI
 2022-10-19 11:01 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/ARM/heads/morello)] Update libstdc++ `pool_allocator` for capabilities
 2022-10-19 10:55 UTC 

[gcc r13-3372] libstdc++-v3: Implement {, b}float16_t nextafter and some fixes [PR106652]
 2022-10-19  9:26 UTC 

[gcc r13-3367] Daily bump
 2022-10-19  0:20 UTC 

[gcc r13-3361] libstdc++: Implement ranges::stride_view from P1899R3
 2022-10-18 14:52 UTC 

[gcc r13-3354] libstdc++: Partial library support for std::float{16, 32, 64, 128}_t and std::bfloat16_t
 2022-10-18  9:43 UTC 

[gcc r13-3349] Daily bump
 2022-10-18  0:18 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/ibm/heads/gcc-12-branch)] ibm: Merge up to top of releases/gcc-12
 2022-10-17 22:58 UTC 

[gcc/devel/c++-contracts] Merge branch 'master' into c++-contracts
 2022-10-17 21:16 UTC 

[gcc r13-3325] libstdc++: Fix value of __cpp_lib_constexpr_charconv
 2022-10-17  8:46 UTC 

[gcc/devel/sphinx] Merge branch 'master' into devel/sphinx
 2022-10-17  8:20 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/microsoft/heads/main)] Merge commit 'baeec7cc83b19b46d1c73523f06efa7ea2b30390' into merge-master-baeec7cc83b19b46d1c73523f0
 2022-10-16  0:28 UTC 

[gcc r13-3315] Daily bump
 2022-10-16  0:17 UTC 

[gcc r13-3314] libstdc++: Fix -Wunused-function warning in src/c++11/
 2022-10-15 20:25 UTC 

[gcc r13-3313] libstdc++: Implement constexpr std::to_chars for C++23 (P2291R3)
 2022-10-15 20:21 UTC 

[gcc r13-3312] libstdc++: Fix uses_allocator_construction args for cv pair (LWG 3677)
 2022-10-15 20:21 UTC 

[gcc/devel/sphinx] Merge branch 'master' into devel/sphinx
 2022-10-15 13:33 UTC 

[gcc r13-3311] Daily bump
 2022-10-15  0:19 UTC 

[gcc r13-3304] libstdc++: Disable all emergency EH pool code if obj-count == 0
 2022-10-14 14:36 UTC 

[gcc r13-3303] libstdc++: Simplify print_raw function for debug assertions
 2022-10-14 14:35 UTC 

[gcc r13-3295] libstdc++: Use markdown in Doxygen comment
 2022-10-14  9:11 UTC 

[gcc/devel/sphinx] Merge branch 'master' into devel/sphinx
 2022-10-13 13:54 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/ARM/heads/morello)] Bound pointers to variables allocated on the stack
 2022-10-13 10:46 UTC 

[gcc r13-3265] Daily bump
 2022-10-13  0:18 UTC 

[gcc r13-3263] libstdc++: Add __gnu_debug::basic_string<>::compare overloads
 2022-10-12 19:51 UTC 

[gcc r13-3255] libstdc++: Implement ranges::repeat_view from P2474R2
 2022-10-12 15:14 UTC 

[gcc/devel/modula-2] Merge branch 'master' into devel/modula-2
 2022-10-12 12:57 UTC 

[gcc r13-3247] regenerate configure files
 2022-10-12  7:33 UTC 

[gcc r13-3240] Daily bump
 2022-10-12  0:17 UTC 

[gcc r13-3237] libstdc++: Fix bootstrap for --disable-threads build [PR107221]
 2022-10-11 19:36 UTC 

[gcc r13-3234] libstdc++: Allow emergency EH alloc pool size to be tuned [PR68606]
 2022-10-11 15:22 UTC 

[gcc/devel/omp/gcc-12] Merge branch 'releases/gcc-12' into devel/omp/gcc-12
 2022-10-11  8:26 UTC 

[gcc r13-3216] Generic configury support for shared libs on VxWorks
 2022-10-11  7:31 UTC 

[gcc(refs/vendors/microsoft/heads/main)] Merge commit '570eb458c64a15d33817994f8e4640b63c81d6d4' into merge-master-570eb458c64a15d33817994f8e
 2022-10-11  2:55 UTC 

[gcc r13-3208] Daily bump
 2022-10-11  0:17 UTC 

[gcc r13-3203] libstdc++: Revert addition of constraints to make_signed/make_unsigned
 2022-10-10 20:38 UTC 

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