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From: Corinna Vinschen <>
Cc: Joel Brobecker <>,
	Carlos O'Donell <>,
	Joseph Myers <>,
	Ivo Raisr <>
Subject: Re: transition git-hooks on to Python 3.x
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2021 12:35:48 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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On Dec 12 15:32, Joel Brobecker via Overseers wrote:
> Hello,
> The current version of the git-hooks being used on sourceware
> is a version which uses Python 2.7. I have since then migrated
> to Python 3, where the minimum version is currently Python 3.8.
> That version has been running on AdaCore's server for a few weeks,
> now, so I think it's time to think about transitioning our repos
> on sourceware.
> The main improvement, besides the transition away from Python 2.x,
> comes from Python 3.x itself and the handling of strings vs bytes,
> so charsets are handled a bit better.
> The one small difficulty comes from making sure a recent version
> of Python 3.x gets used. Ideally, we should use the same Python
> I'm using on sourceware to run the git-hooks testsuite to make sure
> there aren't any compatibility issues.

Not sure I understand this... wouldn't it make sense to run the
hooks and the testsuite using the default python3 release 3.6.8
installed on sware in the first place?

> For this, what I'd like to propose is that we use a set of wrapper
> scripts which provide the same hooks as the git-hooks, and which
> only do the following: add the correct Python to the PATH, and
> then call the real hook script in git-hooks.
> I've created a small prototype and did some testing with it,
> it seems to work well. In a nutshell, we have:
>   <wrappers root>/
>       - hooks/           <-- directory to use as hooks in Git bare repos
>       - git-hooks/       <-- clone of
>       - python3-for-git-hooks/  <-- Python 3.x venv to be used by the git-hooks

That would also avoid this wrapper stuff, which seems fragile.

> [...]
> In terms of the projects themselves, I've identified the following
> repositories as using the git-hooks:
>   - binutils-gdb.git/hooks
>   - gcc.git/hooks
>   - glibc.git/hooks
>   - newlib-cygwin.git/hooks
>   - valgrind.git/hooks
> This is based on searching for repositories on
> whose hooks dir is a symlink to the git-hooks. Not sure if there are
> others.
> I've Cc'ed people I know have asked me about the git-hooks for
> GCC, glibc and newlib. Not sure about valgrind.
> What we could do is give the binutils & GDB maintainers a quick
> heads up and then transition the binutils-gdb repository. If all
> goes well, I think we can transition the remaining ones.

Given the hooks are shared anyway, I don't see much of a problem,
except for the non-shared local scripts in hooks-bin.  These are
mostly shell scripts and shouldn't be affected.

Only is a python2 script. 2to3(*) only requests 2 simple
changes.  Is there more to it than that?  Does it even matter?


(*) Would it make sense to install 2to3 on sware?

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